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So, you are interested in Parrots as your new pet bird or either you just got your hands into one and both of you are staring at each other, clueless, not sure about what you should do or wondering how many “yummy hooman” fingers will get inside your cage. Well, fear no more! Here we have a small guide on how to look after your new exotic bird and make sure both of you get the time of your lives showing you why you took the right choice. 

Sun Parakeet

You must be expecting your new parrot friend will turn out to be like any other movie star bird that’s in every pirate movie or that it will sing along and entertain you and your friends now and then. The good news is, your parrot will turn exactly like that, but, you must know what you can about them. Parrots are such an intelligent bird species, fascinating, very curious, filled with energy and with a very playful personality, and yet very emotional if left alone, without any kind of attention or care. If done right, I guarantee you´ll not feel it as a burden nor a problem, but instead you´ll earn yourself a new feathered pall to hang out with. 

Choosing your Pet Parrot

Hyacinth Macaw

From one of the smaller species such as a Pygmy parrot to the Hyacinth Macaw, one of the largest parrot, . You can have them in simple bright colors, blues, reds, greens, yellows, a good example for this is a popular species and a pretty obvious color, the African grey parrot, or you could have some mixture like a Dusky Lory, Macaw Parrot, Sun parakeet. There are over 250 different species that you could choose from, just check and look for the one that suits best at your place, as a favor to them. If you have a small place, you’ll need a small cage, so don’t overdo it and get a middle or big size parrot species. As I mention in the Pet birds care article, the size of the cage should be big enough to allow your parrot to spread his wings freely, that he has space to move to one side of his cage to the other, every single detail, for small as it is, can and would make the difference between a good bird owner and an outstanding one. These amazing creatures can make the difference so you should try as well, along with them. 

Indoor Cage´s 

African Grey Parrot

Choosing the right size of your birdcage isn’t enough. You must find the best spot to set the cage as his resting place, you could look at it like if it is his “safe zone”. It´s where your parrot will spend most of his time so, be sure to pick a spot that’s best for him. Bathrooms and kitchens are a big no-no since on these places parrots get easily exposed to moisture, chemicals, fumes, temperature changes, even light. Thinking that next to a window will be a good idea for them to have a nice view, the sun will make more harm than the goodness in your nice intentions, the same goes in a yard if you have a barbecue or the smoke of a cigarette. 

Take as an example the Palm Cockatoo, it may not be the largest species among parrots, but its the biggest Cockatoo species there is. While it’s a wild beautiful creature that comes from Australia, it’s not a bird for any pet owner. Even for an experienced one could be a challenge. The size of this bird, the strength of this parrots beak, and such an unstable temperament its best in the hands of a fearless yet experienced owner. To avoid this type of “accidents”, I recommend you to start with a smaller bird or a more suitable species such as an Amazon Parrot, being one of the easiest to train and most common to see as a pet bird, also known as Green Parrot. If you are looking to fill your home with colors you could try for a Scarlet Macaw or go for another traditional but smaller one such as a Cockatiel.

Palm Cockatoo

After this seemly dauntless task of finding the right place for your parrots’ cage, now comes the decoration, both in and out of the cage. Get the right and best set of toys and equipment for parrots to play and exercise inside the cage and adjust the room on the house where you set the cage in case you plan on granting your parrot some time outside. Add towels, blankets, boxes, paper bags, anything that could help your parrot feel safe or a place to hide, to cover from any sunlight or breeze that could sneak on to it. Provide your parrot pet any sense of security that you can, and also for yourself and the house.

Get to know to yarr´matey 

Amazon Parrot

Parrots have a hooked or curved beak, but they are also known for having Zygodactyl feet, as part of their anatomy and characteristic, it means that they have four toes, two facing front and to backward, almost resembling a human hand. Thanks to this feature, parrots get to be excellent crafters, when added to their intelligence they can easily handle the cage´s lock, managing to open it up when given the opportunity which could lead to an unnecessary indoor catastrophe. For this, you should get a padlock to ensure the safety of everyone at home.

A bored or stressed Parrot will look like the person with the most brilliant mind, bald. Either spend time playing, training, talking, feeding it, or as simple as spending time together. You don’t necessarily need to do some avian related activity so you can be with your parrot, you can watch tv together, read a book, or any other daily routine, integrate your pet bird to the rest of your life. Parrots can live up to 90 years, depending on the parrot species you get of course, so picking the right one and doing everything right is nothing to be joking around. You are going to have to stick with this social, beautiful, and smart animal for quite a while, so get Polly as many crackers as humanly possible. 

Eclectus Parrot

Since Parrots aren´t mammals, as another difference to some the usual pets, cats and dogs, this type of pet won’t fill your house with hair exactly, instead it will fill the room with a pretty colorful feather, noise, food, and droppings. They will not only catch your eye for their astonishing colors but also make your eyes catch some food and hopefully none of their droppings on you. Parrots are also well known for being messy, sadly not the kind what will score at soccer but the one that will splash, throw or bounce food all over the place due to their natural behavior as they enjoy interacting even with their food. So don’t let this discourage you and makes you think that he doesn’t like your homemade food, just be sure that this kind of food covers every single of his nutritional needs or get certified and formulated pellets. This way you can keep your parrot entertained and its easier to clean. Any type of seed is also a suitable option but it will become part of the mess.

As for the noisy part, you should get along with your neighbors and do your best to train your pet bird. Remember that you were the one that brought a nondomesticated animal to your house and that with great power comes great responsibility. So do your best using your parrot’s ability to “speak” for the greater good.

A healthy parrot is a happy parrot

All of the time and attention spent with your parrot will not only grant him the life he deserves but also comes in handy when comes the need for medical attention. Changing the cage’s floor and the bowls daily will help you notice any change on his droppings, blood stains or if he is leaving food on the bowl, these things can alert you to go find professional and medical help. A vet will not only provide medical assistance when needed but also can give you the best recipe for a homemade diet or wich pellets to get, furthermore, how to trim the nails, beak, and possibly your parrot’s wings.

With a weekly toy rotation and a deep monthly clean up of the cage itself should do the trick with that part the environmental hygiene of the parrot. Cleaning doesn’t mean everything’s boring, let your pet play and clean herself with water, get her use to seeing this type of activity as something good and harmless, maybe some treats could come handy, just if its fresh food like a fruit or peanuts. As part of their personality, parrots have their preference when it comes to bathing so it’s up to you to find which one the one yours like the most.


So there you have it, these animals are such a magnificent creature, they might require a lot of work, time and patience but this new friend, even if it is a wild parrot, will end up being a rewarding experience that you will never forget and will accompany you for a very long time. Also, remember to watch anything you say near them as some of them can recreate a human speech if thaught.

If you think I missed anything please let me know in the comment section below and best of luck with your new awesome bird friend.

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