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Are you a black cat breed lover? Let me introduce you to the Bombay cat, also known as the panther cat. I’m sure you have seen many funny cat memes in all the social media and you have been charmed with this breed, and by the way, if you are a fan of big felines, The Bombay cat is a very good choice. Despite his appearance, this cat is very loving, quiet, intelligent, and known to get along with families and even if you don’t believe it, with other pets like dogs. If you are interested in knowing more about this cat, I invite you to keep reading and let me help you to make a decision.


Although many people believe that this cat breed has a wild origin because of its great resemblance to panthers, they are wrong, this cat was born in the ‘50s in Louisville, Kentucky (United States) by a breeder and cat lover called Nikki Hornerin, who had a great interest in big felines, mainly in the black leopard, wanted to have a smaller version of this but a domestic cat, so she started a breeding program to get the cat with a completely black coat that assimilates so started to made crosses between the black American shorthair and a Burmese cat with a brown coat. At first, she didn’t have the desired results until years later was able to find something of what she wanted and it lasted more years trying to perfect and fix the breed she always wanted. His name comes from the city of Bombay, currently known as Mumbai (India), as this breed has a lot of similarities to the Indian Black leopard. It was in 1976 when the Bombay breed was officially recognized by The Cat Fanciers’ Association and 3 years later by The International Cat Association. From the ‘80s onwards, the popularity of this breed began to increase and it was exported to all parts of the world, although at present, there is no longer the same growth of specimens as before.


The Bombay cat is a breed that reflects beauty and tranquility, it is a medium-sized cat, with a muscular and agile body, although its appearance doesn’t show it, it’s usually heavier than it is believed. They have a life expectancy between 9 and 13 years but there have been cases that may last many long years. In both sexes, their weight can vary between 8 and 12 Lbs. The standards of this breed according to The Cat Fanciers’ Association their coat have to be completely black and shiny and their eye color is originally copper but they are also gold and have been accepted as well. The characteristics of his head are wide and round, his eyes are equally rounded with a black border, his ears are separated from small-medium size with rounded tips, his muzzle is very short. Its tail and paws are of medium size, and a very unique characteristic that this cat has is that its paw pads are completely black. His coat is relatively short, smooth, and very shiny that can have a satin look, is close to the body, and very soft.


This cat breed like his predecessor the Burmese is known for being very familiar, affectionate, sociable, and intelligent, has a very calm personality and likes to get along with all the members of the family and create bonds with them, it likes to call a lot of attention to its owners, they want to be cuddled and to be given a lot of love, it also likes to be chased to point out the things it wants for example when it’s hungry it takes to its plate of food. It doesn’t like loneliness so it may not spend much time alone, or it may develop anxiety or stress, an environment with many people and more with children is very good for this cat, it also adapts to any kind of environment or lifestyle of its owners as long as it keeps his necessary attention, it gets along very well with other pets either dogs or cats. 

 It is a cat that likes to be both outside and inside the house, has very good ability and agility to move, climb trees, and many more. He likes to sleep for many hours but equally has a lively and playful nature, he likes to have his time dedicated to games, you can make games that stimulate him since he is very intelligent, he can even learn many tricks and exercises if you are dedicated to positive education. Unlike other cats like the Bengal cat, he is not very active or rough, but if you teach him from kitty to use a harness or a leash you can take him for a walk since he loves to know new places and have good walks. 

The Bombay cat likes to be near heat sources or try to stay in that state, try to put his bed near fireplaces or heat radiators, put a hammock near a window, or give him a cat blanket that will also help him keep warm. This cat likes to meow depending on his mood, either to call attention to be spoiled or if he wants something, but in general it is not very frequent, although his meows are something sweet and quiet so it doesn’t get to bother to the people in the house.

The care of this cat is very simple, its coat is so short and silky that it only needs to be groomed 1 to 2 times a week to help remove the dead hair and keep it shiny as it will help stimulate the secretion of the natural oils from its coat. You only need to bathe when you think it’s convenient or because it’s very dirty. Help him to keep the weight off through activities and games, which allow him to exercise and thus avoid overweight. The feeding is fundamental, make sure you give him high-quality food, that has all the necessary nutrients that will help him to maintain good health to your Bombay kitten until adult, preventing illnesses, and also depending on his feeding he will depend on the shine of his beautiful black coat and always remember to give him fresh clean water every day. Also, remember to check and keep his teeth and ears clean from time to time. 


Bombay cat breed is known to be in very good health and not to suffer any problems, but like all cats, it can develop some diseases. Only the Bombay purebred cat, although it is very rare, can suffer due to its genetic nature from cranial-facial malformation as part of its heritage from Burmese cats, also known to affect Birman cats. Another hereditary disease that sometimes appears in Bombay cats is hypertrophic cardiomyopathy which is heart disease and you may notice if you see that your cat has shortness of breath or loses consciousness, if you see this happen you should go to the vet immediately. Also, these cats tend to develop overweight if they become very lazy and don’t have a good diet.

Visit your vet every 6 months for check-ups and to rule out diseases, as well as to keep him up to date with his vaccinations and deworming.


If you are looking for a Bombay kitten of pure breed, unfortunately, you will have a hard time, nowadays you can’t find many breeders of this breed and even less in Europe, maybe you can get some Bombay breeder but it doesn’t have anything to prove that it is a pure breed so they can lie to you about it and the surest thing is that it is a mixed breed cat, that’s why you should look for a reputable breeder who is registered to an official cat association, that has all the legal documentation and can show you their pedigree and see who their ancestors were. A real professional cattery doesn’t give you the kittens until they are 12 weeks old and have been weaned, show you that the mother has been taken care of and is in very good health, the kittens have been fed in the best way, that it is vaccinated and de-wormed, make sure has all the check-ups with a veterinarian and shows you the discarding of a genetic disease. 

In case you want to be part of the breeding of this breed or have a cattery you must be well instructed in all the legal aspects that you should carry out so that you don’t have any legal problem and you can become recognized, in case you don’t want I recommend you to spay or neuter your pet to avoid any surprise or to increase the population inside your house without you noticing, besides you will be able to prevent certain diseases. Another thing is that you can help a person who already has a cattery by providing food or the donation that is within your reach and disposal, while you can get a companion for your new Bombay kitten. You also have the option to adopt a cat that is looking for a second chance and get back to a loving family. 

If you are a cat lover and you are looking for a black cat, the Bombay is a very good option, it will cost you a little bit to get it but if you want it, for sure you will succeed, it’s a breed that is worth it and more if you have a family with children, it’s very quiet, loving and kind and you will not regret it. If you have any questions or if you think I’ve missed anything please let me know on the comment section down below.

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