Burmilla cat breed – Born out of love or faith?

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The Burmilla breed has very little information compared to other cats that currently exist because it is a cat that had its beginning less than 50 years ago. Some people see this cat as a hybrid breed, as is the case of the Savannah, or the Himalayan cat. You could say it was a happy accident or a happy ending, but without any doubt, those people who have managed to get one of these wonderful pets can assure you how excellent they are for the family environment.


The creation of this breed was by an accident or even an oversight in the United Kingdom back in 1980, where a Baroness who is believed to breed cats, was a cat owner that without planning, mated and led to this majestic breed. Being an accident different from the one that usually happens to humans, the Burmilla cats arrived in the world, conquering the hearts of many, starting with those of its innocent “creator” who was more than enchanted with the physical and personality of the Burmilla. Its name comes from the mixture of the breeds that gave its origin, being the Chinchilla Persian cat and Burmese cat. In the United Kingdom, they gained popularity progressively, reaching a champion status 10 years after its appearance. Despite this, many associations refuse to accept this breed, especially in the United States, even though it has been gaining quite a bit of popularity.

It was not until 2011 that the Cat Fanciers Association (CFA) recognized the Burmilla as a pedigree breed. Possibly the reason why it has not been so well received by other associations as so many cat fans have done. This is due to the few records that are kept about this breed for having so little time in history. Certain breeds have created a controversy of great proportions, such as the Scottish Fold or Munchkin, where there are records that show how some cats belonging to these breeds can suffer in such a way that many consider it as something incompatible for life, this is due to the poor or low quality of life that can be provided to them based on their congenital problems. Fortunately, no reports have been generated about Burmilla in terms of this type of problem, but only time will tell if it will be accepted by the rest of the organizations since it has the support of those people who have become fanatics and lovers of Burmilla.


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As with all hybrid breeds, the Burmilla consists of a mixture of both breeds, which fortunately acquired all the goodness of both species (Persian and Burmese). It is considered a medium-sized cat breed with an average life span of 10 to 15 years, but it could well surpass the second tier if given proper management and care. Being such a beloved and valued breed, it is common for many people to expect them to last forever, but as with everything else in life, everything has an end. One of the things you will find most on the web is about the burmilla’s coat, that not only requires little attention or maintenance but is a soft and tipped coat. Although some come to have a long coat similar to the Persian, but usually dominate the short-coated version. There is a certain variety as to its burmilla coat colour having as options patterns or solid tones, which come to have certain shading, such as; black and white colour, ebony and red, orange and blue, gray and lavender, silver and cream, beige, tan, chocolate, brown, sable.

They consist of a well-defined, muscular, and athletic body that goes a bit with their playful or active personality, but you should not be fooled by their appearance as they are usually very prone to obesity. They weigh up to 12 lbs when they reach maturity. This a medium sized cat between 10 and 12 inches tall. In addition to their striking coloring, they come with a pair of beautiful green eyes, which are covered by a black layer that covers them as well as their nose, which gives them the appearance of eyeliner, this being another reason why they are seen as an elegant cat.


Being a breed that comes from a cross with a Burmese, the Burmilla cat has a somewhat different personality that turns out to be a great relief for many people, as they are not as demanding as their parents. Consequently, they have the calm and tolerant temperament of the Persian, which makes them a very well-balanced cat. Certainly, this is a cat that will love the moments of the company with the rest of the family, even if it is perfect for those homes with other animals, cat breeds, children, and people of any age. Certainly, they are cat friendly dogs. However, they require some time alone, so they have some independence in their behavior that keeps them in an ideal balance for those who are beginner owners, and want to enter the purrtastic feline world. Although it may seem that their sociable personality and need for attention makes them a demanding breed, it will depend on the type of breeding you provide, but the idea is that you can devote considerable time to share with your Burmilla since it is a kitten.

You must have some tolerance and patience as some authors comment on their personality, even being able to resemble a Golden Retriever, which despite reaching maturity, do not lose that playful or goofy personality and are so energetic that they usually have as kittens. Acquiring a Burmilla kitten will be the most recommendable thing since by their intellect they can get to learn things with great ease so the training you can get to give them will be of great importance in their early stages of life. It is always an easier task to train or deal with a kitten than a cat that has been around for several years because they can become stubborn when they bring a chip/mindset from a previous home that for some reason could not keep it along. Take advantage of his energy and desire to play to help him stay in good shape and avoid as much as possible to exceed the recommended weight. You can also buy them a cat tree so they can play.

Something that some owners don’t consider, is that by keeping their pets happy and entertained they can prevent unnecessary accidents since many cats are usually quite curious and one as active as the Burmilla can easily get into trouble if left unattended for long periods. Even if it’s just 5 minutes before you go out in the morning it will be a time your cat will appreciate more than you think. Creating routines is something that will help you both in your personal life and in taking the first steps to be one of the best Burmilla owners. Even if the care of their shorthair is minimal it is still a moment that every pet will always receive with open paws, because it brings together several of the things that they love to do with their owners, although in the case of cats some have the belief that they are the owners of the home and not their humans (fur power).


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Caring for your cat is similar to caring for a child if children were equally hairy and could spit out hairballs. They require a lot of attention when they are first introduced to the home, you must give them a balanced diet and enough nutrition to help them during their growth and development to avoid problems on the way. Also, deworming and vaccinations to maintain a good health plan in conjunction with routine checkups with the veterinarian. These are remarkably simple steps, but some people forget them leaving their pets at the mercy of endless complications they can’t imagine, more so when some pets are stoic and don’t demonstrate anything until it’s too late. It is of utmost importance that you maintain a very good relationship with your veterinarian since this should be your only source of information on everything that has to do with their health. The breeder plays an important role in this, and it is something that, again, many people overlook or the same breeder takes advantage of people to get what they want, money.

There is a big difference between a reputable breeder and one of little fame. Not to speak ill of them, they may well be just starting out or simply not looking for as much publicity as the others, but the truth is that those with the most reputation are the ones who tend to worry and work the most to keep their pack in good health. In the case of the Burmilla, it is of absolute importance and something I highly recommend you get a well-known burmilla breeder because it is a new breed that they can easily take advantage of when there are not as many people who know it in-depth as other breeds that, they will be able to do the same, but it is more difficult with something that people have already come to see in so many places. It is not only to protect you, but you will know everything your new Burmilla kitten may or may not be predisposed to according to the medical history of the rest of her siblings, parents, and even grandparents. A breeder who tells you that he/she has never had any problems, that everything in his/her kitten pack is perfect is lying to you to get the best out of the situation. Medicine is not an exact science so you should not let anyone manipulate you. Investigate and take your time before making any decision and even more so when you are taking care of a living being that doesn’t speak your language.

As I have already mentioned, the Burmilla cat has very few records about possible health problems, which leads it to be considered a relatively healthy breed, since the most common problems in cats are usually due to bad management. Take for example the feeding, something that may seem very simple or of little importance to you, not only do you have to worry about their excess weight resulting in diabetes, but also in case they end up suffering from some kind of liver problem since cats are predisposed to suffer from hepatic lipidosis which is usually a fatal condition in them. The same happens with their oral hygiene, some will think it is not necessary or that with cats it is an impossible task. As long as you work on it from an early age, at a pace that your cat doesn’t feel overwhelmed you can achieve anything, but always try to use products that are special for pets and you will avoid more problems. Not only will you prevent your cat from having bad breath or losing her teeth, which she needs so much to eat peacefully, but it can also result in kidney problems, which cats are already predisposed to, such as a pathology called polycystic kidney disease, or heart problems, allergies, among others.

All these problems and more can be avoided if you make it a habit of taking your Burmilla cat to the vet so he can examine her and make sure everything is under control, ensuring and providing her with the quality of life she so richly deserves.


Being a hybrid asian cat, the result of a happy accident, it’s up to you whether it’s worth it or not. He is an excellent candidate for family homes, some first-time owners who have the disposition and discipline to avoid the problems I mentioned earlier related to his behavior, since having a smart and boring pet you can be sure he will manage on his own to stay well entertained. Hopefully, time will tell the rest of this beautiful right breed that continues to grow in popularity. For this reason, you should not be discouraged if the adoption process or getting a Burmilla kitten turns out to be a tedious and difficult task. Understand that the cat is barely known, there is not a wide variety or availability of it, so the price of the cat must be added to the price of the shipment in case you get it in some other country or region. 

I hope this guide about the Burmilla has been helpful. If you have any doubt or you consider that I have left something out please let me know in the comment section down below. 

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