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If you like entertainers, watching a good show, or you have a hype family, then the Caique Parrot is the pet for you. They are smart, funny, social, and some will say that they are extremely energetic bird so you better be ready for what’s coming to your doorstep. They demand some playtime and despite being categorized as a small or medium sized parrot species you must provide sufficient space on its cage to prevent any behavioral issue and of course, allow them and give them access to their stage which usually is the floor of the homes where you will see them running and hopping around while making themselves noticed with such a lively and somewhat mischievous attitude, in case it was very difficult to do when they have such colorful and striking plumage due to the combination and tonality of the same. Of course, you must take care of them and as they are allowed to be out of their cage, you must do it in a place that is safe for everyone, because you must be careful in case they get bored or become stubborn because they usually peck when this kind of situation happens. If you think this is a suitable pet for you, then sit back and enjoy the show.


They are mostly seen in South American countries as they enjoy swamps and tropical forests such as those you can find in Colombia, French Guinea, Peru, Brazil, Venezuela, you get the idea. Like a good comedian and part of the entertainment, they are sociable birds but up to a certain point, they are very affective, attentive, and attached to other birds of their same species and their guardians or owners, even more so when they manage to make such a strong bond with them, but for no reason at all should you think of mixing a Caique parrot with a bird of another species since it will become aggressive and the show will turn into a rather frightening experience. They are usually in pairs or small flocks of about 30 birds. Another similar number is their average life span that ranges from 20 to 30 years under optimal and healthy care so you will have a very active and alive home for a good time and the best thing you can do is to prepare yourself in the best way so that everyone at home can enjoy the company that only a Caique parrot can offer as a pet.

No matter where you look for them, you’ll find them as a clown type of bird and they well earned and deserve this title in the bird world among the African Grey Parrots that are seen as highly intelligent creatures, the Caique parrot may not be as smart but they understand more than you may think, and other show makers as the Macaw that’s also full in colors that they so love to show off. The name of this parrot comes from an indigenous language that means “water bird” given by a Brazilian tribe called Tupi.


I hope that the moment you decided to become a Caique owner, you take into account all that is involved not only in keeping a bird but all that is involved in caring for it and all the good and bad that each species brings with it. Certainly, the Caique Parrot has earned its reputation for its active and curious nature that leads it to entertain the masses, only not everyone is a fan of this type of pet, to begin with, or is usually a sensitive neighbor to certain noises or sounds. Being a bird that is part of the race of parrots tend to be somewhat noisy but not to the extreme of a Cockatoo, but if you have to be careful of what they come to hear or learn because thanks to his intelligence often learn some tricks quickly or their mastery of mimicking that has led them to be so adored and loved by bird fanciers with well-deserved reasons, so it’s up to you to handle this responsibility that comes with dealing with so much power that you can give to your new feathered partner. The Caique Parrot is undoubtedly a beautiful, intelligent, sociable, loving, active, playful bird with a personality that differentiates them from other species, and makes them a very good choice as a pet bird as long as you follow certain rules regarding their care. They can be a good option for those bird owners who have a somewhat tight schedule due to their work, but this does not mean that you can neglect this bird so much since they require a certain amount of time and attention so that they can be the center of attention. By this, I don’t mean that you are going to be chained up every day and forced to watch them invent your new pets for you and your family, simply by allowing them to be close to you they will be happy, but if you must provide them with attention from time to time throughout the day, as well as toys to help them pass the time in your absence or that of the other members of the house. You must have a strong bond with your bird because it will allow you to know more about the personality of each one, in case you decide to have more than one Caique parrot as a pet. After all, as I mentioned before, they can bite with their beaks or take similar attitudes when they feel bored or do not have adequate attention, it is something you should take into account and more if you have young children because they will not understand or know how to handle this type of pets. For this and many other reasons, it is better not to let your birds out of the cage without the necessary supervision, since their curiosity can lead them to moments or situations where their health is in danger.

These birds can very easily become your new best friends, but you will have bird toys as a sidekick. This is very important and it will be up to you to find the type of toy your Caique parrot likes best. One thing you will have in favor is that in the stores you will get a good and great variety of them but you must always make sure they are safe toys and do not cause any damage to your new bird, since they will most likely seek to destroy it until there are no more remains of them, so it is highly recommended to maintain an arsenal in your home to replace those that are already worn out or may become harmful. This attitude so playful and active leads them to investigate their environment so very likely to get out of your cage if you are a somewhat careless owner, so it is best in these cases is to ensure the best you can the cage where you keep them as well as the place where you get to leave them loose, being of a material that is easy to clean and not give in to anything that can get to make your new pet bird.

Something that may come as a surprise to some people is that this little feathered comedian is not known for his vocal skills, but for mimicking pleasant sounds in the environment, his whistles or songs that are usually also soft and pleasant to the ear. The Caique Parrot is a spectacular bird that besides being a tremendous companion, if well educated it will be able to maintain a pleasant atmosphere full of laughter in any home, everything will depend on the care, time, and attention that you can dedicate to it so that it does not turn into the opposite and end up returning it or sending it to some refuge or sanctuary. In case you get your bird from one of these places I advise you to fill up with a lot of patience since it is very probable that the great majority of the pets that end up in this type of sites have had a bad experience that has marked them or they adopted a type of behavior that made them a very annoying being to be able to coexist with it. You must understand that it is not their fault but of some owner who did not know how to get along with this type of pet, so I always recommend that you look for a species that is more adapted to what you have to offer and avoid this type of situation at all costs.


An adult Caique parrot reaches about 9 to 10 inches in size, But this is no reason to acquire a small cage for being a medium sized parrot, this would be the biggest mistake you can make when acquiring a bird as a pet. Not only because of its active and curious nature, but every pet also requires more than enough space to be able to recreate itself without any problem, even more so if you are planning on getting a larger parrot. I bet you don’t have a good time when you are locked up in a small place, imagine that, but that it happens every day of your life to understand your bird if you put it in a small place. The most recommended is that you get either a long and large cage or an aviary in its absence, you could well have a combination of these but it all depends on the space and money you have at your disposal to use it in the new and beautiful pet birds that no doubt will thank you with hours and hours of entertainment. Besides, when choosing the cage for your new bird does not have to be all the best for it, because you must keep it in good condition not so much to preserve the health of your Caique but for the welfare of the house in general, to acquire a cage that allows you to make the daily cleaning needed as well as weekly in a comfortable and simple. Continuing with the topic of cleaning the cage, you should use products that do not leave residues or are harmful to your bird, as well as the products you use at home you should try to leave them away from your birds and use those that can meet the needs of everyone in the home. Something I can recommend is to keep two or more sets of food and water to keep them as clean and hygienic as possible to avoid certain diseases, as well as a bowl where your Caique can bathe whenever she can, but this is something you can also do as long as you add some positive reinforcement to keep it a pleasant activity, even more so when its name comes from this element, but be careful about the possible disaster they can do with the water.

The cleaning will depend on the number of birds you have, but in addition to this, it will allow you to evaluate the behavior and detect any change that could be alarming or reason for you to go to an avian vet, cases such as a change in consistency and color of their stools, drops of blood, more feathers on the floor of the cage, food scraps at the bottom of the cage, any change in behavior of your bird, etc, are things that by knowing your pet closely you can detect these and many other changes before they can escalate. In case you are still in doubt about this subject, I invite you to read my article about a little introduction to the care and management of pet birds and you can become the best bird owner for your new pet Caique.


Following a little bit the idea of all that I have commented to you, not because they are known for something you should trust everything you read, many things will depend on the personality of your Caique as it can happen with a person so I advise you to first educate yourself and learn as much as you can about a race before taking the important step as it is to adopt a pet, but being a bird that is not so conventional but still can be as nice and promising as any other. Caique parrots are usually very healthy birds but you must take precautions to prevent a viral disease that affects the digestive system and can evolve affecting the liver, kidney, and heart. It is said that you can prevent this with a vaccine for when they are Caique chicks since the ones that are more susceptible to this disease are the young birds.

In their natural habitat, the Caique parrots usually feed on seeds, berries, and fruits, things that birds usually eat in their great majority but the secret to maintain their health and cover all their nutritional requirements is to know how to mix all these options in something appetizing since well they can get to bore a food no matter how nutritious it is, such as a child. The most recommendable thing is that you use as a main dish a high-quality food of pellets trying that it is with products without any additive or chemical that can be harmful to your bird, the more natural better, while the seeds, vegetables, fruits, and berries you can use them as appetizers, prizes or as you see it more convenient to help to complement their daily diet taking care that they are always foods that are not harmful to your bird since there are some that they cannot consume. For this type of concern, it is best to consult your veterinarian to guide you on the right path.


The Caique parrot species has almost everything you can look for in a pet bird, although it can be a very active feathered pet for many, it is an experience you should try in case you have the chance. Besides its unique personality, there is also its presentation in terms of its colors, having only 3 species that are usually seen as pets, among which the Black headed Caique and the White bellied Caique parrot are the most commonly seen, whereas the Yellow thighed Caique besides being a subspecies isn’t so common. Remember to keep them away from other bird species as they will turn aggressive and you’ll surely get the happy and active bird that most owners love and talk about so much in the parrot world.

I hope you’ve liked this article about the little parrot that earned the name of the clown bird for his funny demeanor and awkward antics. In case you think I’ve missed anything please let me know in the comment section down below.

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