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If you are considering having a pet bird and want it to be cheerful, active, chatty, and cute, the best thing you can look for is a parakeet also known as a budgie. These animals can be part of your life as pets, but before you have this kind of bird you must inform yourself of all that is necessary to have a parakeet under your care and give it the best treatment it deserves to have a good life.

This cute bird is part of the parrot family so they’re known as common pets. Parakeets have a wide variety of species, very colorful and small in sizes, making it popular and accessible to have as a pet. They’re very friendly, intellectual and sociable, they love being in good company and if you put some music on them, they’ll give you a very nice entertainment. So If you’re interested in this small parrot keep reading.


You´ve might have read or heard about these common names for this small bird species, that Parakeet is the same as Budgie or Budgerigar. This is completely true, all three names are used to refer to the same bird. A Budgie is a Budgerigar, which is a bird from Australia. Parakeet is one of the many species of parrots but refers to thin-bodied, long-tailed birds, whose size ranges from the smallest breed of Parakeet, such as the Parrotlet (not a Budgie), to medium-sized ones like the Alexandrine Parakeet. Any name you use to refer to this breed of parrot will be fine, but as long as you know the difference between each one to avoid confusion and you don’t end up at home with the wrong species. In America, Parakeet and Budgie are taken as the same bird, so you’d better make sure you get one of these wonderful creatures from a certified breeder or a professional. Another name you’ve probably come across is the English Budgie. It’s more like a “fancy” name given to a breed of large budgies used in exhibitions shows. 

In the rest of the article, I will use both parakeets and budgies to refer to this Budgerigar species, as it is the most accurate name in America.

 Budgies are small in size and you can be found in different colors such as blue, yellow, white, green, and many others. These pet birds by their nature like to be in large flocks, they seek to communicate and have fun with others. If you plan to bring this pet bird into your home, if possible, try to bring a companion so that the parakeet doesn’t get bored and can share it with someone of its own species. As far as their lifespan is concerned, budgies can last between 10 and 12 years, but this will only happen if they are given proper care and handling. Their average lifespan is between 5 and 10 years, which can vary even for the best bird owner, such as a congenital problem or accident.

It is not easy to distinguish between a female and a male budgie since they share the same colors, size, and weight, but there’s a way to know which gender each is. The female budgie, it’s brown on top of the beak while in the male’s beak it’s blue, with a variety between violet and pink. As for their communication, parakeets like to express themselves in short songs and movements, and males tend to be more expressive than females.

A Budgie bird is known to be intelligent and social, so they need to be accompanied, you should bear in mind if you are going to have just one parakeet it will require more attention from you, but if you bring in a partner it will have someone to share and more being of the same species and make sure it’s a male and a female because females tend to be very territorial and parakeets are faithful birds to their partners. You can also play some music and enjoy a good dance with parakeets. Also like the parrots, this small bird can learn a few words but it takes a while so don’t give up and teach him some funny words with patience.


If you are asking yourself what kind of food you can give to this bird species, don’t worry is very simple. Varied food is the key to maintaining a perfect diet for budgies. To follow a nutritious diet for these pet birds there has to be a balance between dry and wet or fresh food. 

Due to their nature, budgies like to eat different types of seeds because they provide them with enough energy and nutrients. As part of their wet food, you can give them fresh fruit and vegetables that you have at home but always consult with an avian veterinarian what is best for them. Keep in mind that to give the right amount of food to your parakeet you have to give a portion of the 10 or 15% based on its weight and do not exceed that measure. Also if you want to give a prize to your parakeet you can give it a specific snack or you can get in a pet store.

You should also ensure that the parakeet always has water within reach to keep it hydrated either with water dispensers or water dishes. You should change it every day to keep it clean.


About their hygiene, a pet parakeet is very independent, you have to make sure that the parakeet always has like a bathtub with clean water so that it can be used to clean their plumage, a calcareous stone to sharpen the bird’s beak and a few natural branches to help them wear out their claws. You must always keep an eye on the parakeet if it takes advantage of these items because it shows the behavior of his daily life and moods. It’s very difficult to detect early if your budgie has a disease as they tend to show it when its already advanced so if at any point you start noticing a change in your pet and avoid using certain things or toys, change behavior, low spirit, stop feeding, you have to go straight to the avian veterinary to check whether there is any problem.

As for the parakeet’s nails, you must be very careful. If you want to cut them, it is better to go to a veterinarian and do it with the appropriate equipment and not doing it by yourself because important veins pass through their nails and you can put the small birdlife at risk.


If you are in the pet store and have a type of bird cage to choose for your budgie and have any doubts about which one is better, let us help you.

Even if they are small birds the best parakeet’s cage is the biggest one, bearing in mind that if you are going to have more than one bird is better to have one even bigger. These birds are very lively and active, they like to move around too much and if their cage is bigger you give them more space for their movements and games. This bird species like to fly horizontally so try to make their cages wider rather than high, seek to buy a Parakeet cage that is more rectangular and not have round parts because this could stress them, try to give them a good size to exploit the maximum of them and feel comfortable.

Another suggestion is better having a disposable tray at the bottom of the cage to make it easier when its time to clean the droppings. Also, make sure the bars of the cage must not have too much space between them because the budgie can stick its head between the bars and get stuck and suffocate.

Always remember to keep the cage clean, at least wash the cage completely once a week and make sure that the soap doesn’t contain harmful elements that could threaten the life of the parakeet and let it dry well. Their tray of feces must be always kept clean to them.

Even if you get the perfect cage for your parakeet, it doesn’t mean you have to keep it locked all day, give it one or a few hours a day of free flight inside the house so that it can stretch well, take advantage of a good flight and some satisfactorily exercise. Also, give it a chance to get to know the place better and become familiar with its new space. Make sure not to have toxic plants for your budgie and make it a relaxed and safe environment. 

Parakeets are very happy and active birds so they like to have toys in their cage to keep them distracted and enjoy them. Make sure they have a good variety and for this, we recommend that their cages have natural wooden sticks, bird sand, bathtubs, toys that help them climb like ropes with knots, swings, and free-movement toys. Neither try to overwhelm it and always changing as they might get bothered with them in the long run.   

I hope you’ve found this article useful and dispelled your major doubts about this beautiful and popular pet. Let me know in the comment section down below if I´ve missed anything.

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