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If you live in a predominantly cold environment and are looking for a friendly and loyal dog that will get along with other pets and children, the Finnish Spitz is one of the best options you can have. Considering that they are very active and energetic pets, it is recommended to keep them in a space that allows them to run freely and exercise in the process. Something you should take into account is that in their country of origin they are well known for their barking and hunting skills but they are usually used for small game, so if you have a pet that is a bird or a cat there is the possibility that you have some inconvenience since it is an attitude that is part of the personality of this breed and they carry in their genes, but you can avoid it and control the situation at an early age, as long as you acquire a Finnish spitz puppy so that you can train it from the first day and that it learns to socialize both with other pets and strangers since they are usually dogs with a keen hearing and that is always on alert so they will keep barking at everything that might call their attention. In spite of this, they are not known as an aggressive dog breed, they are simply somewhat distrustful of strangers and because they will seek to protect their family, they will alert the presence of any being that they do not know and distrust. This is something you should consider if you have neighbors and they are somewhat sensitive since the bark of the Finnish spitz can get to bother them so it is better to avoid problems from the beginning.


As their name says, this dog breed comes from Finland, not only that, but they were named as the official dog of this country where they carry out barking contests by emitting a yodeling or such a distinctive sound, something for which they are more than known earning the name of “Finnish barking bird dog”, a quality for which they have been bred throughout the years and for their incredible ability and skill as hunters, indicating to their owners when they get their prey. They have another name for which they are referred to as “Suomenpystykorva” which means “Picked ear dog” referring to their ears that are erect and looking forward, is one of many reasons why they are so seen and loved in their country of origin but are not a popular breed in the United States.

Being a considerably older breed there is no information or data that can be certain about the origin of the Finnish spitz but it is argued that they are descendants of a breed of hunting dogs from Scandinavia and Lapland and can be equally related to the Russo-European Laika. There are other authors or sites that refer to a descendant of wolves but they are usually speculations since there is no way to determine when they came to appear with a man in history but they have always been used for work but are usually more seen for small game, being birds one of the most common but thanks to its personality of a big dog, is really one of medium height, has been used to hunt moose from time to time. There was a time when this breed was on the verge of disappearing because around the 1800s there was an excess of crossbreeding and the reason for this may have been the inclusion of travelers who were accompanied by other breeds that may not have had that intention but likewise if it were not for some Finnish Spitz breed enthusiasts who started programs looking to keep a purebred dog this would have been lost in history. 

By 1988 this dog was admitted by the American Kennel Club (AKC) as a non-sporting breed.


The Finnish Spitz is a medium breed dog that is as physically fox-like due to its general appearance and coat. The male is usually taller and heavier than the female once they have reached adulthood, averaging 31 to 36 pounds and 17 to 20 inches for the male, while the female weighs 23 to 29 pounds measuring 15 to 18 inches. Their coat is dense, semi-long, and double-layered, which protects them from the cold and varies its coloring in presentation and age, having as options gold, red, or a mixture of shades between both colors, but a Finnish Spitz puppy will have a dark to the black coat which will change as time goes by. In addition to having a strong body with well-formed muscles that give it the aspect of a larger dog, they have their erect ears that are part of what makes this breed so distinctive and their curled tail which is an aspect shared by all dogs belonging to the Spitz breed where the tail rests on its back. As far as the life span you can expect from this wonderful companion dog, it can vary between 12 to 14 years old, but they can easily reach older ages if they are given proper care and handling throughout their lives, ensuring that they are as healthy and happy as possible. 


This dog breed is ideal for those people who are active or those who can provide the level of activity you need in their lives because it is something that is in their genes and nature, even more so being a hunter. In spite of these qualities that make them seem more like a pet that would spend more time out of the house in an independent way, they are usually very sociable and friendly dogs, always active and waiting for any activity or game so it is ideal for the little ones of the house that usually are the ones that can get to match their hyperactivity. As long as you teach them at an early age to live with children, other pets and with certain people who are strangers to them, you will be able to have the dog they talk about so much in their native country, the loyal, friendly, intelligent, attentive, with its suspicion and guardian attitude, will help keep the house under control, except when something comes along that stimulates it to start barking, This is something that you could also get to control with good training but anyway this is something that they are known for and you should be quite aware of what you are going to have at home, remember that you chose this breed so it is your duty as a good owner of Finnish Spitz to take care of it and keep it with its good and bad habits. 

One thing I recommend is that you start training from the first day he gets home, taking advantage of the fact that he is a puppy and they are easier to train than an adult dog. Of course, you can get one from a shelter after it has been abandoned but you will have to be more patient to train it and take away any bad habits it may have. For this, the best thing would be to previously investigate and have at hand all the things they may need, covering everything they require to lead a full life as it would be to organize a schedule to play, train, or exercise, what kind of food you will provide along with their bowl of water and food, a bed or cage to have a place where they learn to sleep and that is their place in the house, toys, collars, etc, everything that is necessary and what the veterinarian can recommend that can help you for what will be this great adventure and experience so rewarding that is to be an owner of any pet, being the dog one of the most devoted and committed to their owners when they are understood and loved by their new family. 

For the training in the same way the best thing is to look for the help of someone with experience since due to their intelligence they can become something mischievous if it is not done in a correct way, it is necessary to maintain a firm hand but it does not mean that you get to hit him in some way since there is no need to get to such an extreme, it is simply to fill yourself with enough patience to train him and to teach him the things that go with your lifestyle and that of your family so that in the future you can live and enjoy the company of a dog so educated and special to be under the ideal care that all the pets deserve. You can use some types of food as a reward during his training sessions or when you are playing, something that will serve as a positive reinforcement for all those things you want him to keep doing and make it easier for your Finnish Spitz puppy to understand what is good and bad that they do to prevent something as distinctive in this breed as their barking from becoming out of your control and remember that it is something that can lead to problems with your neighbors so it is better and healthier for everyone in general that you take the lead in this matter as soon as possible, even your home can suffer the consequences of an unattended and unhappy pet coming to bite everything it finds and start digging, looking for some way to entertain itself within what it considers to be right or well. The investment of time and dedication for your new pet is something that he will appreciate more than you imagine and it is what really makes the difference, it is possible that during his walks or jogs next to you he will run into people or pets that he does not like and someone with bad intentions may take this as a sign of an aggressive dog that would be a danger to society, As unfair as it may seem, what people don’t know is dangerous and by not knowing the breed or being ignorant about it, they can cause you problems or take a defensive and protective attitude towards your dog if it can lead other pets to take an aggressive attitude ruining what was a good walk in the park.

To obtain this dog you must take into consideration certain factors, which besides being very rare in the United States and the availability can be an important and determining factor, it will also depend on the breeder and the parents of your new pet, in case you want a purebred Finnish spitz or you are fine with any Finnish spitz puppy in general but it is already something that will remain in your hands as an owner. In case you are interested in this wonderful dog, puppies are usually between $1,000 and $2,000. Also, it is recommended that you get your Finnish spitz puppy from a reputable breeder and not a pet store, puppy mill, or a clandestine breeder so that you can have a reliable source of information about the health of their closest relatives, specifically parents and grandparents, in order to guarantee the best health for your new pet from the beginning, as well as being part of the information that could well help the veterinarian if necessary in some situations, as well as prevent certain hereditary diseases that could well diminish the quality of life that they will have at your side.


Even though the Finnish Spitz has a short coat, due to the fact that it is a double-thick coat that can endure cold weather, it is recommended that you keep their grooming up to date to keep their coat in optimal condition and help you not have so much loose hair in the house. With some accessories, it can be enough and if necessary you can always count on a dog groomer with those things that you don’t know how to do and it is better to avoid unnecessary risks, just make sure that your pet is used to go to places like the veterinary clinic or the dog groomer so that it’s not a problematic dog to work or manipulate. Besides the coat there is the maintenance of their nails that should be done by a person who has the experience and knows what they are doing since dogs have a small vein in each nail that if you don’t know how far it goes you can cut it too and besides the crime scene that will be created is something that will cause pain to your pet, that’s why it’s best to avoid giving everyone a hard time and take him to a person who knows how to do this kind of thing or you could get someone to come to your house and do all this under your care making sure your Finnish Spitz doesn’t give his dog groomer any trouble.

Feeding this breed is something very important as it is with any other dog, but since it”s such an active and lively dog, it will require the necessary nutrients to avoid injuries and help it with everything its body will need to keep it in optimal conditions. Of course, if you can’t buy certain types of food or for some reason, you’re against concentrated dog food/biscuits, you have the option of preparing him homemade food, but before inventing it in the kitchen, consult your veterinarian to make sure everything you use won’t hurt him and will really cover his requirements of a healthy and balanced diet, as well as indicate the amount you’ll give him per day depending on his age. The age will determine the type of food you will give him, just like humans, the first few months of the year of life he needs a type of food that is for puppies that usually contain more nutrients than an adult to ensure optimal growth and development, and over time the nutritional requirements will decrease but you can still use some kind of snack to supplement their diet and be part of their training if you like. Being such an active dog, it could be prone to muscular injuries or with respect to its skeletal system. Sport, food, and proper handling will help your Finnish Spitz avoid suffering from certain diseases to which it may be predisposed by keeping it in good physical condition, which is usually easy for those owners who really commit themselves to the time and dedication required by this breed. 


As with all living things, your Finnish Spitz is not free from diseases or alterations that can affect it, just as there are acquired diseases, you must take into consideration the hereditary ones. Therefore, it is important to have the information that a good breeder can provide you with so that, together with the veterinarian, you can create a health plan so that your new pet can have a full and healthy life by your side. I would recommend you to bring your pet as soon as possible once you have obtained it so that everyone becomes familiar with everything and you as an owner can get organized and have a better overview of everything that is to come since the veterinarian himself will be one of your best sources of information and to clarify any doubts you may have about your new pet. Among the diseases that often occur in this breed is the bowel and hip dysplasia, and patella luxation that can be well inherited, can be obtained by a bad movement or stroke that can be given, but under a frequent checkup with the doctor can both control how to detect at an early age, you should also stay alert for other diseases such as epilepsy and diabetes. Even though they are so active and of medium height, they are not usually prone to bloat like other similar breeds, but you should still be alert to this as well as to obesity, cataracts, allergies, or any other skin disorder that just because they are not part of the most common ones, you should rule them out. Every living being is a world so you must see and prepare yourself as best as you can for what you will get with your new and adorable pet.

Maintaining good management and care of your pet under professional guidance, whether it is a trainer or the veterinarian is what will ensure your pet a full and happy life that it deserves. Knowing all the aspects about the Finnish Spitz is important since all breeds have several distinctive aspects although they usually share several similar ones, it all comes down to those small details that make the difference and can apply to you as their guardian as well. A good owner is not one who can afford everything your pet requires, if you don’t give him the time and love he deserves, it’s not worth it if you adopt this dog or any other in particular unless you look for one that is much more independent and not affected by your absence, in the same way, interaction is something very important since this way you will avoid creating a pet without contact with people who are usually the most prone to become aggressive.

I hope you found this post useful and if you have any questions or think I missed something please let me know in the comment section down below.

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