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If I’m honest with you, I don’t think there is one breed or animal that is preferred by everyone. There will always be variety in tastes and needs, but without a doubt, Golden Retrievers have a place in many people’s hearts, both for those who have had the pleasure of adopting one into their family and for those who have crossed paths with this beautiful and precious breed. These adorable and loving dogs will surely steal your heart, so if a Golden pup doesn’t do it just by looking at it, there is something wrong with humans nowadays, or maybe they are scared of bears.

But, not everything is like in the fairy tales, everything has its dark side. Keeping a Golden retriever in good condition is not an easy task, nor are they made for just anyone. Certainly, both Golden and any other domestic pet breed deserve a home, but not every home deserves a pet. Before acquiring any pet, you must remember that it is a living being just like you, only in the case of the Golden, it is a very hairy child which will mature in a very slow fashion as it grows and will maintain this mentality even if it is an older retriever, but it will make sure to take care of all the members of the household.


Certainly, they are a breed that adapts fast to a new home, that gets along well with other pets even if they are of another breed, the same with people, but again, just like a child, you have to dedicate time, attention and educate them so that both can best share their time. Golden retrievers need more than time and dedication, they are dogs that will become a new shadow for all their owners, they will follow them everywhere if possible, so if you are a person who is uncomfortable with so much approach or because you will not have so much personal space, a Golden is not for you. They require constant exercise as they are primarily a hunting and a working breed, you must keep under control the state of their hair and skin as they are prone to suffer from skin diseases, by not brushing them you will often have more hair than normal at home, so by owning a Golden you are sure that the hair will be an extra companion or rather an unwanted guest which will be even in your meals.

Another thing you should be very clear is that the Golden Retriever is not a guard dog, in the sense that it is not a dog that can cause fear in people, they can get to bark for sure, warning when there is an intruder or when they are chasing something, but definitely, this dog breed is not expected to do more than express love to people. Neither would I advise you to force a Golden Retriever to be a watchdog, other dog breeds can replace it in this sense. 

I’m not saying all that to frighten you and discourage you from adopting a Golden or saying these dogs aren’t appropriate for a family, even more so because they ‘re seen as one of the best breeds anywhere. I’m doing this so you’re fully prepared to know what you are getting into to avoid your new pet having a bad time and you having a bad experience and closing yourself off to any other pets. It is like a school, if ALL the students fail, it is not their fault but the teachers. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

As for training goes, the Golden, although it is a breed known for its immaturity, playful personality, affectionate and good temperament, they should not be left out of its intelligence, however, as absent as it may seem. But as a whole, these qualities make the moment of training like something they want, since they are satisfied with any display of affection, but treats are the best stimulus. Concerning certain aspects of their behavior that you and the rest of your family would like your new Golden Retriever to acquire, it is best to consult and seek the help of a professional for these cases, but this does not mean that you cannot do anything on your own or that you strictly require the help of a professional.


You can train your new golden retriever puppy to do his business outside and learn to tell the difference that the house isn’t just one big potty. Crate training is ideal for this, but as with anything else, it must be done correctly to accomplish the goal, as this will prevent him from taking this time of isolation as a bad thing or avoiding cages entirely. There will always be a black sheep in the flock and certainly, not all retrievers comply with this law but very rarely does your dog pees himself in the same place where he sleeps. They can acquire this kind of behavior if you leave them with no choice so that they will endure until they urinate on themselves, of course, but it will be up to you to avoid it, as his owner. Taking advantage of the fact that they come “programmed” with the mindset of getting uncomfortable to do the number 1 at the same place where they sleep, you as a dog owner must comply well with your puppy’s handling in the cage. Golden retrievers have a low bladder capacity at an early age which means they will need to go to the potty, so I would advise you not to leave any golden retriever puppies in the cage for long periods of time.

It ‘s important you only leave your Golden retriever in his cage when he’s unsupervised, so he’ll get used to spending time in his cage as a safe place for him to rest and have an enjoyable experience. It’s something that is going to take time. Certainly, the first few nights when you get a Retriever puppy will be the hardest for everyone, but it doesn’t have to be a horror movie for a neighbor to think you’re torturing the poor creature. Leaving your Golden Retriever overnight in his cage will help him acknowledge that he belongs there, allowing his learning process to be as safe and well-intentioned as possible because no one must like to be forced to do anything. Commonly, a puppy needs to go to the potty after every meal, so it would be convenient to take it out at these times, as well as when they wake up after a long night or nap, just as you humans need to go when you wake up. Help your Retriever puppy on his potty training time by taking him to the place where he has been urinating before so that he is somehow stimulated by his smell.

Something that can help your puppy to take his new kennel as a good place to be is positive treatment, rewarding him with love or a treat so that your Golden Retriever can relate this space to good things when he’s inside it. You can also leave treats hidden in the cage to encourage him and help him be more comfortable during his time alone.

One very important thing to keep in mind is to look for a metal cage. If it is wooden or something similar, be sure that the cage will not last long because your Retriever will soon feel the need to chew it or use it as a toy, as well as other furniture or utensils in your home when you leave him free and unsupervised. He’ll also learn to differentiate between what is his and what is not by being in his cage, avoiding what I’ve just said from happening. With his toys in the cage, he will learn that he’ll only play with whatever he has inside his little house, and not with the other things in your home. Of course, this will not in any way ensure any other object that is at the level of your golden, as it will ceaselessly move its tail when sharing with any member of the family, hitting anything within its reach. 

The size of the cage is something to consider at the time of purchase and you should also bear in mind that the golden puppy, being a medium to a large dog breed will grow rapidly, meaning he will require new cages as he grows. The cage can’t be too large nor too small, it has to be big enough so that your dog can get up, turn around and lie down again, but it should not have enough space as it would allow him to set one area of the cage to use as potty and another to sleep. This would mean the end of your crate training because your puppy won’t learn to distinguish the space with which he should and shouldn’t do his needs since they won’t end up on top of his droppings repeating this behavior on the rest of the house. A possible cause being that you forgot that you shouldn’t and can’t leave him inside for long periods of time, particularly when they’re still puppies. 

Just like this, you can train your golden retriever puppy without any problem for what you want to do with him and that he is not only a noble and faithful dog but also very educated. Make the most of everything you have available to give your pet. As you might realize, the cage is not harmful to your dog and much less will make you a bad owner resorting to it, use it as an ally for everything I’ve just told you, so when it comes to a family trip, you can take your golden inside a cage in the car and thus make your dog not feel uncomfortable so that he can enjoy all the adventures with your family. 

As a puppy, he’s exposed and susceptible to certain diseases, so it’s best to keep in touch with your vet so you can cover up his immunity or get permission to take him with you to certain places. Once his immunization plan is complete, there is less risk. All you have to do is give him his annual vaccinations, keep his anti-parasite medication up to date, and constantly check that nothing is hidden by his long hair that could harm him. These are details that some owners don’t think are important, but it’s best to look into reducing the risk your Retriever may have with the help of your vet. Once the doctor says its ok, you can take him with you if you go jogging in the mornings or afternoons and use this time for some leash training, if possible take him to a more open field and take advantage of his hunting skills to play with him or train him in a new place where he can feel at ease. Periodically changing the environment will also help him develop new skills and have more space where he can drain his energies.


Caring for your golden pup doesn’t just mean spending time with him and training him to be a good citizen, you have to provide him with the best diet that meets his requirements, being the healthiest and most nutritious dog food you can get on the market. Be sure to provide your retriever exactly the amount of food that he needs or else you will end up with an overweight dog putting it at risk of even more diseases than this breed in particular carries on. This is the most common thing among dogs as well, but it’s really important for Golden retrievers that you look after their skin and hair. Giving them poor quality food will lead to problems in the skin and a coat that looks bad or damaged. It is important to bear in mind that even if you give your golden the perfect food, other problems can arise, for these cases, consult your veterinarian so that he or she can determine the cause of the problem and assign a specific food for the pathology that it may present.

Even if it’s a dog that has no problem swimming or getting in the water, you should make sure that you dry him well because by having such a long coat, leaving wet areas can cause skin problems and can ruin what was a good time or memory. Even so, golden ones are pets that love water, bathing shenanigans shouldn’t be an issue as your dog gets a human’s exclusive attention and also comes in touch with an element he loves, as long as he has no negative memories or you are using the water as a form of punishment, making your golden relate the water to something bad, getting to the point where he is terrified and will stop doing something that this breed is made for by bad management.

Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever, and as much as they are wonderful companion dogs they have their issues as well. This dog breed has an average life span of 10 to 13 years, ranging on average between 22 to 24 inches for males and 20 to 22 inches for females, and weighing between 50 and 70 pounds. This information is helpful and you should get it from the breeder. This will help you prevent any possible illness that your golden retriever might be susceptible to. By getting to know your retriever’s ancestors you can have an idea of what you’ll end up within a decade or so as every reputable breeder should always keep this kind of information.

Speaking of possible illness, some of those that you should keep an eye on is Gastric dilation and volvulus (GDV), a condition that should be addressed as soon as possible. Excessive exercise and overweight can be risky to your Golden retriever because it can lead to joint disorders, with one of the most common being hip dysplasia. Aside from the skin, there´s also some various degrees of otitis resulting from a play day on a lake or the pool or even a routinary bath.

Whether you are looking a new puppy that’s a great family dog, one that is not problematic when performing obedience training, to help a family member that requires the aid or support of a loyal partner, or maybe just for your workplace as a rescue dog, a Golden has it all and more. Everyone needs and deserves some therapy with a barrage of golden retriever puppies. Before adopting a puppy, make sure the site is in good condition and the person in charge is trustworthy, with certifications indicating that it is purebred as long as this is of great importance to you.

 I hope you’ll found this article helpful and that it covers all the needs and questions you might had with this amazing breed. If you think I´ve missed something please let me know in the comment section below.

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