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How to take care of Beagle Puppies

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A lot of people want to have a Beagle dog as pets, and that’s because they’re such an adorable pup to get and well known for their loyalty, intellect, and outgoing personality, which makes them a great pet for a family, especially those who live with children or the elderly. The adult beagle’s average weight ranges from 20 pounds to 25 pounds, about 15 inches in height, making it the perfect dog breed for small places.

10 Care Tips for every Beagle owner

Are you planning on getting a beagle puppy for yourself? If so, I can give you some specific care tips for any beagle puppy owner that can be adapted to ensure a happy and long life for your new family member. Some of the top 10 beagle puppies or beagle mix care tips are:

1. Purchase your puppy’s accessories

If you’re planning to get a dog, whatever its breed, make sure you buy all the necessary accessories before you can bring it home from the breeder. There are standard accessories that you need so that you can make sure your beagle puppy is well fed, exercised, cleaned, and sleeps comfortably. In case you are on a budget and can’t afford everything and you want to get this part right, try making a list of all the things you need to take care of your beagle before you go adopting. This will ensure that you do not forget any essential items that you will need to take care of your new companion.

Take the example of obedience training. Getting a leash doesn’t just mean going out with your new beagle so you can show off your new adorable pup, your dog should be walking alongside you, and not like he’s pulling a sled. For potty training, make sure you always have at hand everything you need to keep your place disinfected and clean if it’s inside and the time of the learning process he will need. We ‘re all the same as babies, so be patient with your beagle.

2. Buy a puppy that is about eight weeks old

Once you have all the accessories you need to take care of your beagle, you need to make sure you get the right puppy. When you get a puppy, make sure you get it from a well-known, reputable breeder. This is because they have a reliable record of the age of the puppies, and it will guarantee that you get a beagle that is already vaccinated with no history of disease. It might be difficult to take care of puppies under the age of eight weeks since they need to be with their mother at a younger age, but this way you can get a head start because by that age your beagle will still need special care and control with a vet.

3. Feed your puppy at least thrice a day.

Puppies 8 weeks old will need an adequate diet to grow and develop well. From the get-go, your breeder might advise you with a specific brand or type of food for your beagle puppy, if not, I highly advise you to consult a professional to ensure that he gets the best and the right nutrients he needs as he grows if you plan to make the food yourself at home, in case you get the formulated food, any puppy brand would do. Also, seek to educate yourself on the amount and times your puppy needs to be fed and the time it takes to change that routine. Remember to keep the water bowl filled whenever possible.

4. Ensure that you clean the kennel, food bowl, and potty daily

Beagle puppies can be delicate; therefore, hygiene should be a priority for you. After each meal, ensure that the dog’s food bowl is cleaned with warm water and kept dry. Your pet’s sleeping house should also be cleaned, and if your beagle pup is already using the potty, make sure it is cleaned daily.

5. Ensure that your doors and windows are always closed.

You need to assure that your doors and windows are always closed to prevent the puppy from escaping. Beagles are known to be dangerous escapees, so you need to keep your windows and doors locked at all times. If there are spaces with a gap through which the puppy can escape, please ensure by repairing and fencing it well. Any litter in your yard should be safely disposed of to prevent your dog from choking itself.

6. Vaccination should be a priority.

Always insist on getting puppies that have already been vaccinated by the breeder. Once you have acquired your puppy, ensure that you inquire from the breeder about the next vaccination schedule. You should also get information on the previous vaccinations as they would be vital in case anything goes wrong, and your vet needs them to determine how to deal with diseases and medical complications.

7. Groom your puppies

BeagleĀ“s require frequent grooming, and it is recommended that you do so almost every day. When they are still puppies, avoid washing them daily, since it will make him predisposed to any skin problems, only bathe them when it’s strictly necessary. As he grows it is recommended to bathe them once a month, twice at minimum. After brushing, you should always wipe the puppy’s ears and eyes to remove any hair that might have accidentally found its way there. Hairs can lead to eye and ear infections, and that would spoil the party.

8. Exercise your Puppy

Exercise is vital for the beagle puppy to keep it active and energetic. Either play with him or go for a walk around the block or to the park, some of them are special for dog entertainment. You could also create your own “park” if you’ve got a backyard with some dog toys, and hopefully, you can keep up with your beagle’s pass. Other activities, such as rabbit hunting, may be helpful as beagles are known as hunting dogs, running around the field will keep them active and with enough exercise.

9. Socialize your little friend with family members

It would help if you didn’t spend all your time alone with your new puppy. If you have family members, make sure that they are also socializing with him, this will ensure that they can be connected to other people in the household. Socialization not only makes it easy for beagles to meet new people and other pets, but also prevents them from being grumpy and developing a bad temper. If you or any family member uses any pesticide, make sure you keep it as far away as you can from your hound dog.

Experience will be the best friend of your little puppies, as you will know very well how serious a beagle temperament is. It’s not enough to want to be the best for your new pet family, it’s better to find help whenever it’s needed, either from a vet or a beagle breeder, to help you detect and prevent any medical condition. For example, learn how to stop eating puppy food and change it for adult dog food, check your dog’s teeth regularly, clean your ears regularly, etc.

10. Train your beagle from the onset.

These dogs are sometimes known to be stubborn, so they need to be trained at a young age. This allows the dog to know and be familiar with the rules in such a way that there is a high chance of obedience to them. Train your puppy to be docile, use the potty, and respect other pets if you have any. It would be best if you were careful with your training to make sure you don’t yell at the dog, as it would scare them and undermine your relationship with them.

Use a tasty treat or a toy whenever you do any training or activity, this would help you to distinguish between doing a good thing and doing a bad thing. Beagles being a dog breed, you could teach him to follow a specific scent or even be a rescue dog in case both of you get lost or you feel the need to call for help, at times of need, his annoying bark is going to be pretty handy.

Remember that beagle dogs or beagle mixes are cute, even though they require special care so that they are protected from diseases and live a long happy life.

Being a dog owner is not as easy as it sounds, especially with a pupa, but with time , effort, and a lot of patience every once in a while, you can become the best, no matter which dog you breed. 

I hope you find this beagle care guide helpful and best of luck with this amazing breed.

And remember!! If your beagle gets long ears and body, you got yourself a basset hound. That would be a Cat-astrophe.

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