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How to take care of French Bulldog Puppies

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French bulldog puppies are adorable, but this breed does come with some unique care requirements. In between cuddles and playtime, you also need to make sure your puppy is healthy and growing strong! Help your puppy grow into their best selves with these French bulldog pup care tips.


Provide the Right Nutrition

The first few months of a bulldog puppy’s life play a huge role in how healthy it will be as an adult dog. You want to make sure your dog is getting the protein and vitamins it needs to build its adult body regardless of the breed. First of all, make sure you’re getting your newborn french bulldog puppies food specifically labeled for them. Generally, they´ll need a portion of food with at least 22 to 32 percent protein levels, and puppy food will also be formulated to have the right amount of nutrients.  

Snacks can work in many ways, will help as a price with the potty training, for example, this way he can relate this type of actions with a sweat rewarding taste and its another way to work on your french bulldog temperament.

Prevent Obesity

Unfortunately, a french bulldog has a high risk of obesity. If you’ve ever been around a Frenchie before, you’ll notice just how much they love dog food! Therefore, it is a good idea to start building healthy eating habits at an early age as well as a good relationship with the vet since it will provide you with the best advice to maintain your pet insurance. Never give your pup food when it begs, and avoid feeding it more than the recommended amount. It can be tough to say “no” when they’re giving you those big, pleading puppy dog eyes, but it’s for a good cause.

Find the Right Feeding Times

When puppies are younger, they tend to snack frequently instead of eating large meals. If your Frenchy is very young, they will need to be fed small amounts four times a day. Around three to six months of age, you can drop to three daily feedings, and by six to 12 months, they should be okay with two daily feedings. Remember that as a pet owner, in case you have doubts you can call your veterinarian.


Keeping Ears Clean

Those adorably big ears can pick up a surprising amount of debris as your puppy is playing. You should make sure to clean their ears once a week, so they don’t end up with ear infections. Put a few drops of an ear ointment for dogs on a cotton ball and gently rub it around the ear. Avoid pushing it deep into the ear canal, but make sure the outer part of the inside ear is cleaned.

Prevent Skin Fold Infections

Another hygiene consideration in French bulldog puppies is their skin folds. Their cute little wrinkles can be a collection spot for sweat, dirt, and even food leftovers, and this can lead to uncomfortable rashes and infections. It is easier to prevent these instead of curing them, so puppy owners need to be proactive about skincare. Use a damp towel to wipe down folds every other day or so, and apply a little cornstarch to help absorb humidity.

Bathe Often

Cute french bulldog is taking a bath to clean dirty skin.

An adult French bulldog usually only need to be bathed every month or so. However, puppies tend to get into messes more often, and they cannot keep themselves clean. Therefore, bathing them every two weeks or so will work better. However, remember that French bulldog puppies usually cannot regulate their temperature well yet, so there is a risk of them catching a chill. Always use warm water and dry them thoroughly after their bath to avoid any health problems.

Don’t Forget to Clean the Tail Pocket

Did you know that most French bulldogs have a small little indention near their tail called a tail pocket? Since it is so close to their butt, the tail pocket can end up collecting grime and feces that can generate health issues. If you do not want your French bulldog to have problems with this, remember to clean the pocket regularly. Doing it after every bowel movement is advisable, but if this is too much for you, try to do it at least once a day. A damp paper towel or alcohol-free wet wipe works well for this purpose.

Keep an eye on your dog’s teeth

Being the best dog owner for your Frenchie dog doesn’t necessarily mean giving your pup the best brand of food or just caring for your dog’s coat. Like us, we must provide them with proper oral hygiene to avoid any dental disease. There are several ways to achieve this, try the one that’s more comfortable for you. In case of things getting out of hand, you can always count on your veterinarian.


Get Them Used to Grooming Now

When you first get your Frenchie puppy, they will most likely still have a puppy coat that does not require grooming. However, this does not mean you should neglect to groom. Starting now will ensure your puppy is comfortable with it once they grow up. Frenchies have very fine hair and barely shed, so you do not need an intensive grooming routine. Just using a grooming glove to gently pet away any loose fur is enough to manage their coat needs.

Trim Nails Monthly 

Another important part of grooming is handling your puppy’s nails. Since your puppy is not running around in the wild, his nails won’t wear down naturally. If you let them grow unchecked, it can make walking uncomfortable for your puppy. There is even a risk of nails eventually curving inwards and getting ingrown. Therefore, you should take the time to clip your bulldog puppies nails before they get too long. A good rule of thumb is to trim them when you start hearing them click loudly on the floor as your puppy scampers around.


Help Them Cool Off

Every bulldog breed have short nostrils, so it is hard for them to pant air to cool off. Therefore, each french bulldog owner needs to pay attention to the heat. When possible, keep your puppy in a room that is no more than 77 degrees Fahrenheit, and make sure their bowl is always filled with cool water.

Pick the Right Skincare Products

Skincare is a huge part of keeping your bulldog puppy healthy, but you need to be careful about which products you use. French bulldogs have very sensitive skin, and they often struggle with allergies. Never use human skincare products, since these tend to have the wrong pH levels. Instead, pick something made from all-natural ingredients that are specially formulated for puppies. Always do a spot test, where you apply a little and wait a day to see if it causes a reaction before you use the product.

Practice Water Safety

Did you know that French bulldogs are not natural swimmers like most other dogs? With their short legs and low center of gravity, they can find it hard to stay afloat. Therefore, you should never let your French bulldog puppy play in water unattended. Always close off access to bathtubs, pools, or other bodies of water. When you do let your puppy get in the water, give them a safety jacket to help them float.

In between snores and those bat ears, the french bulldog breed makes one of the best companions you could get for your family. Just give him time and you´ll get lost with this special and beautiful breed. Remember to call your breeder or veterinarian if there is something that you might be worried about your french bulldog.

If you think that I missed anything please let me know in the comment section below.


Can french bulldogs breed naturally? 

This particular subject must be a big let down for most people that want to become a french bulldog breeder. Although you should know that this is not the only dog breed that has this issue when it comes to labor or copula. The English Bulldog shares this same problem and its due to a skeletal composition of a narrow pelvis and brachycephalic head shape. Thus, you should consider artificial insemination and cesarean as a breed standard or requirement which makes a french bulldog puppy expensive. It’s not guaranteed that this would happen, so its best to keep in touch with your veterinarian when the labor starts. 

Why should i adopt a French bulldog?

Looking for a small and adaptable size breed, gentle and good temperament pup, great with kids and good companion dog? These are just a few qualities that this beautiful breed has that makes them such a good family dog. Just make sure that you are up to the task.

How long does a French bulldog live?

Being a small dog breed they have an average life span of 10-14 years, close to breeds such as Pug or Boston terrier. It all comes down to the quality of life you can provide them and sometimes “a bit of luck”.

Why does the French bulldog breed cry so much?

Some owners may resemble these whining sounds as a sign of a spoiled dog or separation anxiety which maybe thanks to a learned behavior since he could get what he desires from it. Other reasons may be just for attention, the urge of a potty break, or food. Either way no documentation nor study claims why dogs cry.

 How healthy are French bulldogs?

Attaining your newborn puppies from a reputable breeder may not be enough to avoid certain diseases. Some of them can be determined at a young age like the brachycephalic syndrome, which can be related to an increase in snoring sound or upper airway obstruction, or a patellar luxation that could be acquired as he gets older, the tear stains that come from genetic and breed predisposition.

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