About Us

About Pets University:

This website is dedicated to teach pet owners, whether they are new to this world or have previous experience, from another point of view on how to care for their pets, to learn from them and their needs before making any decisions. We do this by looking for a different approach than what you are normally used to, being the point of view of another pet or animal who wants to teach people or humans how they should care for their pets. Basically, we want your pet to be the one who teaches you got to take care of it.

With this, we hope that you can understand and see these wonderful and unique beings, to see them as to how they truly are. Remember that animals and even plants are living beings that share with us this world we call earth. Just because we humans have an evolved mind and thus more knowledge it doesn’t give us any reason to look only for our own benefit when the rest of the creatures and species we live with have the same rights. Nature is more than a blessing and the least we do is take advantage of it as we should, besides we don’t take care of it and little by little we are losing something so beautiful just because we want to have more than the rest.

Hope you’re enjoying your time on this web site. Please rate and leave a comment or any suggestions. Thanks and hope you have a nice day hooman.

Professor Whiskers