Is the Dobermann lifespan as short as people say?

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The Dobermann Pinscher or Dobermann is one of the dog breeds that do not require introduction, since many people know them due to the great fame that has accompanied this wonderful breed throughout the years since its “creation”. Unfortunately, this fame is based on myths that aren’t real and were created by a bad concept that you humans decided to create for some reason. There have been cases where some pets, because of their German origin, have been treated badly or are seen incorrectly by other people because of what happened during the world wars. Anyway, it is very difficult to determine the origin and what caused humans to create these false accusations about this breed, which is nothing close to what you can hear from any human who has not lived with one. I advise you to do some research before creating an idea or judging anything. “You should not judge a book by its cover,” even if that cover was created by yourself, is no reason to dismiss this breed as a family pet.

Refusing to adopt one of these wonderful creatures may be the biggest mistake you can make, as you will miss out on everything a Dobermann has to offer any family, even those with small humans. But it won’t be as big a mistake as many other people make, and it is by not breeding these types of dogs correctly that you humans have become so predisposed to think that simply, because they are a large breed of dog they have to be classified as dangerous. The same happens with the Rottweiler, Pitbull, or American Staffordshire Terrier. If you are interested in learning the truth about the Dobermann dog breed, I invite you to read my article, so you can draw your conclusions and don’t let yourself be carried away by the opinion of a third party.


Let’s start with the most basic and simple. I want to start the story of this wonderful four-legged companion by going back to the 1800s, in Germany with a human under the name of Karl Friedrich Louis Dobermann, who had a job called “tax collector”, which for some reason needed a companion with specific guardianship and family protection skills. For this, many say or believe that he crossed several breeds that had these qualities, among others, looking to make the perfect dog for the idea that this human had in mind. Among these breeds, it is speculated that they were Weimaraner, Manchester Terrier, German Shepherd, Great Dane, German Pinscher, and the Rottweiler. With this, he obtained the dog that is known today as Dobermann or Doberman Pinscher. A pet with excellent guardian qualities, highly intelligent and fast learning, athletic, and with a good bearing. All the necessary traits to cover the expectations of this human. However, when this wonderful result was made known, other humans saw his great potential which led him to become part of these human organizations that call you refer to them as military and police with the same purpose, to serve as a guard and working dogs. This suggests that these military dogs are all about guarding, growling, and “being aggressive”. The fact that it is accepted by various organizations as a working or guard dog does not mean that it is a dog that should be considered dangerous simply because of its demeanor, even more so if it was something that you humans came to “create” yourselves.

There are some countries where if you want to adopt a dog of this breed, they require you to comply with certain guidelines since they catalog them as one of the most “dangerous” and “aggressive” breeds, but almost nowhere will you see that they also catalog them as excellent dogs for the family and one of the most intelligent breeds that exist. They not only work for these protection groups as “mean dogs”, but they can also work as rescue dogs and even therapy dogs. It is shameful that a dog, one of the most faithful and noble beings that man can have the joy of sharing his very life with, has to suffer so much because of such erroneous allegations for something as simple as the misdeeds and errors of humans themselves. The fact that you humans depend on an animal to solve your problems does not have to generate so much controversy with any particular breed. That you humans require protection among yourselves should be your problem, that you require “guardians” to avoid other humans is something very different from a pet for the family, that unfortunately many people misunderstand and let themselves be carried away by others.

One of the many myths and beliefs that people have about this Doberman breed, is that they go crazy and don’t get past the age of 2 or 3 because of a problem in their skull. Either their brain continues to grow and their skull does not, or their skull gets thicker as they get older, where both theories talk about pressure being made on the animal’s brain that causes its aggression. Another theory talks about the breed completely losing its sense of smell so they do not recognize their owners and become aggressive against them because they take them as strangers. This makes as much sense as the rest of human history. What will be left for the poor pets when you label yourselves as “crazy” or “insane” and then idolize certain figures. How many humans who had made scientific discoveries or advances did not call them crazy, insane, treat them badly, and even make fun of them. But today many thank them because of them you have more comfort now, thanks to the work of others who were “crazy” now is that you can be reading this from your computer. Thanks to those people who seek to see the world in chaos, it is that dog breeds like the Dobermann suffer from such a bad reputation that they certainly do not deserve. If you want to know what it is to raise a dog of this breed, look for a Doberman breeder, look for a common person who has one of these beautiful creatures as a pet, as long as they are given the care they deserve, you will get what the German created so many years ago. The real Dobermann, one of the best breeds for the home that deserves it.

To try to give you another example on this subject, I will tell you about a story or myth that you humans have among yourselves. The Frankenstein monster was created by a scientist under the same name, where you classified him as something evil, just as his name indicates, a monster. But again, it was something created by you alone, perhaps not with such good intentions but still a mixture of other living beings to create something. As fanciful as this story is, it is something that can be likened to that of our furry friend in question. Who is to blame for this? The creature or the person who created them? It is fair to punish a pet for having bad owners that do not take care of them end up being distrustful, unhappy, and therefore, aggressive in nature, which is what happens with any breed that is not independent. If they are bred to work together with such entities as the police or the militia, to guard an establishment, how do you expect people to take them as a good pet? Have you ever raised one to see it for yourself? Have you tried to live with one to be able to draw this kind of conclusion? Aren’t you humans responsible for your pets? This kind of rebellious behavior is not unique to the Dobermann, and I bet you didn’t expect that even a Golden Retriever or a Labrador can be as aggressive as they describe a Dobermann, Pitbull, or Rottweiler. It’s always going to depend on the handling and attention you give your pet. If you raise it with violence, that’s what you’ll get. If you neglect it, don’t expect it to welcome you with love. Before pointing fingers at another living thing, ask yourself what you have done to avoid it, to change it, to make sure the stories are true. Acknowledge your mistakes, and other humans throughout history before punishing an innocent living being.


The figure of a Dobermann is something to admire. A large dog breed, with a muscular and elegant body. Its face is elongated, very similar to that of a Dachshund, its ears are usually pendulous but some humans decide to cut them to keep them erect, its tail usually has the same handling for some cases who decide to cut it but it is usually a medium to a long tail. This practice of cutting your dog’s ears and the tail is not accepted anymore in certain places since they take this practice as a mutilation of the animal, but it is something that will depend on each person and the practitioner treating them. Their hair is short and shiny and comes in several presentations, such as black, blue, dark red, and even fawn with some spots in several parts of the body. Thanks to its short coat you will not only have few problems at home because it hardly ever sheds hair, but it requires little to none care unlike other breeds, but you should not forget it or neglect it completely.

Once they reach maturity they can be between 24 to 28 inches tall and weigh between 65 to 90 lbs, where the male is usually larger and more prominent than the female, but this does not apply to all cases. Under proper care and handling, you can expect to have this amazing companion for about 12 years, but a more general average is usually more by age 10.


Although it is difficult to accept and read, the Dobermann Pinscher or Dobermann is a dog breed very attached to their guardians or owners, there are even many cases where they become a one-person pet. They will always seek the company of their loved ones, so adopting a dog of this breed should not bother you if you have a second shadow following you everywhere. They are incredibly loyal to their family, extremely intelligent, loving, and full of too much energy to drain. Contrary to what many say or believe, this breed gets along well with other pets and even with the smallest humans, and under no circumstances should you be afraid that at some point it might become “aggressive”. As I said before, it is simply a myth, and it depends on the breeding but not on its genetics. As I have already mentioned, socialization is of utmost importance and I really cannot emphasize it enough for you to understand what a difference it makes in this breed. The same applies to exercise, staying active, and taking care of their athletic figure. Apartments or homes with little space are not usually very friendly with these big pets, besides that, they can be clumsy with any object they are not usually very comfortable for them, but as long as you can provide them with a space to recreate several times a day, go for a walk with them, you should not have a problem with their physical needs.

Socialization from the puppy stage is critical and will determine the behavior of your new pet. Bear in mind that even with strangers he will remain alert, his guardian instinct is not something he will lose, but as long as you can control him you shouldn’t worry about it. The whole family must get involved with your new pet, since a Dobermann that ends up being loyal to one member or a one-person dog, could bring problems later. Several people in the world are capable and will do so, of seeking to harm your Dobermann, of suing you for having such a dog on the street that is a threat to the neighborhood. But that’s according to that person, who surely has a dog that is just as much of a problem as they are but most likely be a small breed, does not appear to be a threat as such. Something that should be highlighted is that small breeds tend to be more aggressive than large breeds and this is due to the very handling of people. Only that in this case it is the opposite, it is because of the excess of care and attention that when you spoil a dog too much it will become aggressive when it does not get what it wants. Besides this, there are smaller dogs or breeds that do not measure their size and usually look for problems to other much bigger breeds without knowing what to expect. In short, the socialization work with your Dobermann is not something that should be done only and exclusively with this breed, it is something that you will get with any other that you can get or look for. Whatever the breed is, everything will depend on how you can manage it. There are even water dogs, like the Golden Retrievers that have been traumatized by the same element, all because their owners used it as a punishment. In this case, the Golden would not be of pedigree because it does not like water? This is when you realize the truth of everything. You just have to do what nobody else wants, investigate, and learn on your own since it is usually an easier task not to get involved in something and simply point out the supposed failures of others.

For these reasons, you must take care of your pet, as well as yourself because you don’t know who will be watching and who might seek to do any kind of harm to your Dobermann. Always carry a certificate that your dog is trained, vaccinated, or does not represent any threat to society, which is usually the image that everyone has. Rather, if you’re a real honest owner and one who cares about his or her pets, you have absolutely nothing to fear from this kind of behavior from other humans. You can go quietly to a park with your new pet to share, play with other pets, and drain all their energy without any problem at all. You just have to make sure you have the permission of both your veterinarian and your trainer to do certain things, but with this pet’s intellect, it’s a piece of cake. Some authors comment that Dobermann’s intellect is such that it can even outwit the best of trainers, so it can end up being a bit of entertainment for others, both pets, and humans.

Just think about it, if I was such an aggressive and unmanageable dog, would it be in these human groups that are meant to help and protect you? Besides, they are not the only breeds that are in this type of work together with man, that is to say, they also socialize with other breeds. If they work with humans, for humans, it is a dog that you should worry about? One that you should be afraid of or concerned about their behavior? As far as I am concerned, everything is simply human convenience. This breed has been the same since its creation, man is the only one who has come to make changes that gave it its bad reputation.


Like all living things, the Dobermann is exposed to a variety of pathologies, many of which may be genetic, and therefore you must contact a reputable breeder to ensure this kind of thing. You will not be able to prevent them, but at least you will know what to prepare for together with your vet, through a health plan that you can start from the moment you make the adoption, which is usually what many advise. Being such an energetic dog breed, it requires a portion of food that can give it enough nutrients to cover these needs and keep its body in an optimal condition. As it happens with small humans, the diet is primordial for their growth, and it is something that will help you prevent problems that can appear once they reach their maturity. The veterinarian is the best person to help you in this aspect since simply acquiring any food you can find in the market will not make up for this, there are even some that can be harmful to your pet without you realizing it. You should always consult your vet before implementing something new for your pet’s wellbeing, no matter how good your intentions are. If you don’t know or have any doubts, it’s best to clear them up before you create more problems and end up making a bigger monetary investment than you thought.

Pet foods are classified for a reason. It’s important to feed puppies during this stage until your vet makes sure it’s time to make a change. Not only should you make sure it is puppy food and of the best quality you can, but also that it is for large breed puppies. This is because commercial foods for different sizes of dog breeds have their reason to exist and will affect each pet differently on a metabolic level. Dog food for small breed puppies will cause your dog to have an accelerated growth, which will bring problems in their joints since they did not have the time to mature properly and will result in a very painful moment for your Dobermann, and often require expensive procedures at the vet. Another thing is that you should not trust yourself because your dog will stay active and will never be prone to obesity. You should always give him the necessary amount recommended by the vet. And yes, I name it because it is of utmost importance and that is why you should make frequent visits to the vet, so that you can get your new pet used to that environment and handling, and so that you can keep your pet’s health under control to ensure him the quality of life he deserves so much.

The breeder can be another source of information about some aspects of your new pet, where it will indicate the best way to go about certain things, but it is also important that it can give you as much information as it can. Big or giant dog breeds share certain genetic pathologies that you will only be able to know about when you know the history of your new pet’s family. Knowing how the rest of the litter is, as are their parents and even their grandparents, is information that for some may not seem important but it is what will make a difference between a reputable breeder and any other, as well as an excellent owner and an ordinary one. You must understand that the diseases described in this type of sections do not mean that they will be present in your pet or that they only occur in this breed, just as I am, everyone has simply placed the ones that occur more frequently because this type of breed has a higher probability of suffering from them than others, but under no context does it mean that the others are completely discarded or that they cannot occur to other dogs equally.

Among these diseases are hip dysplasia, arthritis, Wobbler syndrome, Von Willebrand’s disease, eye problems such as Hyperplastic primary vitreous (PHPV), hyperthyroidism, dilated cardiomyopathy, Gastric dilation valves (GDV), and among others like heart disease, dental disease, inherited disease or liver disease. As you can see, several types of diseases are not necessarily related to each other, but if you do not give them the proper care and management, not only will you be unable to avoid them, but they will also make them more likely to suffer from others, like skin infections. The socialization with your pet also comes into play in terms of their health, because if you know all their habits, as is their normal behavior, you can detect the moment when you see any change in your pet to take it as soon as possible to receive medical attention. This is something that should be customary for both your pets and the rest of the family, but it is simply my recommendation. 

To sum up, to take care of your Dobermann sadly does not require health care, but care against other people as I have already mentioned that it is a burden that you people have placed on this breed over the years. Vaccinations are highly recommended and necessary in any dog breed, but in those that are very badly seen by humans, you must have all the necessary ones in place, especially the anti-rabies one. With the Dobermann, your worst enemy will be your neighbors, only those who do not understand this breed, so it is better to prepare yourself to protect your new pet as much as you can, which undoubtedly deserves a space in those homes where you can give them all the attention they need.


As you may have noticed, not everything is always what it seems. Dobermann’s dog breed may be seen as one of the most dangerous and aggressive, but the reality is completely different. They are very loving and affectionate pets with those with whom they manage to make a bond of friendship and trust, they are extremely loyal and extremely intelligent, which makes them an excellent option for the family, even to accompany those small humans. Everything will depend on the handling, if from the puppy you teach everyone to share with him, both your puppy with the other humans and the other pets in the house, you can be sure you will have the best companion you could imagine, as well as an excellent guardian. Just don’t neglect his need for companionship, always provide him with a companion, and don’t leave him alone for long periods.

I hope this article was not too overwhelming for you and that you managed to learn something about this wonderful breed. If you have any doubt or you think I missed something please let me know in the comment section down below.

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