It’s truly the Ragdoll cat a good choice for a first-timer owner?

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The answer to this question again will depend on each case. No matter how much I talk about strengths and how special a Ragdoll cat is, it doesn’t mean that you will get a cat which contains everything described in this article or any other you may read. Getting the best cat for your home may be a tedious task but it is something you should try to do as best as you can, as it won’t be worth it and it won’t be fair to your new cat that after you take her out of a place where she was possibly comfortable or you take her home and she has a bad experience which will make it very difficult or impossible adapting to a new home causing problems for other owners that will not be to blame.


The Ragdoll receives this name thanks to its mother’s mother, according to the data, this cat breed seems to come from the result of a cross between some breeds, but certainly, they come from a cat called Josephine, whose owner, Ann Baker, was the one who designated this name for this special and particular cat breed, since literally as its name says, they become just like a ragdoll once you have them in your arms or you carry them, On top of this, some people refer to this breed as ” daughters of Josephine”. This breed may not have as much time as others being part of family homes but it is certainly one that won everyone’s hearts in a short time, becoming one of the most popular and sought-after breeds as feline companions and for very good reasons. Ragdolls have an easy-going nature and are a laid-back cat that not only gets along with other breeds or pets, but they also love their owners, so much so that many consider them almost like a dog since they follow you everywhere, can play fetch or teach them to “roll-over”, they’ll wait for you behind the door each time you get back home and are docile for a cat. Of course, it’s not the only breed of cat that does this, a cat will follow you wherever you go, invading your privacy is something every cat excels at, but the Ragdoll being such a demanding pet of attention and love will be a little more than the normal behavior of a cat.


Their coat is another reason why this cat breed stands out so much, being medium-long to long hair, equally a long body with strong bones that make it be within the largest domestic cat breeds along with another well known as the Maine Coon cat but unlike this and other long hair breeds, their hair besides being soft and silky does not require as much work or maintenance as other breeds, unless combing them daily sounds like a very tiresome task. Every cat should be groomed frequently and by doing this you’ll help your Ragdoll from having knots, shedding more hair than she already does, and suffering from certain skin injuries due to possible abuse from the knots themselves saving you some money in the long run with a cat groomer and the usual vet visits or checkouts. 

A Ragdoll cat has an average life span of 7 to 12 years, but of course, that number can vary depending on the type and quality of life you can give them, if they are given the proper care they can reach up to twice their estimated age maintaining a good and healthy life with you, sharing their love with you and your loved ones. With its beautiful blue eyes and soft coat, a Ragdoll kitten will steal your heart as soon as you make eye contact with this beautiful creature, the color of its coat as well as the patterns they show do not vary much compared to other breeds since it is forbidden to cross a Ragdoll with other breeds but in the last years they have been working to introduce another type of coloring in their coat. The six colors you can find this beautiful breed is blue (bluish-grey), chocolate, seal (dark brown), red, lilac, and cream, as for the patterns that may have between these colors are bicolor where they have two different colors on the face, colorpoint is a base color that gets darker at the ends such as paws, tail, ears, and face, or mitted that’s similar to the colorpoint but with a lighter (white) color instead of a darker one.

Ragdolls also have what appears to be a small belly of fat, which together with their large size (Male and Female over 12 lbs) and beautiful coat can fool an inexperienced owner into thinking they look big because it is ‘natural’ for this breed when they are breeding an obese cat. To avoid this it is not only good that you keep a very rigorous diet, being the best cat food you can buy in the market that provides the best quality and quantity of nutrients that your cat will need, especially if you adopt from an early age you must keep your Ragdoll kitten very well fed to support her as she needs during her growing stage to avoid any bone or metabolic problems as well as to ensure the quality of life that she and any other pet deserve. 

In the event of any illness, make sure you keep yourself well informed and in touch with a trusted vet so that he or she can give you the best possible advice during the time your beautiful Ragdoll is at your side and with the rest of the family. Some breeders will provide you with information about this specific breed, as it is in your best interest to let other people know where you got such a beautiful cat from and that it can last for so many years. Under proper care and good management not only will you avoid paying possibly very expensive bills at the vet but you will be able to keep your little feline companion for a good time, maybe you can end up expending money with a few visits to a cat groomer which can be expensive as well thanks to a Ragdoll size and hair, toys, cat food, beds, accessories, and everything your cat would need as for you too, to ensure the both of you can handle each other at the best way possible. This is something that you must be able to do if planning on adopting a Ragdoll or any pet 

Remember that it was you who decided to introduce this beautiful but undoubtedly expensive cat to your family. You must make sure that you can keep him in optimal conditions since it isn’t fair to anyone who has to live halfway or who might suffer because you cannot provide him with what he needs to have a full and simple life. The same applies to the investment of time that you can give to a Ragdoll, it is a very demanding breed and you must be able to give a considerable amount of time. If your work does not allow you to be at home most of the time you have two options, get a second cat to accompany one another, but you must ensure that you can invest all the time you can with them, this is not that you get away completely from this requirement, besides this implies that your expenses are doubled by having two beautiful Ragdolls, the second option is to find a breed that goes more with your lifestyle. As I mentioned at the beginning, it all depends on what you can offer her and your lifestyle, as well as many other things, you must find out if it’s worth it for your cat to share with you, don’t force it or be selfish with any breed just to fulfill a whim looking to go against animal nature.

As for exercise, this is vital for this breed since Ragdolls need their owner’s attention. As much as I can talk in this article about this beautiful and unique breed of cat that the Ragdolls are, as in other places and any breed you may be looking for, it does not mean nor for any reason does it ensure that your new pet or kitten will become as described here. They are like children, almost a lottery with what you can get, not only in terms of behavior or personality, but possible congenital diseases or are predisposed to be a relative of a cat that has suffered any disease. Here lies the importance of always acquiring your pet from a reputable breeder who has his papers up to date with all his pets. For example, they can get a disease called hypertrophic cardiomyopathy if been diagnosed on his parents, there’s also a dental disease that if overlooked it can bring something much problematic and life-threatening as a systemic disease such as kidney disease or bladder stones with a bad diet and for being genetical predispose. 

It’s also important to keep proper control with your vet and by grooming your cat, spending time with him it would allow you to know every aspect of his life as for when anything gets to change suddenly you’ll be prepared and act early before it gets more complicated. This not only would make you a good Ragdoll owner, but it will also ensure you a purebred Ragdoll since they might be easily confused with other similar breeds such as a Siamese cat, Persian cat, Siberian cat. It must not be a nice experience getting home with a beautiful kitty with a silky coat after such a long search and work so it turns out in the end to be another breed of cat, talk about CAT-astrophe.

Ragdolls docile temperament makes them a very outside cat. Not only they are an easy target for thieves, as they would just be a gentle cat and loving with anyone that shows any sign of interest on them, but they also can become prey to any wild animal. As this wasn’t enough, they don’t tolerate being alone so leaving this cat breed outside while you are inside its not an option you can nor should take them outside, Ragdolls are 100% an indoor cat. 

So there you have it. Before becoming a cat owner for the first time, you should consider and research as deep as you can for your breed of choice to ensure you can cover every single need it may have, same goes to experienced owners, this doesn’t mean that by owning other cats you’ll become the best for any other cat. Ragdolls are a large cat, whose fur can’t be overlooked to avoid getting some overweight pets as for the male Ragdoll gets bigger than the female and this might make you think it’s normal. Remember that a Ragdoll’s coat must be taken care of or he will lose his beautiful looking fluffy fur. Keep close contact with your Ragdoll breeder and veterinarian in case you need some advice or tips at any stage of your life as a cat owner. A Ragdoll cat can be the perfect cat for you, but you must be sure to be the best owner for him.

If you think I’ve missed something please let me know on the comment section down below and best of luck with this awesome cat breed.

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