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The Japanese Bobtail cat is the ideal pet for those owners and families, who can really dedicate themselves to keeping this magnificent cat that remained for so many years under the care of Japanese Emperors. This ancient breed of cat brings almost everything you can ask from a furry companion, it is very intelligent and very good domestic cat, so it will learn quickly certain tricks that you can teach it as well as learn to recognize its name and respond when called. Something that usually melts the fans is his sweet voice, although he uses it to his advantage is an aspect that is very difficult to overlook and you will undoubtedly notice over time by having a beautiful Japanese Bobtail. They get along well with children, pets, and strangers. They are very playful and active so it makes them perfect for those families who can play with their pet. The Japanese Bobtail is usually compared to several breeds of cats thanks to its peculiar anatomical structure, but as for its personality, you will find it very similar to the Abyssinian cat, since both breeds of cats tend to behave like their furry rivals, the dogs. So the best thing is that you get used to having a loyal and furry friend, that will follow you wherever you go around the house looking for the perfect place to rest near you, unlike other breeds that are considered lap cats.

If you are interested in learning about this amazing cat breed I invite you to read this article, where I hope you get everything you are looking for about the Japanese Bobtail cat.


Like many other things in the world, this cat comes from China, although they are reconized by japanese cats, and there are rumors that may also have their origin in Korea. As it happens with other ancient breeds, this kind of information is somewhat ambiguous due to its very uncertain antiquity, but it is believed that it was part of a gift for the emperor of Japan at that time. What is believed is that they have been with people for over 1,000 years, where thanks to Elizabeth Freret the Japanese Bobtail arrived in the United States by 1968 after a trip she made to Japan. By the year 1976 and 1993, they received a championship status from the Cat Fanciers Association (CFA) in the presentation of short hair and long hair respectively.

Going back to the past, this breed was not allowed to be a household pet in Japan, where it was only part of the emperors and people with similar rank or power. They became a really precious cat in that country not only because of their attractive appearance but also because of their personality and their meowing so sweet that they make anyone fall in love. It is not surprising that it is seen in paintings or reflected in objects such as the famous symbol of Japanese good luck which is the Maneki-Neko (Beckoning Cat), the sitting cat with one paw raised that is usually found in most establishments in this country. The Japanese Bobtail went from living with the emperors to also being a street cat thanks to its great ability to hunt rodents, which presented a great threat to the general silk industry they had in the country. Even though the most outstanding characteristic of this breed is its tail due to genetic alteration, it is not something that is considered harmful or bad for the animal as it is in the case of the Manx cat or the Scottish Fold cat. This is because it is an alteration that appeared naturally and it was not an alteration that humans sought to take advantage of or for their own benefit, besides being a characteristic of the Japanese Bobtail from the beginning, so if it had been considered as something harmful for the animal, there would be records of it. Besides, this cat breed is considered one of the healthiest so its alteration does not affect its health unlike other cats breeds.


The Japanese Bobtail has an average life span of 9 to 15 years so you can enjoy your feline companion for a long time, which can be extended if you can ensure a good quality of life. Something that is very common among animals in general, is that the male tends to be larger than the female, with an approximate weight of 8 to 12 pounds for the male and a maximum of 8 pounds for the female. Having said this, you should be well aware of the limits of your Japanese Bobtail’s body condition and prevent it from gaining weight. Even though his active and playful personality will help him to stay in an excellent condition, you should not rely on it and ensure his health above all because he is agile and a very intelligent hunter, he has an athletic body that gives him a sleek and muscular appearance. In addition, to having a strong and reliable bone structure, if you look carefully you will notice that its front legs are a little shorter than the hind legs, but thanks to its size the Japanese Bobtail can hide this small difference. Its head has a triangular shape and has erect ears that are slightly tilted forward. It is a medium sized cat that also comes in the presentation that best suits your tastes between the length of the hair you have a short and a long version, as well as the different tonalities in their eyes and their hair.

Their eyes have an oval shape and among the different colors you can find are orange, yellow, gold, copper, amber, hazel, aqua, blue, and green. His hair also has a variety in both color and pattern, having as an option the white, silver, tortoiseshell, blue, cream, red, brown, black, and “mi-ke”. Their patterns can be of a solid color, shaded, tabby, smoke, and ticking. As far as the length is concerned, as I mentioned before you can choose between short, medium or long hair, which while it doesn’t have a very allergenic quality. It is still considered a low maintenance and easy care coat because it has a silky and soft single layer of hair. Now, back to the topic that most people talk about the Japanese Bobtail, it’s its short tail. It is said to consist of all the vertebrae just like any other long tail cat, except that it is much shorter or curled due to its genetic mutation. Having the tail arranged in this way tends to look like a rabbit’s tail especially in those with medium and long hair as there is usually a cluster of hair in that area. Also, the shape of the tail varies equally as the rest of the body.


The Japanese Bobtail cat is ideal for those who tend to stay in groups and share among the whole family since it is an environment where this cat breed excels. Of course, like all good cats, he loves and will always look for the opportunity to sleep for certain moments during the day, but you must still ensure and provide a time that is consistent with their need to play and keep it in optimal conditions, because it will help him be happy with you. Being in an active environment and where there are other pets is where you will see that the Japanese Bobtail cat thrives. This does not mean that leaving him alone at home will make this feline companion a sad pet, it all depends on the dedication and how willing you are to care for your new pet. They do not get along well with loneliness but one can understand that you will not remain all the time in the house, so you can always count on a toy or as I said, having other pets can be very helpful for those moments where you need to go out and can not take your bobtailed cat with you or your family. It is usually better to keep pets that get along well with each other and so that they can understand each other, one of the best options is that you get pets of the same breed. Perhaps it is because they spent a lot of time being the pets of emperors, who also spoiled them, that they took on a personality and/or mentality that they are the ones who rule the home, over any other pet and there have been cases that also of some people.

A smart pet, while it is a great benefit for many things, especially when it comes to training, can also be a big problem if it becomes boring and unhappy. There will be cases where they will be the ones who look for you to start some playtime, by carrying a toy in their mouth as if it were a dog to where you are in order to play fetch. You can take it with you if you are a person who usually goes for a walk or a jog from time to time, so that you can help your cat to cover some of his daily needs, especially when he wants to be as close as possible to you without necessarily being on top of you. In these cases, you should make sure that the route or time you decide to go out is convenient for your pet, and do it little by little so that your Bobtail cat can get used to this new experience and not end up being a traumatic one. They like the proximity but will not always be comfortable with such direct contact. However, they will not always seek to be on top of you but by your side, but equally, they will accept any show of affection you may give them as any other pet.


The Bobtail cat is a breed that maintains good health so it will rarely present a problem. Of course, this does not guarantee that they will not suffer from any disease, since simply due to the fact that they are living beings, they are equally exposed to any condition. The sole reason that it is not a breed that is prone or predisposed to suffering from some disease does not mean that it is out of danger. There is still the possibility of some of the inherited diseases but everything will depend on the history of the litter and the parents of your Bobtail cat. For this reason, it is very important that you always go to a reputable breeder, since they are the ones who usually have this type of information which is vital to be able to make a health plan according to what they may or may not present. These people have their credentials and pet papers up to date, so they care about their litters and keep everything up to date in their Cattery. This is an issue that some people tend to overlook or decide to avoid in order to save a little money, but what they don’t know is that later on, it can turn out to be just as expensive or even larger amounts in vet bills over the life of your Bobtail cat as a pet. What should matter to you as an owner is not how much you can save by avoiding certain expenses at different stages of your cat’s life, but how you can provide the healthiest and most complete life for your cat. That’s why it is important that you learn everything you can about the breed you are interested in, so that you can prepare everything at home and keep on training yourself even if you are an experienced owner. There will always be something new to learn since not all pets are the same or comply with everything described about their breed.

This is something that you will be able to accomplish together with the veterinarian as long as you are able to attend the appointments as many times as the veterinarian suggests. In this way, you will be able to keep under control the health status of your pets and you will be able to clarify any doubts that may arise at a certain time. You should not be ashamed or embarrassed to tell the doctor about any event, since it may be inappropriate for you, but it could mean something important for your pet’s medical history. Communication is everything, so by getting to know and interact with your pet sufficiently, you will be able to detect any change in its behavior that may well be indicative of some discomfort or the onset of some pathology. There will be some that you can avoid by keeping the proper handling, but as I already mentioned there will be others that you simply can’t avoid no matter how hard you try.

Among some of the diseases related to management there is obesity and periodontal disease ( dental disease ). These two go hand in hand since if you carelessly feed your pet it can end up being a huge problem, both because of the size your Bobtail cat will have as well as the seriousness of the matter. An obese cat is prone to liver-related diseases that can be devastating, even if your cat is perfect in everything else. This is not to mention the hormonal and metabolic imbalances that can be triggered. The same goes for her oral hygiene, you should establish a weekly routine to clean your pet’s teeth like you should do several times throughout the day. People often overlook this thinking that it is only dirt on their teeth, but what they do not imagine is that the mouth is the dirtiest area of the body as it happens with us, and that dirt on their teeth are colonies of bacteria that are adding over time. The gums, because they have so much irrigation, are the entrance to the paradise of all those microorganisms that are harmful to your pet. Being in the bloodstream can go wherever they want and usually is reflected in the kidneys or heart, where cats already have to suffer from kidney or heart disease. In addition to this, they can also suffer from Feline lower urinary tract disease (FLUTD), a disease that could also be related to the feeding of your cat.

This is only in terms of feeding, there are other possible complications that you can avoid by keeping everything up to date and always following your vet’s instructions. As charming and tender as he may seem, you cannot let yourself be dominated by his meows or expressions when he begs for food.

When it comes to caring for your Bobtail cat’s hair, this is something that will depend on the length of your pet’s hair but is not likely to give you much trouble as with other breeds. Just combing it every few days is enough to remove all the dead hairs in its silky coat.


The Japanese Bobtail cat is a wonderful cat breed that has a great repertoire to offer you as long as you can meet their needs to ensure them a full and happy life. Don’t try to force a cat breed just because you like it, always look for one that is more adapted to the family routine you have at home and with pets that get along well with cats specifically. Company and time to play are part of the formula to keep your Bobtail cat more than happy. Always remember to maintain hygiene and general care of your pet and be sure that you will have it for a good time in your home, showing why this breed is so loved and recognized in their country of origin.

I hope you liked this article about the Japanese Bobtail cat and that it helps you make such an important decision when adopting it as a pet. If you think I forgot to put something in or if you have any questions please let me know in the comment section down below.

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