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Recognized by many, loved by some and even adored by others, the Siamese breed is more than a legend is one of the most ancient breeds, dating back as far as the 14th century to the reign of Siam, what is currently known as Thailand. Although it is a very well-known and appreciated breed, it is a cat that demands much attention that when not given from its human companions this one can adopt destructive habits or attitudes as much for the home as for itself getting to affect its health. Remember that always before adopting any pet, you should educate yourself about their requirements and needs to ensure that everyone gets along as well as possible and can provide a quality of life that any living being deserves.

The lore of Meows

Although it is an ancient breed, it was considered for a long time as a rare cat, arriving “late” to the United States, after passing through the rest of the world. In Europe, the first Siamese cat was a gift from the King of Siam to an Englishman in the 1800s. Passing through France, Great Britain, Japan, and Siam, it was that it arrived in America maintaining its image or figure of Siamese Royalty next to recognized figures and power, being its owner none other than the wife of President Rutherford B., the first lady Lady Lucy Hayes, whose cat was also part of a gift of a diplomat who worked in Thailand. 

As with any other type of pet, by providing a good quality of life, handling the needs of each species, and breed the best way, you’re likely to keep your beautiful Siamese kittens longer than the average according to the literature. Of course, there may be some qualities that your pet may be predisposed to, but this is not just for diseases, but also for certain aspects of each animal. For example, the Siamese cat has an outgoing personality, previous owners talk about how they will want to speak with you for so long, how they plan to dominate the world after every nap they take, it is not something you can avoid and most likely is an aspect that you will despise or will bother you so much that you will want to change your pet, just like the kinked tail and crossed eyes, are certain aspects that a Siamese can have but does not ensure that each one will be like that and not all are like that. 

Thanks to the crossbreeding, that has been done, the chances of a modern Siamese cat having any of these traits (kinked tail and crossed eyes) have decreased over the years, that certainly is not detrimental as such but they can come to displease certain people, I hope you understand that it is not the fault of the Siamese but it is something that happens even to humans. In addition to this, it should be noted that the cats belonging to this breed, are considered as a “natural” cat because it is not a breed that is acquired by crossing others but rather that there are other breeds that have been obtained by crossing these cats such as the Himalayan cat and the Burmese. There is a cat breed that shares many qualities as the Siamese that’s called Thai cat but this breed resembles more their ancestors with an applehead shape, unlike the modern Siamese. Another breed that shares a quality with this cat is the Colorpoint Shorthair that without being a Siamese it has the same color pattern, so its best you make sure about the breeding of your new kitten. 

Some cat breeds are independent and can be without their owner or without sharing with another member of the family easily, even more, if the cat has access to a yard or a similar big space, cats that don’t care if you exist or not because for them you will only be there to feed and “serve” them, but a Siamese cat needs its owner’s time as much as possible so if you are a person that can’t spend much time with your pet the best thing to do is to look for another cat breed, like for example the American Shorthair. Even if this breed gets along with other cat breeds, they will stay with the family member they feel is their favorite in the house. Another option is to find a second or third Siamese cat to keep them company in your absence, but bear in mind that this will increase your expenses but is a price you will have to pay to cover the space you will leave at home for work or whatever you need to occupy. As I mentioned before it doesn’t mean that your Siamese can’t adapt to a certain lifestyle or that he won’t have something that should be normal in this breed, but the best thing is not to play with these possibilities and always look for the pet that best suits you instead of forcing one just on a whim.


A traditional Siamese cat, no matter how old it is, from being just a kitten until it becomes a huge and beautiful ball of fur, will make anyone fall in love. Practically all their anatomy is what makes this breed so attractive and eye-catching, not to mention how intelligent they are. An adult Siamese cat can reach 8.0″-10.0″ tall and 11.5″-14.0″ long, the male can weigh 10-12 lbs and the female can reach 8 lbs with an average life span of 8-12 years. Certainly, what is most striking about this breed is its coat, besides being short and silky, it does not require so much care or grooming but it is something you should do often as this is a show of affection for your Siamese that will thank you every time you do. In itself it is the color of its coat, of how the contrast or change of coat in its body is distributed, being the body of a lighter shade than its extremities, but these when going little by little approaching the body are degraded causing that the change of shade looks attractive.

In the face, it is made a kind of mask taking the dark color that it can get to have, although being a Siamese kitten is not appreciated as is something that over time will develop that color, as well as the coat in general, will become darker as they are aging and do not tend to shed as much hair like other breeds. As for the colors they usually have in their coat there are several but the four main colors are seal point Siamese, chocolate point, blue point, and lilac point. In addition to these, you can also get them in tones of Red, Cream, Fawn, and Cinnamon. In addition to this, being a medium to large breed of cat, they have a slim but muscular and strong body, the Siamese will require space and equipment to keep them entertained, as they are not only very playful but love to climb wherever they can, so it would not be uncommon for you to find your furry companion on a shelf or in the fridge taking a nap.

To look after the furniture in the house, make sure you provide your cat with the necessary toys so that she can entertain herself in your absence as well as when you share with her you can entertain her for a while longer. Having a garden is something that will help this breed drain some of her energy, especially if you have trees that she can climb. They are very intelligent cats, so you can teach them to walk on a leash but don’t abuse this quality either, it doesn’t mean that it will be just like having a dog, as they have a certain intellectual capacity they will have their desires so it is better to limit yourself to certain things. 


Your vet is and will be your best and the most important source of information regarding the health of your pet. Depending on the breed, pets may be more susceptible than others to certain diseases, so it’s best to ask your vet to tell you how much and how often to feed your pet and what type of cat food to use. Not only that, but he will also recommend or give you the best options to help your pet prevent certain diseases such as periodontal diseases, which are mostly caused by mishandling or neglect on the part of the owner or which present a skin problem by not combing your cat frequently. This will not only allow you to share with your furry friend but will also allow you to examine his body thoroughly in search of any abnormalities. Also, you must maintain a good relationship with your pet because, at the time of any visit to the vet, you will be the only source of information on which your pet’s doctor will depend, so the more you know about your pet’s habits, the easier it will be to identify where the problems or changes are, which will help the professional who is treating your pet to make a diagnosis more quickly and efficiently.

Feeding is something that is usually emphasized because it must cover a crucial stage of their growth the same as a human being because their requirements are very different when they are young to when they are an adult cat, even more, if they get to exceed the average age as they can reach up to 20 years.

Besides, in conjunction with their weekly or daily grooming, you’ll ensure that your Siamese will maintain a beautiful, shiny coat, making you the envy of the block. As cats require little help with bathing, although some tend to have a longer coat than others or than the traditional Siamese cat, it wouldn’t hurt to help them in this regard as long as you use a pet shampoo, as human products are often harmful to their skin. By getting them used to it at a young age you can do yourself a favor in case something comes up in the future like their groomer, even the vet himself by letting them be handled in a certain way and they can feel more confident. They are not a breed that usually is aggressive but not living with other people or pets, as well as not giving the necessary time and attention can occur this type of change in their personality.

Having a cattery may make it difficult for you to see the behavior of each of your pets of the litter, the same applies if you are looking to become a cat breeder or with other pets. Remember that this is a responsibility and to avoid problems it is best to stick to the guidelines of certain associations such as CFA (Cat Fanciers Association)to help you register your pet and ensure you have a purebred Siamese. A reputable breeder will help prevent certain diseases and also help you get the traditional Siamese kitten of the color you are looking for, who has his credentials, and registration as a purebred cat will help ensure you are buying a classic Siamese. Of course, this kind of information matters more if you’re looking to take your cat to a type of show or want pedigreed cats, unlike shelters.

Among the diseases that Siamese may suffer from I have already mentioned some like a periodontal disease that you should have regular check-ups and inform yourself with your trusted veterinarian about the ways you can prevent it as well as Feline leukemia, and hepatic lipidosis. If they become extremely anxious or feel unhappy they can develop psychogenic alopecia due to over-grooming, as it is a way of reflecting this concern so by knowing their “habits” you will be able to detect this type of change in their behavior early on. You should also watch his weight and not let his coat confuse you. Being such an active cat the Siamese should not be so much of a problem as it can stay active on its own but it is better not to neglect this aspect.

So there you have it, I hope you’ll found this article useful and if you think I’ve missed something please let me know in the comment section down below.

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