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The Munchkin kitten will catch the attention of everyone since not every day you see a cat with short legs that also happens to be so active and fast catching some owners off guard as they think that they might be limited by this genetic alteration. They are a living proof that you can’t judge a book for its cover, yes they might be limited with some agility limitations but regardless of this, you need to keep an eye on them since they are very smart and curious meaning that if they see something that gets their attention not only will they assume a position similar to that of a rabbit sitting on their hinds but they’ll find a way to get where they want. Keep windows and doors locked for precaution as this way you’ll avoid some health concerns or even kidnaps from happening to your new Munchkin kitten as street cats can transmit several diseases when this cat breed is considered as one of the healthiest.

Will you join the controversy regarding this cat’s genetic mutation whether supporting those that are against it or those who support the Munchkin cat breed. I’ll try to explain to you the best as I can what you must know about them for you to make your decision that I will be expecting in the comment section down below. So without any further ado, let’s get started.


This type of cats has this physical or anatomic difference due to genetic alteration, one that presumptively is related to the genes of the Welsh Corgi or the Dachshund breed since they have similar if not the same body structure. The gene responsible for this alteration is not sex-linked, meaning that it’s autosomal dominant and it will express from either one or both parents. Another cat breed that’s related to a genetic alteration is the Scottish Fold cat with their folded ears, that in addition to the fact that Munchkin shares a similar gene of this type, it is highly recommended not to cross cats of the same breed, ie Scottish Fold with another Scottish Fold and the same applies to Munchkin, as it is lethal to Munchkin kittens as it often causes the death of the fetus when they get copies of the gene from both of their parents. For this reason, not everyone should be allowed to own a Munchkin kennel, and if you do adopt a Munchkin kitten make sure that it has all its papers up to date and that they are legal to avoid any future problems in case you want to use your cat to breed and help maintain the species that are growing in popularity every day. This leaves every Munchkin breeder with a coin toss situation as they have to cross a Munchkin with a regular domestic cat, meaning that there’s a probability that some are born carrying the gene and those who don’t.

Luckily for the Munchkin, their bone structure is different from dogs as they tend to be more elastic or acrobatic which helps them with some of the orthopedic health predispositions of these types of dog breeds since they are prone to suffer spinal complications. Just as with other cat breeds that had been known before the Second World War, according to the data, there were reports about a cat breed with short legs that presumably disappeared after the war but a few years later appeared another report of short-legged cats. Munchkin kittens had gained popularity probably for their appearance since there’s hardly something that most cat lovers dislike about them when they look so adorable at any stage of their lives, but there have been debates about whether or not to recognize the Munchkin cat due to some ethical concerns As it is a genetic mutation that does not cause any apparent damage to the Munchkin kittens as they grow up, given that there are no reports that indicate that as a consequence of this change in their genetics, they are harmed in any way, unlike other cats that share a genetic alteration. However, when a Munchkin cat is crossed with certain breeds, there is the possibility that a new mutation will be produced that will harm the kittens throughout their lives. The idea behind breeding a pet should be based only and exclusively on the human, owner or guardian is responsible and capable of providing a quality of life that is the best and healthiest possible Instead of it being a simple whim or wanting to be part of the most popular thing at the moment you adopt it. The life of your pets also matters so if there is something that is going to harm them it is best not to support that type of ideas as it is the case of the Scottish Fold where there are several doctors that are against maintaining this breed of cats due to certain diseases that they can suffer. Even though this is not the case of the Munchkin kitten, the Cat Fanciers Association (CFA) refuses to recognize this cat breed, being recognized only by the International Cat Association in 2003.


Despite being a short-legged cat, they are friendly, social, loving, very active, and playful, they’ll run around the house chasing his toys that will enjoy the company of their families. Some people say that they look like a ferret or a squirrel because of their body, long puffy hair, and for being so active, also, they can sit on their hind legs and lift the rest of their body, keeping their spine straight or upright like a meerkat. Nevertheless, they are not as agile as a normal cat since they do not have the same reach or dexterity meaning they won’t be able to cover much distance when they jump but their short legs still allow them to run as any other cat breed, just keep in mind that they might need some help to reach high places and if you are ok with this you should get something to help your Munchkin cat to reach that certain point with some cat accessories like a cat tree. 

Unfortunately, since the Munchkin cat breed is made out of mixes with other cats there’s not a certain or expected personality that defines them, this will depend on the breed and the inheritance from their parents. This being said, it would depend on you which Munchkin cat to look for, always getting the one that’s suited for you and your lifestyle to avoid having any problem. For example, choosing one with short or long hair will determine how often you’ll need to give your cat a hand with his grooming as well as how often it will shed its hair, the longer the hair the more you’ll need to brush it, even more, when these cats can’t reach every part of their body because of their short legs so they will need help from their owners to keep his hair smooth and by doing this you’ll prevent the hairballs and matting but some may suggest daily grooming because of the help they need, in addition to his nails that you’ll need to trim them quite often as well so be prepared and to cover as best as you can all of these details regarding your new cat from the start. Just as with the personality of your Munchkin kitten, the color of his coat and eyes will depend again on their parents so they can come in every color and pattern, in other words, you can practically look for the breed that you like the most and have a mix of them in a cuter and smaller fashion.

They can weigh around 6 to 9 pounds and the length of the body on average gets to about 18 inches long as a medium-sized cat, with an estimated lifespan of about 12 to 15 years. As for how they might get along with the rest of the family it’s something that you’ll have to see by yourself due to all of the mixed possibilities there might exist. Although they are seen as a friendly pet, a Munchkin cat tends to be independent and there’s the chance that they’ll need to familiarize with small kids to get along with them, but they are still seen and categorized as a sweet cat that gets along with kids, other pets, and even strangers just to play around. When I say that you’re gonna have to see by yourself it’s because there’s a chance they won’t end up being the type of cat you expect, some say they are quiet but some aren’t, and the same goes with the independent personality as they can get to be a needy kitten. Regardless of this, they make such a great addition to the family despite the dispute going on about their genetic mutation, you’ll love them or hate them.

It may seem contradictory and confusing, but in the end, you can rest sure that your Munchkin kitten will be an active, sweet, kind of needy, smart, curious, and extremely active. You could even teach them some tricks or games so you can both entertain each other. 


 Some health complications regarding this cat breed are the same as any other being hyperthyroidism, pancreatitis, feline lower urinary tract disease (FLUTD), but in bottom line, they are seen as a very healthy breed but always make sure to get all of the documentation needed when you adopt a Munchkin kitten to discard any disease they might inherit and contacting your veterinarian of trust to start and plan a health program to cover all the vaccines and deworming it needs at a young age ensuring a happy and healthy lifestyle. Another thing that they’ll need help but this goes for any cat, is the oral hygiene that you’ll need to brush their teeth about two times per week to prevent any periodontal disease.

Since they are better kept indoors you are gonna have to get a litter box as it would be the best way to maintain the house free from the odor and any contamination that can end up affecting the whole family, so it is always better to keep the litter box for your cat to ensure the hygiene and sanitation of the home. Another option is if you can get to provide access to a backyard where your cat can do their needs with greater freedom but equally, both with a litter box as in the yard or terrain that you can provide you should clean what you do daily. If you maintain a good health plan with the vet in compliance with regular checks there will be less risk since there are certain diseases that are zoonotic but it would be the fault of their owner or guardian by not protecting them from these or meeting such basic standards but that remains as an essential health concern.


 Just as I said about their health, the nutritional part is the same as with any other cat. Starting at a young age, the Munchkin kitten will need an ideal amount and quality food that covers his active personality to aid it as best as possible throughout his growth. The veterinarian will let you know when to change his diet, the amount you must feed him, and indicate if there is anything special that you’ll need to add in case there’s a need for it but this is something you have to discover along the way because this is as unpredictable as with humans. Remember to always keep an eye on the weight as some diseases can develop from this that are lethal in just 2 or 3 days without you noticing it until it is too late. 

Cats can be stubborn when it comes to their diet requirements and needs, but luckily for you, there are plenty of presentations as well as types of cat food out there on the market. Before adding anything to its diet, check or speak with the veterinarian to prevent any issue, just because it tastes so good to you doesn’t mean that you can give it to your Munchkin. They are delicate pets and you need to be careful with what you feed them, unlike dogs, but they share some foods that are harmful to them. Despite this, some people still add up some on the diet of the cat without any problems whatsoever and there are some that all it takes is one bite to end up in the emergency room. 

With so many possibilities, it’s for the best that you contact a reputable breeder not only to get a healthy cat but also to ensure you’ll get to known the parents of your new kitten and if you have the time for it, you can ask for some breed crossing in case you already love certain cat breeds such as the Persian, Siamese, or the Ragdoll cat perhaps, it’s up to you but like in any other article, just search for those that are known and keep their papers up to date. 

I hope I’ve helped you in your search for your new “sausage cat” companion and that you’ll understand everything that comes along this peculiar feline breed. If there is anything you think I’ve missed in this article please let me know in the comment section down below. 

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