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Another excellent breed from Germany, the Weimaraner dog may be big in size but maintains a child’s mentality by being a canine companion that likes to play, and requires great attention or socialization level. The Weimaraner puppies stand out in those homes where they can be given a vast area to play and where they can train since they excel in hunting activities or obedience competitions, thanks to their ancestors and the intervention of man to create such perfection in the form of a small great canine. Even from an early age, a Weimaraner puppy is very intelligent, loving, loyal, and requires an owner who can correctly handle a dog of this breed. They become very tall when they reach physical maturity, it could be uncontrollable and problematic if not raised correctly. Do you think you are up to the task of taming him? It could well be a horse for the little ones in the house, but you can rest assured that it will take care of your home and the rest of the family by giving it what every pet deserves, love and LOTS of food!


Born and raised by humans to one end a long time ago, to excel at hunting and companionship. Being a breed that has time at the side of humans, little is known about their origin, especially where the grayish coloring of their hair comes from, which is one of the many distinctive things about the breed. They are known to come from several crosses between breeds such as Bloodhounds, Pointer and Schweisshund dogs that gave them their hunting qualities, which together with their size was used for big game hunting until the 1800’s when this activity ceased. They came to hunt animals such as bears, deer, wolf, wildcats, mountain lions, among others, but their great popularity was momentarily lost when they lacked the activity for which some people could say they were made. The name of this dog breed comes from a group or club of nobles in Germany called the court of Weimar, where this breed was primarily known as the Weimar Pointer. These people belonging to this club were very jealous of its “creation” since they were the ones who set out to obtain this breed, so only those who belonged to the club were allowed to acquire a Weimaraner puppy. The first Weimaraners that arrived in America, was thanks to an American that became part of the German Weimaraner Club that by the year 1929 could take two of these magnificent dogs, where they called more attention not only for their great physique but for their dexterity, excellent performance in competitions and their new quality as a hunter for small games and bird dogs. By the year 1943, the Weimaraner became a breed recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC).


The Weimaraner dog is a big fellow that is easily recognizable, not only by its size but by the color of its coat and its long, droopy ears. Among the names, they have had throughout history is “Grey Ghost” thanks to their personality and need to always be with their owner, as they will follow you everywhere you may go. Another way of referring to this breed is by the nickname they got in Germany, Weis. This beautiful dog breed can last from 10 to 15 years old, but this can vary depending on the care and breeding you give it. The Weimaraner being a dog categorized as a sport and work dog will have few problems regarding its weight since you will rarely see an obese one due to its great level of activity, but the average weight at an adult age goes between 55 and 90 pounds. As for their size, you can expect them to reach between 23 to 27 inches at shoulder height. They can be very cute as puppies being a beautiful and furry four-legged friend with blue eyes that will later become the horse of the little ones in the house. Their eyes do not vary much in color, as I have already mentioned they can have a blue or amber color. Their coat is short and easy to care for, although they may shed a certain amount of hair, which will be in small quantities as long as you comb it frequently. Their coat is usually silver-gray or mouse-gray where some have a darker line all over the back.

A big curious fact that you probably didn’t expect is that there is a version of the Weimaraner that has long hair but is not very common, besides that it is not accepted in the United States so you can’t get one if you are interested. Being a long-haired dog will require more care and attention to keep it in good condition.


Although it can be fun for other pets to see how the Weimaraner’s energy level seems to have no end in driving any unprepared owner crazy, it is important that you can meet their social needs and raise them from a puppy to prevent any furniture in the house from “spontaneously combusting” while you are away. If you are considering adopting a Weimaraner puppy you should take certain things into consideration. As I always say, you should look for the breed that best fits the routine of your home. In the case of a Weis, if you live in an apartment and do not usually go out to do some activity, it is best to first look for a breed that is not so active and that can live happily and peacefully in a small space. You could well offer long walks every day or certain hours of playtime but still, they are a dog that are happy having their own space and land to avoid any problem regarding their temperament. I am not saying this to scare you into not adopting a Weis, but the process of adopting a new pet takes time and dedication that many people do not take into account, and because they want to save themselves some time or skip these steps, they end up spending money on a pet that does not turn out to be what they expected or wanted, and can even cause a trauma that could well bring problems to their future owners.

Luckily for you, not all Weimaraner puppies are this energetic, there are some that are more relaxed and easygoing, but this is something you should be aware of when choosing your puppy. It is very different a calm puppy and does not get so easily excited to one that is away from the pack as it may indicate that he is sick. It could well be the opposite, that the puppy you choose is so restless that despite having him in your arms there is not a moment when he is really calm. These types of puppies are either the most active of the pack or are the leaders of the pack who are usually so energetic. It’s best to choose the one in the middle, one that isn’t so dull that it looks like a cuddly bear or one that isn’t as active as the Battery Bunny. All pets would like to be taken together, as siblings usually get along better, but if you adopt at an early age, you can get your Weis puppy used to live with other animals and species to avoid problems in the future, especially with small pets such as cats and birds. This I say because of the nature of the Weimaraner as a hunter thanks to his ancestors, but as long as you keep him as an educated and well-trained pet you should not have problems when it is time to share tea with the other pets in the family.

Although, their social need or level of hyperactivity may discourage many people from adopting a Weimaraner, it’s really not something that’s so bad or that should be so decisive for this breed. It will all depend on how you handle it and how it is raised. For example, they are dogs that are extremely intelligent and having an athletic body they are quite agile, so doing any sport or training will be something you can achieve with some ease, but you must have in mind the other side of the coin. Being a dog with intellect can well bypass the vast majority of security systems in the home, I mean they can open doors or remove some locks, even jump fences or whatever you put to keep it in one place. They usually do this when they get bored when they get to suffer from separation anxiety and look for a place to be with their owner or some other family member with whom they can share a little. They may be very loyal but a pet is a big enough commitment to be taken lightly, and I don’t think you humans are happy or content to come home to a disaster that may well have been caused by your Weis but it can be a reflection of discontent, sadness and you must understand that it is their way of fixing that problem that you are not solving. They can be reliable, loving, guardian pets and are excellent with the little ones in the house, the problem is that because of their size they can be a little abrupt with the babies since they do not usually measure their actions as such, and can hurt them at some point. Not that they do it intentionally but it is a reality that you must face, so it is best not to leave your Weimaraner unsupervised with the little ones of the house.

Dogs that have a guardian personality will be as aggressive as you allow them to be. The more they socialize the better and if they are trained it will be much more beneficial. I emphasize and repeat the theme of training because it is more than crucial, and it is what makes the difference between all pets and owners. If you want to be the best owner of a Weimaraner it’s not simply to be able to pay all of his vet bills, buy him all of the toys and utensils he needs, take him to a place where he can play, and drain some of his energy, what really matters is what you get to do with him, along with him. Remember his nickname for being a shadow of his owner, he may love to do outdoor activities but none of that will matter if he is not with his favorite person. You have to give him the time and attention he and many other pets need, and believe me, he and I will thank you for it. Earning your pet’s trust and affection is not something that is usually that difficult, but respect is something that is earned. You must train him with a firm hand but without hurting him in any way. There is no need to resort to force or reprimands, if you teach your pet this kind of thing from a young age, when he reaches adulthood other people will have reason to fear your pet. Sadly, most people get carried away by the size of large breed dogs, such as a Rottweiler will be aggressive if you breed him this way. It can be a little fun to watch people run away from a Weimaraner who just wants to play, but other people who don’t know your dog or the breed itself won’t know the difference between a playful big dog and an aggressive one.

Always take your Weimaraner on family trips, take it home if you can really give it the level of activity it requires and so much it needs, and be sure that you will get the quality of pet that the German nobles cared for so much. Besides preparing you mentally for what could be a hard task to raise him as some breeds with intellect tend to become stubborn from time to time, so you should do the training only if you are a person with enough experience. If you are a first time owner it is best to look for another breed to avoid problems, one that may be easier to take before adopting a Weimaraner puppy. It is always good to ask for help and remember that you can always count on your vet and breeder as long as they are trustworthy.


To begin a good program to take care of your Weimaraner since he is a puppy the most recommendable thing is that you acquire your puppy from a reputable breeder, because they will offer you information that will be fundamental and determining in the life of your new pet. This is due to the fact that all pets, just like humans, are prone to suffer from a series of hereditary diseases, each one of which will depend on the species and breed of the animal. A good breeder will keep his pets registered and up to date with everything that certain organizations have stipulated, and this is usually of great importance for those who want to take their pets to competitions, where they may be rejected for not having a pedigree. There will be people who will tell you that taking the trouble to look for a good breeder only matters for their papers and if you are really interested that it is a purebred dog, but what they do not see is that they can still end up suffering from diseases that are among the rest of the pack, and the person who breeds them for fear that nobody will adopt them can end up lying. That’s why it’s better to look for one that is recognized and that in spite of having some that come with certain complications they must be registered and always remain honest. This information will be fundamental for your veterinarian as well, since he or she will know the possible risks your pet will be exposed to throughout his or her life and will be able to work together to avoid them.

Among those diseases you should be aware of when adopting a Weimaraner puppy are hip dysplasia, hypothyroidism, tricuspid dysplasia (hearth disease), entropion, etc. One thing that some may find counterproductive, is that there are vaccines that can cause problems in your Weis puppy due to an autoimmune reaction, this problem is called hypertrophic osteodystrophy that affects your pet’s bone structure. This is something that has led some groups to recommend changes in their vaccines or even avoid them if possible, as is the case with the Weimaraner Club of America (WCA) where they do not recommend certain vaccines that are common in puppies under conditions they stipulate in their website. Even so, this is something that could put your puppy’s life at risk if you take him out of your home to do certain activities, so it’s best to contact your vet who will determine a plan of action for this type of case. Always remember that your best ally to maintain the best possible health of your pet will be his doctor, although his breeder has certain information throughout his work, the doctor is the true certified specialist.

Not all illnesses or complications come from his predisposition or genetics, but from his care and how much attention you can give him. Like for example the obesity, since the fact that they are active by nature does not assure you that one with a passive personality, and ends up gaining more weight than it should. The same happens with periodontal disease that is related to the type of food you give your pet. Your doctor should advise you when it is necessary to do something extra in terms of handling or care to prevent it from progressing for the worse, but in the end, it depends on whether or not you really comply with his suggestions which are only intended to ensure a full and healthy life for your new Weis puppy. Another care recommendation could be to provide a place for him to run or jump other than on concrete until he can complete his growth to avoid impacting against such a hard surface that could affect his joints.


After reading this article, do you think a Weimaraner puppy is the best choice for your family? 

The answer to this question is yours and no one else should take it for you, but I do ask that before make your decision you consider all that goes into bringing this magnificent dog into your home. If you are up to fulfilling all that this breed needs to be able to lead a fully happy life by your side, covering their needs to exercise, and if you don’t mind at all that you lose completely your privacy if you allow them to follow you everywhere in your home, as well as possible tantrums when you leave them alone for long periods of time. In fact, anywhere you can read about a breed of dogs, it will depend on your disposition at home. There are times that just having a good intention is not enough to satisfy another living being. If the Weimaraner is the ideal breed for you, it is certainly one of the best acquisitions that your family can have and I assure you that you will not regret it.

I hope you liked this article about the Weimaraner. If you have any doubts or you think I missed something please let me know in the comment section down below.

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