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Do you want to know what makes this cat breed so special? According to the data, this breed has been known since the 1500s, more than 400 years have passed, and yet Persian cats are still one of the most sought-after around the world. Most people know this breed for having a flat face, but there are also Persians with a standard cat face. Is it their long hair that catches everyone, even maggots, or is it their temperament that makes them so special? One thing is for sure, Persian cats are here to stay.

This cat certainly has it all, but like all things, it has a cost and lower than you might think. Keeping such a long coat in optimal condition means not only supervising the diet of your Persian cat but also taking the time to brush its beautiful coat. In other words, if you want to have a perfect cat you have to get as close as possible to being the perfect owner. Remember that you decided to adopt a living fur-ball full of love, just like cousin itt. 

The pick of the litter

The Persian breed comes in a variety of colors, such as white, black, blue, red, cream, silver, golden, shaded silver, different cameo, and tabby tones, tortoiseshell, you get the idea. The list keeps going on so many possibilities, this may seem awesome and you might be thinking on a specific color for your cat, but the truth is, there’s a high chance of you not getting the one you wish for or it may get to be even more expensive than this breed already is. Before adventuring on the internet or any adoption site, make sure to contact a reputable breeder, one that’s certified, well known, as some people can take advantage of this situation saying it is a pedigree breed or a purebred cat and has fake documentation, so take extra precautions when picking your Persian kitten. Pedigree breeds are nice to have, but still, a pet is a living being that has the same rights as everyone else, people are the ones that will deceive you, so don’t go blaming your cat if any of this gets to happen. This will matter the most if you plan to get on a cat show or becoming a breeder yourself, if it is registered on the CFA (The Cat Fancier´s Association) for example, they will tell you if your new pet is a Persian cat, but remember that the beauty and everything that comes with this breed will all be yours if you properly take care of this cat.

Since looking for a specific color might lead you to a breeder not just from another state, but from another country or region, you must take into consideration the fact that you might get a Persian coat you want but your cat won’t have a flat face or the eye color might set you off, also, depending on where you look for it they might know this breed by another name, like Longhair or standard Persian breed, since it’s said that the Persian with a flat face is the Americanized version of this breed, or you can get confused with the Himalayan Persian or the exotic shorthair. The first one is colored like a Siamese cat but with the body of a Persian cat, this breed was created since some breeders wanted to mix these two cats making an appearance near the 1930s and after being accepted for recognition this breed was taken as a pointed Persian (thanks to the pointed color of the Siamese coat) but you can also find it as Persian-Himalayan or Himalayan-Persian as well as just Himalayan. The last one being as his name refers to, a short-haired version of the Persian cat. For these reasons, it would be wise to seek professional help if you feel any doubt about the subject.

Care and management

Persian cats are known for being an easy-going breed, they are a great cat for the family since they get along with other animals and people, they get attached to their owners but you must earn this type of treatment from your feline companion. Even when a Persian cat has a playful personality they might get lazy over time if left alone or without human attention so remember to play with your cat whenever you get the chance, not only it would be a happy cat, the both of you will entertain each other and this will help you as an owner to control his size with a little bit of workout during every game. A Persian cat doesn’t need a fancy nor expensive toy to be entertained, using something as simple as a stick with a string and a bell attached to it would do the trick.

Playtime also helps your Persian cat to stay active or that it has an active lifestyle because this breed isn’t known for having an energetic attitude and this could lead to some health issues regarding his weight, being a longhaired cat it might trick you into thinking that it looks so big for his natural coat, so you must pay attention to his nutrition and help your Persian cat with his exercise. Furthermore, brushing this cat daily is something that I advise you to avoid having more troubles in the future with any skin disease. Some Persian cats have a hair that won’t be of so much trouble for you, but if left unattended this will start to leave knots in its coat, causing it to disrupt and pain in certain areas of the body, in addition to which it can also damage its skin, as when it moves it stretches the skin in some areas of the body with the same movement that causes it to pull those tangled sites, being locations that keep stuck some kind of artifacts that can also be harmful to your cat. It is worth mentioning that by combing your Persian regularly you will avoid having a large amount of cat hair in the house, as well as reduce the amount and frequency of hairballs since you’ll remove most of the excess. 

Even though cats don’t need baths as regular as a dog would, the Persian longhair requires some help at least twice or three times per year. It will be expensive paying for this service but its something that you will have to resort to eventually. Something to keep in mind regarding his behavior, Persian cats are not an outdoor cat, they are more comfortable being close to their owners. They will get near you whenever they want to but this doesn’t mean it will be all the time, anyway, by owning a cat your privacy will be long gone since they tend to follow you everywhere you go, as long as it won’t become so lazy. By saying this I’m not suggesting that you can’t take your cat outside or use at your advantage your backyard if you don’t have or don’t want a litter box, just leave a door or a window open for your cat so it has access to this places without the need of his owner or any other person, remember that cats are more independent than dogs so this will help you in some cases. Since there might be a case where your Persian uses the backyard to do his business but during the night you can find some undesirable presents around the house, if it comes to this, then you should get a litter box to control his indoor depositions.

Speaking of lazy cats, regularly they tend to eat several times during the day, making them move to his bowl to get his meal but some cats, like Persians, can become so lazy that they would skip some of this moments and will eat a bigger amount of food later on which could make them prone to becoming fat leading to diseases such as arthritis, hip dysplasia or liver lipidosis. We don’t want that to happen to your Persian cat, so be sure to give him always the best nutrition possible as well as the amount of exercise and grooming it needs. This applies to any cat breed, even from a young age, kittens need specific cat food that covers his nutritional needs just like a child. Remember to change his cat food as he grows to prevent further issues and to ensure you provide proper care for your feline companion.

The difference in the Persian cat breed between the flat-faced and the traditional cat is more than a matter of aesthetics. They have a predisposition for certain diseases but some can be avoided like the ones mentioned before as well as any dental disease by providing proper care, but when it comes to the flat-faced Persian you must take into consideration the fact that his eye drainage won’t be as sufficient as for the traditional because it has less capacity to control any eye leakage and also it may have some breathing issues, just like bulldogs. 

So there you have it, if you are eager to find a pet with chubby cheeks and an eye-catching color like a white Persian cat, this breed has it. Maybe you think white is too bright, you can always go with a blue Persian so it matches your soul, if not you can mix them up with Pelaqita Persians. You love how Persian cats look but can’t handle the hair, the exotic shorthair has the solution for you. Or maybe you want another type of mixture of this breed, you can have the Himalayan. There’s almost nothing this cat breed doesn’t have or has to offer to the world. 

This is what you get after centuries of hairballs. The Persian cat is recognized as one of the tops if not the number one breed, reaching up to 40% of registration in local institutes. If you live with a woman then this means you got used to finding hair in your house, so adopting a Persian won’t be a problem for you. Remember to provide proper care to your feline companion and you’ll find yourself one of the best pets you could get.

If you think I’ve missed anything please let me know in the comment section below and I hope this guide had been of use to you. 

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