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Most likely is that you’ve seen this dog breed mostly everywhere and yes, your eyes are not lying to you, it’s a breed that has three different sizes each with its personality but they share most of what makes this particular dog breed almost perfect and complete. Depending on the size, you’re guaranteed to have a loyal dog that won’t leave your side, a working dog, or maybe one that it seems like he’ll never get tired at all and might resemble a bunny as they tend to be hype jumpers. Whatever it is you are looking for on a dog breed the Poodle breed surely has it and even more, so if you are still interested join me and I’ll do my best to explain all about this wonderful dog that has one presentation to adapt to every home. 


While this name was granted by the French, these Poodle dogs are said to be originated from Germany being set around the 1800s. They were used as working dogs as hunters and water retrievers since their outstanding intelligence made them learn faster than most dog breeds, this feature took them to be even a great circus dog, nowadays they are also used as police dogs and guide dogs for blind people, like a Golden Retriever or German Shepperd. They quickly jumped into popularity as they got in competitions of every kind, either for their agility or the captivating gorgeous Poodle coat on beauty contests, especially on this last one, people start using them for their elegant look and spoiled this pet to their content.


This breed is very well known for being so smart and their easy-going coat, besides these traits they are good family pets, most Poodles thrives with young kids, they are also loyal, friendly, with a great temperament, patience that they ad up with a high level of activity. The one thing this breed will demand from its owner is time, dedication, they don’t handle being left alone as they are prone to separation anxiety developing in some behavioral issues that aren’t part of the Poodle breed. They have a lifespan of about 10 to 14 years and their bodies depend on the size. The Standard Poodle has its own variety of sizes ranging over 15 inches and 45 to 70 pounds, next you have the Miniature Poodle with 10 to 15 inches and 12 to 20 pounds, and last but not least the Toy Poodle going for less than 10 inches and weighing 5 to 7 pounds. Their face is long with a pair of floppy ears, and their coat is so magnificent that its seen as hypoallergenic by not shedding as much hair as a normal dog breed being perfect for people who may be sensitive to this particular aspect. They come in solid colors featuring silver, black, white, brown, gray, and apricot. 


As an intellectual breed, training time goes by with ease but you must start as soon as you can with obedience training as this would ensure you the best quality dog Poodles are well known for. Even if you might not need the help from an expert you should consult everything you want to do with your new Poodle puppy to avoid any unnecessary misunderstandings in the future, being a smart dog they might get stubborn from being bored or when you try to teach them something they despite, and all I can recommend for you is to have patience. Avoid at all cost resourcing to any bad emotions resulting in an angry response to your Poodle as they are very sensitive dogs that catch up to humans’ emotions and don’t respond well to violence in any sense. Positive reinforcement will be the best choice in this type of scenario as you will avoid behaviors that are not common for a poodle breed.

Being smart doesn’t mean that they have strong bowels, at a young age, poodle puppies need to use the potty pretty often so you need to invest time in this manner using tasty rewards as this way he’ll learn faster what when and where you want him to do his business. Crate training will be the best way to train your Poodle puppy if you won’t be able to spend time with him during the day as well as for any trips you may have, if they get used to being inside the crate they won’t have any issue with kennels either. Any training time is something that every Poodle thrives as they are so people pleasers and becoming so attached to you its like a desire for them to keep you happy as well. The moment you earn their trust its when you can truly feel like a real Poodle owner you can rest sure they’ll protect you at all times because they are alert of his surroundings and they tend to calm down when they make sure his family is safe in the case you are afraid of over barking with something like a doorbell sound, again, with the proper training they would understand and identify when they can become annoying. Some training options require you to take your dog to a new place and although they do more than ok around the family and are good with people, they don’t do so good with strangers and it might be a hard time for them but they just need to adapt to this and other changes that are good for both, him and yourself. Be careful and don’t force him into these situations as they can become aggressive even towards you despite being his owner.

It’s highly important that you tend their need to drain all the energy that characterizes them, even if you won’t play with him, take him to an open but safe area where he can run to its content and try to get involved with him during this time so he won’t get bored. Dedicate this time to him and you’ll keep him as happy as they can be or else you’ll earn yourself a drama queen since they would feel like its the end of the world if they don’t get attention or are being praised by you or any family member.


As I mentioned before, the three different Poodles are the Standard Poodle, Miniature Poodle, and Toy Poodle. Every type of Poodle puppies share all of the good and bad traits of this wonderful dog breed but each one excels in some aspects than others.

Standard Poodle

The biggest and probably the most known size of this breed with an amazing intellectual instinct that makes them stand out for their working skills and is the reason why the Standard Poodle puppy is easier to train. They are the most energetic version of Poodle among the three that goes along with their working capabilities but its the most reserved as well. They aren’t known for being a social dog, especially with strangers.

The other two types since they were bred for being more of a companion rather than a working dog, they might tend to have less instinctual intelligence.

Miniature Poodle

The Mini Poodle is extremely social, active, and good for kids. They are more attached to their owners, so if you plan on having a second shadow, this is the type for you. More active of the three types, they run around everywhere they are and go. Good for kids due to their size and activity level so both can keep up with each other. 

Toy Poodle

Great companions, but very bad for kids as for being the smallest type. They are average on the rest as for the activity and social skills. Kids aren’t so gentle and a Toy Poodle puppy is very fragile and delicate, meaning they are better for adults or someone capable of handling them properly.


Each size of Poodle has its predispositions to some diseases, although some can be easily prevented with proper care of your pup, constant checkups with his veterinarian, and information provided by the dog breeder of your choice. Specifically, in this manner, it is important that you do a good search for a reputable breeder as some don’t care about the longevity or the welfare of the litter, they can even sell you any Poodle mix, even if the problem isn’t really that they won’t be purebred Poodles, it’s important to keep track of each ancestor or parent to determine how likely your poodle puppy is to develop an inherited disease. With a good breeder, you won’t only avoid this type of situations but they can also be a good adviser with some doubts you may have about your Poodle’s health, but it is best if you ask them more about their management or grooming, and leave any health concern to the vet.

It’s important you feed your new puppy with the best food and diet for them, even if for some reason you are against formulated dog food you can consult with your veterinarian for receipts as well as for the amount and the times you should feed them at a young age when to change them and to check them frequently to avoid any overweight issues and periodontal diseases. He will provide you with a deworming and vaccine plan for your pup’s safety.

Poodles are one of the best family pets out there and are a dog breed that’s loved by many people so if by any chance you have the slightest of doubts about this breed, you should be considering only the time you have to spend with them, as they will reward you with the best time you and your family can get from this furry little fellow.

If you think I’ve missed anything please let me know in the comment section down below.

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