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               The Rottweiler breed belongs to the big dog’s family, they are strong, agile, and powerful but with a calm and loyal personality. Unfortunately, due to their physical characteristics compared with other dogs, they often have a negative reputation with prejudices of being a dangerous and aggressive dog. On the contrary, this dog breed is known for being very loving and familiar, by having a good education they will be amazing dogs.

               If you are a person who has had pets before I recommend you without any doubt this breed. Rottweilers need an owner who knows how to handle them, so you must be patient, and determined in their breeding, as it is essential to train them from a young age. Even if you get a Rottweiler pup as your first dog you should seek advice and only work under the guidance of certified trainers or professionals so you can truly understand the needs of these beautiful dogs. According to their history, the Rottweiler is one of the oldest known breeds. They accompanied the Romans on their travels to Germany, getting established in the city of Rottweil, which ended up giving the name of the city to these dogs that are today. They were known for being a hardworking dog due to their great physical appearance and for being loyal, they were dedicated to herding and cattle (drover dogs), as a messenger and also for being great guard dogs. Nowadays these breeds are also known for being a police dog.

               You should be aware that bringing in a Rottweiler puppy requires a little more attention than other types of dogs. You should focus on giving them a good education and socialization so they can grow up with a good personality and don’t become fearful or aggressive. Keep in mind that in the future this puppy will be a powerful and a large dog so you must take into consideration whether or not you are up for this challenge and responsibility.

               To learn how to manage and educate yourself about Rottweiler puppies in the best way possible, I will teach you how to get to know him, and you will be able to take note of the following advice and recommendations.


 This breed of dog has a life expectancy between 8 and 12 years. They are characterized by having a large and strong body, a short, dense, and somewhat hard coat. Its original color is black with brown tones in certain areas of the muzzle, neck, and legs. Their size and weight vary according to their sex. The female measures approximately are about 24 inches and they weigh in between 80-100 lbs, while the male measures are about 26 inches and an average weight of 85-135 lbs. There is a chance that you might find out a German Rottweiler while searching for your new puppy but there is only one difference between this one and the American Rottweiler, where the German has a slightly larger body and a shorter tail, so it’s up to you which version you up for in the end.

 The head is large with triangular-shaped floppy ears and a strong, square jaw. They are known to drool a lot due to their droopy lips on the sides, this is something you should take into consideration since you’ll have to be aware of where you step or maybe cleanse often. They are dogs that like to exercise and play a lot, are very active, get along very well with family members and more with children, have a good sense of protection, and are very calm and affectionate. If you have heard that Rottweilers are dangerous, it is not their fault, it is due to the bad breeding, handling or education they had by their owners, who focused on giving them that aggressive instinct instead of breeding them as they truly are, so if you treat them with love and positive reinforcement, you have nothing to worry about. Socialization is the key to avoid that your Rottweiler pup ends up being a real beast. It’s heartbreaking seeing these beautiful dogs left alone guarding a house, deposit, or store, with no human contact whatsoever. The only mammal you should fear its humans since they are the ones that altered this breed or made it seem like a bad dog and never stop thinking why this type of behavior occurs on this or any other dog breed.

 A fun fact is that a Doberman Pincher will end up like a little devil for being overly attached to its owner unlike a Rottweiler. You should never judge a book by its cover since you’ll miss the beauty and magnificence of the Rottweiler. Any dog that is afraid and distrustful of people will end up being a dangerous pet, whatever its breed and species, the only predisposition that Rottweilers have is sanitary, not behavioral. 


 The feeding of the Rottweiler is mainly based on providing high-quality food, which complies with ingredients that are beneficial to their health and provide good nutrition for their growth and also in this way you can avoid future diseases and more in this dog breed as they are prone to develop certain complications from neglect. Whenever you go to buy dog food you should make sure you check all the ingredients it has and if they are the right ones for its condition. You should always allow them access to water that is clean and fresh. And after every meal allows them to rest for at least 1 hour.

 Depending on the age of this dog breed you have to focus on what nutritional aspects are right for their development and these are divided into 3 stages:

· Puppies: Once your new pet is ready to be weaned, you can choose a high-quality puppy food and make sure it contains vitamins, iron, calcium, and protein, as this will allow your puppy to grow in good health and without any bone or muscle problems. Pups improve with a routine, so establish and set guidelines for a moderate schedule for eating, so you can maintain it while continues to grow, encouraging better breeding.

· Adult: since they are large dogs they also need large doses of food. We recommend that you ask your vet what is the best amount you can give them, as it can vary according to their weight. If they exceed the amount of food and water they need, and later exercise, they can develop gastric torsions, with the consequence of great risks to their health. They must contain a high degree of protein and you can choose their feeds depending on their lifestyle, whether they are dogs that exercise constantly, or are normal life dogs or even feeds that help them lose weight if they are overweight.

· Older age: after the age of 7 you should start focusing on what type of nutrition is most suitable for your dog. Unlike other ages, the amount of protein can be reduced in case they are in delicate health, your vet will recommend which diet is most beneficial for them.


 Rottweilers are dogs that have easy hygiene, thanks to their short and hard coat they don’t tend to take much maintenance, with a bath per month is more than enough because this way you protect and avoid weakening the protective oil layer of the skin and this way you help to prevent diseases. You can brush him twice a week to remove his dead hair and keep his gorgeous black coat as bright as you can. Also when he is shedding his hair you can give him a rubber glove massage to help him with the change.

 Make sure you keep up with your vet’s visits at least every 6 months, as it is very important to give your dog all of his checks and make sure he is in good condition so in this way any illness can be detected in time. Due to their large and muscular body, they can enjoy good health, but also like other dogs they can suffer from certain conditions and illnesses that can harm them if they are not given the proper care. One of the main ones that are better known in dog breeds with high weight and similar proportions, tend to suffer from hip dysplasia being one of the most common, it is a hereditary disease that makes the hip bone doesn’t fit with the femur, causing wear and joint pain, so if you see your dog limping you should go to the vet as soon as you can as with any other changes on his behavior. Another condition that is very similar to this condition is elbow dysplasia but limping by the front legs, that with early diagnosis it can be treatable and even prevented. If you think your dog has any symptoms, make sure you have his veterinarian check this and anything else as irrelevant as you may think it is.

 Also, other diseases that can occur to an adult Rottweiler are hypothyroidism, which appears when there is a problem with thyroid hormone, you can notice the symptoms when it begins to present obesity, is tired for no reason, lose a lot of hair, and may present infertility. Another very common one in this breed is aortic stenosis, which is a heart defect that occurs when your heart works too hard and causing blackouts or fainting, or even sudden death. The moment you see your Rottweiler dog faint the first thing you need to do is go straight to the vet.

 As I have mentioned before, all these diseases and conditions can be prevented or diminished if you give this pet a correct and nutritious diet, attention, care, and commitment to raising it.

 Another important thing to consider is to keep your dog wormed regularly, you can ask your vet which is the best way to apply the correct medication since there is a great variety and you can choose the one that best suits your budget, as well as keeping in touch to determine how often to apply them again. The important thing is to protect your pet from fleas and ticks, including de-worming it internally to keep its intestinal system healthy.

 If you feed your dog a good quality food you can ensure that his coat and teeth will grow strong and beautiful. Keep in mind that feeding your dog with poor quality food can put his oral hygiene at risk. Poor quality food will allow plaque and tartar to build up, putting your pet’s dental health at risk, and his immune system will be working far below its average. Although it may be very uncomfortable and difficult at first, make sure you brush your pet’s teeth constantly and make sure you choose a good quality dog toothbrush and toothpaste and don’t use human toothpaste as it can contain toxic elements that are harmful to his health.


 A Rottweiler puppy normally starts receiving its vaccinations at 6 weeks of age. First, a 5-in-1 vaccination is given, which includes distemper, parvovirus, hepatitis, leptospirosis, and parainfluenza. You should keep a close eye on your puppy’s vaccination schedule, as it is very important for his protection and life, so he can perform normally without risk. Your vet will explain to you which are all the vaccinations your pet needs and throughout the first year, he will be receiving the rest of his shots and boosters at the right time.


 The moment you decide to have a new puppy from a rottweiler breeder and you make sure your pet has been raised in a safe environment, completely healthy, and know if it has any genetic diseases, you can be confident that it is a reputable breeder.

 The most important time for breeding and training your pup is from an early age, it”s the decisive moment that will determine how your dog will be in the future. The first 9 months are the most important, this is when you need to focus more on training, teaching obedience, attitude, and limits. First of all, you must always have a calm and quiet but authoritarian attitude, because the attitude you decide to have will be reflected in your pet, never use violence, this breed by itself is very intelligent but has a great temperament so you must always take into consideration the psychological state it may have. Then you have to establish a schedule so that it can establish a routine for a healthy lifestyle, know what time to eat, go to the bathroom, exercise or rest, you must have a lot of patience and persistence, dedicate every day a specific time to teach him. Another very important point is to teach him self-control of his strength and control of his nerves or temperament, as this will determine whether or not it is appropriate to live with a family.

You must take into account that the best thing is that since they are puppies they need to start living in a family and all of them can collaborate in their adaptation, in which it will allow them to get used to all the members since it is difficult for them to gain confidence, let them relate to each one of them and get used to being surrounded by many people whether they are known or not, as well as with other animals, the socialization from a young age is something vital that will allow them to develop in the future and you will be sure that your rottweiler will be someone tender and affectionate, and a good companion at all times.

 As they are dogs that have a lot of energy, once they have their first vaccinations is when you can take them out to walk, run or exercise without abusing, twice a day about 25 minutes each time is more than enough, you must always keep them active so they can maintain good energy and health, otherwise, they can become boring animals and later develop stress, obesity, and behavioral problems. You can also take advantage of several times a day to take him outside to learn how to do his business. It’s very important to start at a young age with things like potty training or crate training as he will understand and get used to being alone in the house without making a huge mess or using the entire house as a giant potty. You can do several activities with him, take him to different places and get to know many places, do intelligence games, go to dog play centers, and whatever you decide is convenient to keep him motivated and active. Training is not something that you should overlook since the time you’ll spend with him it’s something that he will treasure more than you might think and you can use these types of moments to feed him with treats that help his nutritional needs.

 A very important fact to keep in mind, never teach your pet to protect you or another person, place or whatever, they have a great sense of protection for those close to them but if you teach them that, they can develop an instinct of aggressive protection for third parties and you can put them in danger. Dedicate yourself to loving, trusting, and fearless parenting.

I hope all this information has helped you to decide to have this wonderful breed, to learn how to take care of it and give it the lifestyle it deserves, to end the prejudices, and finally be a wonderful rottweiler owner. You will not regret your decision. If you have any questions or if you think I’ve missed anything please let me know on the comment section down below.

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