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The Russian Blue cat breed is one of the best breeds that can join any family, they are so gentle, friendly, loving, and you’ll barely hear them make a sound as they are known to keep their thoughts to themselves, unlike some other cat breeds like a Siamese cat. They get along with children, other pets, are independent, smart, they don’t require that much grooming besides it doesn’t shed that much. 


Some believe that despite the name of this cat breed, the Russian Blue doesn’t come from Russia, this is because over time people have found around three different theories about the origin of this beautiful and unique cat breed. 

  • One of these is that some folks believe that the Russian Blue cat came with the Cossak’s during the Russian revolution War. 
  • Another is that they came from one of the islands (Archangel) in northern Russia.
  • The last theory is that they are descendants of a cat of the Russian Czars. 

It is registered as one of the oldest and firsts natural cat breeds displayed in England in 1875, making its way to the United States around the 1900s, becoming accepted close to 50 years later by the Cat Fanciers Association. Russian Blues became popular after World War II, but like most cat breeds, they needed the intervention of breeders to maintain the breed, they began with some programs before they were close to becoming extinct they crossbred with Siamese cats. Nowadays these cats no longer exist as they were used to help preserve the Russian Blue at the time. Some people confuse this cat breed with a Chartreux, British shorthair, or Korat cat, and as a fun fact, they got some nicknames such as Archangel Cat or Blues, Spanish Blue, and Foreign Blue.

Nicknames: Maltese, Archangel Blues, Spanish Blue, Foreign Blue.

They tend to get mistaken with British shorthair, Chartreux or Korat


  This whiskered beauty has an elegant medium-sized, fine-boned body, long ears, and an average life span of 12 to 15 years, but with the proper care, your Russian Blue can reach over 20 years. Despite having a thin body, alongside the strong bone structure they can get to be strong and muscular, which in conjunction with his hair composition it may seem as they are a robust cat. The male can weigh between 10 to 13 pounds while the female gets around 7 to 10 pounds. Their hair has a double-coat, is short, plush, and has a blue-grey color added up with the vivid green eyes that makes them stand out from most of the commonly seen cat breeds. As kittens, their eyes are yellow with little strains of green that will change as time goes by till they mature with some silver tones on the hair likewise. Their grooming requirements are close to minimal meaning that you won’t have to worry about any living balls of fur that will slowly fill up the household or the number of times that you are gonna have to comb him because they take care of the grooming by themselves, which is part of the reason why you don’t need to give it a hand in this manner, they don’t shed that much hair either but it is something that you could help maintain by giving it the best cat food you can afford, nevertheless, you should still dedicate some time to brush his hair as your Russian blue will gladly accept this type of affection and love from you, even more so if you are his favorite person. Thanks to this treat regarding his dense coat, it makes them a good pet for those with cat allergies since you’ll barely get to see hair around the house or practically everywhere since some cats like to lay down on everything that’s new or that it has your smell.


Aside from being sweet, loyal, smart, and a loving pet, the Russian Blue cat would feel more comfortable in a house that’s mostly quiet in a calm environment. If you are worried about the time you could spend with this cat you don’t need to worry as much since they adapt so well to being left alone, making it perfect for those with a tight schedule but are still looking for the best companion that adapts to what you may have to offer, just keep in mind that it would help your cat if you get him some toys so it can entertain itself while in your absence, some doesn’t have to be expensive, a playful cat will stay interested even with a small ball made of paper or something like a stick with a string attached to it. These cats are smart so they will find a way to spend their time, but it’s better for you if you leave toys so it won’t use your shoes or furniture, for example, this way you can avoid any pillows from a “spontaneous combustion” while you are gone, and also, they will love if you get to play with them from time to time as it is the least that you can do for such a wonderful and independent cat breed. The Russian Blue is considered a lap cat but it won’t be demanding or pushy on this regard, this cat will demonstrate more affectionate and devotion to his favorite people or owner but you should still give it some attention whenever your pet allows you too since Russian Blue cats are categorized as such this doesn’t mean that every single one would have this type of behavior. It’s up to you to establish a healthy and nice relationship with your new furry companion so the both of you can understand each other the best way possible, as there might be moments that your cat just doesn’t want to be part of the group and you take it like he’s just being shy when it’s looking to keep his distance.

If you own another pet or have a crowded home and with small children, then you shouldn’t worry about your Russian Blue since they bond nicely with other family members, both animals, and humans thanks to their kind and gentle nature but as I mentioned before they can do more than ok being on its own. Of course, there’s always the possibility and you might be the lucky one that gets the “black sheep” among the Russian Blue cats. Although, some owners claim that their cats can feel their emotions and whenever they feel sad, the cat would amuse them with a silly attitude just to cheer them up, what else do you need or expect from a pet cat?.


  As if it wasn’t enough, the Russian Blue is a breed with good health qualities meaning that they would rarely get most of the health concerns but you mustn’t lower your guard, it’s very important that you set a health plan and/or program with a veterinarian as soon as your new kitten or cat gets home. This way you can rest assured that you’ll be able to bring the best and healthy lifestyle they so deserve, and you can ask whatever you want or wish to know about this exceptional cat, like the amount and type of cat food since as a Russian Blue kitten they would have different nutritional needs compared to an adult Russian Blue but not many people see this as an important manner and just feed their pets with whatever they can manage to find. Like I’ve said before, the quality of food will influence many things regarding the health of your cat, reflecting on the hair, with a poor nutritional food it would look dry and dull. Furthermore, it is recommended and highly important that you take care of his dental hygiene as they can develop many diseases if left unattended.

By getting a litter box you can keep an eye on his depositions looking for anything out of the ordinary, meaning that you are going to check something as simple as the color and also when he’s preparing to do his business in case he gets constipated or starts acting weirdly. By playing with him and getting some toys that stimulate his playful attitude you can passively prevent it from becoming an overweight cat, like with the dental disease, it would make it prone to many more diseases that could be life-threatening. 


Russian Blue cats represent one of the best domestic cat breeds out there and if you are a first-time cat owner then this breed would be more than perfect for you. Their thick coat with little grooming aid will help you a lot to get used to this type of responsibility, the bright green eyes that stand out with his dark coat. He might not be a big cat but don’t let his body structure makes you think otherwise. The calm and gentle personality separates them from most wild animals but still, they could find a way to deal with them being as smart as they are. Before purchasing or adopting any Russian cats make sure you contact a reputable breeder or if by any means you manage to locate one in an animal shelter try to get as much information as you can regarding his medical history and the parents as well, some sort of documentation that validates the source and pedigree of your new cat as some might trick you so be aware of this. The health details will be priceless information for the veterinarian as this could help them with the diagnosis of certain diseases.

I hope you’ve liked this article and found it useful. If you think I’ve missed anything please let me know in the comment section down below.

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