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The Siberian cat breed is one of the oldest and most beautiful breeds you can get. Being one of the oldest breeds, they have their reason to be kept for so long in the homes of cat lovers, how can you not do it when they are such a loving and easy to handle, but you must be careful and not trust them entirely because they are a very intelligent cat that can open cabinets and even remove certain locks. Their majestic and long hair is just a small part of what this amazing pet has to offer to many cat owners. It is an excellent companion for the family environment because it is quiet, docile, and extremely playful, so it should not be a problem in terms of coexistence in the home, they even get along with other cats or dogs. One thing you should keep in mind is that despite being known for their good temperament, they do not usually deal well with other pets that can be very annoying as well as with those small humans that are not so respectful or have no manners.


This beautiful cat breed comes from Russia, that’s why it has a large and dense coat due to the very cold climate. The origin of the siberian breed is a bit uncertain but it is known to be very old, perhaps since a little more than 1.000 years ago, rumour has it that this breed gave origin to others with long coats like the Norwegian Forest Cat and the Maine Coon. The Siberian cat even appears in fairy tales, kids stories, or folktales where they tell how a group of cats belonging to this breed passed to a team of Siberian Huskies in a sled race. Besides this, you can get it or hear about this breed from other names like Siberian Forest Cat or Moscow Longhairs. Although they are considered to be one of the oldest breeds, they have introduced in the United States already in the late 90s and still took some time to be recognized.

In 1871 the first Siberian Cat appeared in a show in England. By the year 1990, once the Cold War was over, a cat breeder named Elizabeth Terrel introduced this wonderful cat in the United States and as I mentioned, it was not until the year 2000 that they were accepted by the Cat Fanciers Association and later in 2006 they acquired a championship status. By then they also became recognized by The International Cat Association


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Being a breed that is categorized as a medium-sized cat, if you ask anyone, I would describe this cat as a big one. This may be attributed to its peculiar 3-layer siberian’s coat, unlike many others that only get to have 2 or are usually more commonly seen, to help them withstand low temperatures. It is not only their semi-long and long coat that makes them look so big, they have a well-defined and athletic body that helps them in their playing hours, and to be able to climb to wherever they can reach since this is an aspect that this breed loves to do. An athletic body so to speak, with well-defined muscles, strong bone structure that helps him with his active and playful life and personality, ears, paws and tail with a predominant coat, being the ears of medium or long size that resemble those of a wild cat because of the cat’s coat that is usually longer. 

There are several things you should know about their beautiful coat. First, you must know how their triple coat is made up; starting with the first layer which is the one that is the closest to the skin, which is a short and dense coat, followed by a semi-long one that would be the middle coat, and finally, there is a long coat that is referred to as a “protective coat”. This conformation makes its coat resistant to water and obviously too cold, making bathing less necessary, being in itself uncommon in cats but it is not superfluous to do so on certain occasions. As with the color of their eyes, the coat comes in any presentation, either in colors or patterns, you have the pick of the litter even if you may find it tedious to get a specific color, in the same way, you will get everything a Siberian cat has to give in the family environment. Something that will surely relieve you, unlike other long hair breeds such as Persian cat and the Main Coon, the Siberian cat as well as the Turkish Angora, do not require as much care to keep their coat in a good condition or to avoid matting since the coat of the Siberian cat, for some reason, avoids this kind of problems and it is not such an intensified requirement as it happens in other breeds, such as the ones I already mentioned. Nevertheless, you should comb it frequently, at least twice a week to help remove those dead hairs that will fall out and avoid having the house full of hair, especially in the summer season where it will result in a little big problem for you, but not everything can be so perfect.

A curious fact about its fur is that besides having the peculiarity that it does not have as much problem with matting, the Siberian cat produces at a lower level a protein that is the cause of allergies in people, being the Fel d 1 protein. This is not a scientific fact, but there have been comments from other owners who have come to adopt these beautiful siberian cats and have no problem despite being allergic. You must remember that this is not something that will apply in all cases. Medicine is not an exact science, so every organism or living thing is different from the others, so a cat will not produce as much of this protein and still cause allergy to a human, as another cat will if it produces too much or what would be the normal amount of this protein and not cause allergy to a human. This is something you will have to check for yourself and the way I recommend you to do it is to get in touch with a reputable breeder, or if you know someone who already has the joy of owning a Siberian cat, so you can share with one if not several of these beautiful cats before making the decision to adopt one if you are an allergic person or some other member of the household is. 

Another thing you should know is that the Siberian cat takes up to 5 years to reach physical maturity, so it will spend a good time with that kitten attitude. Because of his personality, it is something that one way or another you are going to have to learn to deal with this because it is part of the nature of this cat breed. This is usually seen in dog breeds that are within the group of giant or large breeds, but in the case of the Siberian cat, I don’t think it is something bad, just something that gives a little “boost” to its personality. Besides, this is something that you humans tend to do in the same way that you end up blaming this breed for something that history has shown that humans also take time to mature. Of course, this is not usually the case for everyone as it is with all animals, but there are those who call themselves adults and yet agree to drink tea with their so-called daughters wearing a tutu or doing some other activity to revive what they call “childhood”.

Following the idea that every living thing is different, you can expect to have this furry and charming companion for an average of 15 years. This will depend on several factors, especially on their care and handling but at the end of the day, any little detail can change this. They can weigh up to 20 pounds and measure 25 inches once they have reached maturity.


The only way you will see any negative aspect with the personality of a Siberian cat, is if you are against everything that characterizes this breed, for example, if you don’t have so much affinity for lap cats or if you are not prepared for their playful, curious and Sherlock-like problem solver intelligence nature. Note, it is not bad that you think that way, there are other breeds that are independent and really won’t care how much attention you can give them, but even so, you can’t have a heart of stone to resist the love and tenderness you will only find with a domestic cat. This longhaired cat not only stands out for its amazing physique, as you may have already noticed, but it also is “a little” active, it likes to climb and its intellect mixed with the curiosity that so characterizes a cat will lead it to solve certain catlike puzzles or rather to generate them when trying to reach a high point with certain “obstacles” in the home. Something you don’t expect from a cat is that he loves water, so don’t be surprised if you go to the shower, especially if you have a bathtub, and your cat decides to play near you or throw his toys in the water to entertain himself for a while. This helps a lot with bathing only in those cases where it is really necessary. Just because it’s a rare feline issue doesn’t mean it’s not something that’s impossible to do. 

They are excellent companions and the best members of any family, as they usually adapt to many environments, but require the presence of their loved ones. They are good with children and pets that understand their limits, but as long as you can raise a dog and a cat from puppies, for example, you should not have any problem between them. Your Siberian cat will always be willing to learn new things and may have that little doggy style, playing fetch, or going to greet you at the door every time you come back home to hear how your day went, and set up a little chat. They are not known for being noisy or annoying in this way, their meows are sweet and tender, just as they are, but you can be sure that they will not be the same as a Siamese who will not stop telling you about his day and how they plan to rule the world. Whether it is time to play, to cuddle, or to groom each other, the Siberian cat is one of the best options and one that you will hardly have any problem with in terms of breeding. They are made to survive but the best thing is that you don’t take it to the extreme so that it stays with you in a warm environment since its triple coat is not something that will favor it in these places, that is a logical thing to think about. Even if they have a certain degree of independence, they will always do better in a familiar environment where they have someone to share, or have a little chat about the hairball they left as the new ornament in the room. (I’m just choking, get it?).


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Everything that concerns the care of a pet is usually of the utmost importance as it is with any living thing. Even in the case of you humans, during the first stages of life, a good diet is something fundamental to ensure a full life with the best possible quality. Being such an active cat you may not have a problem with obesity issues, but it is still something you should not overlook or be fooled by its coat or size. It is usually a pretty serious problem and being such an active natured cat may end up being a problem where it should not be, being partly the owner’s fault for not knowing how to manage their pet properly. To help you maintain good control in these areas, I recommend that you consult a veterinarian who will not only help you choose the best food for your new Siberian kitten’s stage, but also control the proportion as to how many times you feed it during the day. There are some cats that “save” their food for later, but this type of feeding management often leads to obesity in your feline companion by leaving him/her as free to eat as much and as often as he/she likes. 

Among the rest of the handling and care, you should give your cat is usually the same as other pets in some aspects. For example, the oral hygiene of your cat is also very important that you help him to avoid any other type of complication, especially a dental disease or any kidney disease that can end up being very harmful. In the case of those breeds with long hair, you must take care of the ears since so much hair near or in them usually accumulates more dust or dirt which makes it more likely to contract otitis and is usually something painful for your pets if you overlook this. To clean them inside you must be especially careful and you can’t do it like you humans do when you introduce a swab through the ear canal. It is best to consult your veterinarian so he can better instruct you on this type of thing. Therefore, it is essential that you keep up with the annual consultations or check-ups as many times as your doctor indicates are necessary, they could be at least every 3 months, and this way you will be able to keep under control certain pathologies that you may not be able to notice but an expert will. The same goes for the adoption center, making sure it is a reputable breeder to ensure the quality of the pet and purity of the breed because there are some people who seek to take advantage of those breeds that people are interested in and sell one at a high cost that does not correspond to the one you are looking for. 

The Siberian cat is considered a fairly healthy breed with few reported diseases or typical of the breed, but you still can’t trust this kind of information because of what I’ve been telling you throughout the article. Being a living being, it is exposed to an infinite number of things starting from the moment the fetus begins to form and may have some problem in its genes that predisposes it or makes it prone to some diseases that you won’t find in any article about the breed. The same thing happens with you humans and it is in fact something that you will not be able to avoid completely, but with good management and care, it is very probable that the disease they might have will not advance too far, giving them time to look for ideal treatment. Having a good relationship with the veterinarian is not always enough, it is more important that you have it with your pet, so that you can learn from their habits and know when there is something wrong. For example, if he stops climbing so much, or stops meowing at certain times or starts to overdo it during certain activities or movements, or even if he leaves more food than usual or drinks a greater amount of water. These may be silly or small details, but they will make a difference in the long run. One pathology that is usually seen in a Siberian cat, but is also common in many, if not all cats is a condition related to their heart called hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, that causes their heart to increase in size by increasing the thickness of the heart muscles.

Those cat lovers do not need a specific breed to be able to praise or care for them with such dedication. The important thing is that you look for the breed that best suits your tastes and the environment in your home. The Siberian cat is without a doubt one of the best options for the home with small children, so that they also begin to develop the idea that it is good to take care of another living being no matter how small or furry it may be. Although, we are different from you humans, we have the same rights as you in sharing this world. In the case of the Siberian cat, being such a playful, loving, and intelligent cat, he will keep you busy, entertained with his excellent personality, will let you know with his meows after an amazing day climbing, and playing all over the house.

I hope you liked and were very helpful with this article about the Siberian cat breed. If you think I missed something or have any questions, please let me know in the comment section down below.

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