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One of the ancient breeds but thanks to their fabulous mustache makes them a classy dog breed. The Standard Schnauzer is the original version of this breed that has two other presentations as the miniature schnauzer or the giant schnauzer. This beautiful breed from Europe is an excellent canine companion that usually gets along well with the little ones in the house and other pets. But you must be careful when bringing strangers into your home, whether they are people, strange dogs or any animal because their guardian nature can become a bit tedious in these cases. You must be sure to provide them with the necessary care to prevent them from taking a mischievous or rebellious attitude, as their intelligence is not always good news, and they can easily become bored, and the time for training is often delicate. As they show in the movie The Lady and the Tramp, he is a loyal dog that will protect his family, besides being a playful dog with a very happy personality. 

If you are interested in knowing more about the Standard Schnauzer dog breed I invite you to read what I have to offer you about this breed, hoping it will be helpful in your decision to adopt a new furry companion.


The Schnauzer breed originated in Germany where they are believed to have been since the Middle Ages. Even back then, they were highly valued and appreciated for their performance alongside man and for being recognized for their great intellect, which has led many enthusiasts to consider them as a breed with a human mind. Since that time, he began his good reputation as a protector, either as a guard dog or to control the vermin, becoming a complete and excellent working dog as a farm dog. Despite being such an ancient breed, it is believed that it is not a pure dog as such, since it comes from a cross between breeds such as the German poodle, Spitz, and a curly-haired german pinscher, for which reason its name took a considerable amount of time to establish one with which this magnificent breed could be identified or recognized. Thanks to this, during history it has come to have different names and it was not until after the 1800s, that the name it has today as Schnauzer to which it possibly comes from a German term that means nose or beard. From 1900 onwards, they began to be part of and to be a candidate that looked very promising in dog shows. In the previous years, he was used mostly as an assistant to the farmers and became a very popular breed thanks to his excellent work.

During the first stages in the competitions this breed was known as a wirehaired pinscher, but around the year 1904, it was recognized by the American Kennel Club as part of the terrier breeds, after having arrived in America at the beginning of the century. Later on, it became part of the group of working dogs, which was how it was stipulated in Germany, besides that the other versions of this energetic breed, the miniature, and the giant, were recognized for the years 1926 and 1930 respectively. An interesting fact is that, although the standard schnauzers are the original versions of the breed, it is the least seen in the United States.

Following a little bit of the steps of its ancestors, the Schnauzer breed continues to be used as a guard or police dog, even helping as a contraband dog. Even before, during the First World War, both the Germans and the Americans used this breed as guard dogs, being undoubtedly one of the most appreciated breeds throughout the history of mankind and with good reasons.


This wonderful and intelligent dog has an average life span of about 15 years, so it is a commitment of more than a decade for which you must ensure to provide everything necessary for their care and welfare, so you can get to keep your Schnauzer at your side for much longer. This breed on average measures between 16 to 20 inches, both males and females but as usual medium sized dog, males are usually taller, reaching between 40 to 45 lbs and 35 to 40 lbs respectively. Their coat, despite having a medium length, requires good maintenance because it is hard, wiry, and straight, and therefore it is very prone to get knotted easily, but they don’t shed so much hair. The color of the coat is usually a solid color such as black or a mixture of this with white known as salt and pepper, also they have bushy eyebrows and soft undercoat. Its body reflects a whole aristocrat having an elegant bearing thanks to its robust body and square conformation.


Even though Schnauzer dogs have such a good reputation as pets, not all of them comply with the articles or guidelines regarding the breed. This will depend on their personality and their breeding, so you should take advantage of their first stages under the care of your family in general, as much as possible. If you manage to gain your Schnauzer’s trust, be sure you will have the pet they talk so much about, being such a dedicated dog, willing to help and please its owners, as well as protect them and maintain a safe environment at home. This may well generate an alert pet that could be translated into barking, they are not usually as annoying as a Jack Russel for example, but again, as long as you keep it as the educated dog they usually are, you should not have problems with this aspect. Since puppy, they’re full of energy and love, as well as being comedians, but you shouldn’t rely on that. As I mentioned before, such a smart pet can be a great benefit for certain things, but it also results in a challenge that not all owners are prepared for. Certainly, the standard Schnauzer is an excellent pet for the home, with good manners and a good relationship with children, but this and everything else I have described this dog can be achieved if you treat it and handle it in the right way. The best thing is always to seek professional help so that he can give you a hand in this aspect that will be a great determinant for both, your new Schnauzer as you as his pet owner.

A family pet has several meanings really but you should always look for the breed that most closely matches the style or type of life you have in your home. Certainly, the standard schnauzer puppy is not a dog that you just feed, walk, and forget for the rest of the day, they are more than a companion dog. Firstly, they do not usually deal well with loneliness and are prone to separation anxiety, so prolonged absences can generate serious problems at home and the behavior of your new pet. While it is understandable that you may not always be able to care for your pet, other breeds have a more independent personality. The standard Schnauzer is a dog that requires company, it is a quite sociable dog despite distrusting strangers and being territorial with some pets, for this reason, it is not such a good idea to take it out for a walk, since it can generate some problems to both other owners and pets unless they get used to it at an early age and even then you should never be overly confident. It does not mean that this breed is considered a lap dog, these are things that will be similar but do not refer to the same thing. This breed will require to be present or to be part of the family activities throughout the day, and being an active and playful dog, you should dedicate this time so that you can satisfy this type of needs. You must seek to keep his intellect stimulated, either with games or during training. As they are so well known and popular in dog competitions, if you want to be part of this world, you must show it first by being the best owner there is, giving him everything you can afford as long as he can provide more than the minimum or necessary. If not, even if you can give him exactly what he needs, a loyal dog as good as the Schnauzer deserves the best as well as all pets. they also are very good in therapy dog, as long as they have their necessary training.


Let’s start with one of the many things that are eye-catching about the standard Schnauzer, his grooming needs. Each breed requires minimal care to maintain a coat in optimal condition to avoid problems. In the case of this breed, they require exhaustive care because they are very prone to generate knots that may well end up being painful for your pet, so something that is your carelessness as an owner does not have to harm your pet. The areas that tend to have more hair are his face, because of his beard, mustache and eyebrows, and everything that is the ventral region or the whole lower part of his body where his coat is longer than the rest. This may well give you several options as to the look or style you want to give your Schnauzer, but you must respect the time between each session whenever necessary. When adopting a dog of this breed you have to consider both the challenge of training it and keeping it happy as well as the expenses that its coat requires during the year, getting to need visits to the dog groomer every 2 to 4 months depending on the case. This does not only refer to the care of his hair, but also the maintenance of his nails, ear cleaning, and his occasional drainage of the perianal glands.

As far as their diet is concerned, you will rarely see an obese schnauzer or one with weight problems because they are energetic dogs, their active personality and need to exercise helps them stay in good shape no matter how much they eat. You must provide him with this time every day and that it is the one stipulated or recommended by your veterinarian, since the only thing that should limit you to carry out this task is if he suffers from any disease that compromises his locomotive system. Besides this, you should keep your pet’s oral hygiene up to date to avoid dog’s teeth complications that are unnecessary since they are due to the negligence of their owner. It may be that they are unaware of the risks involved in this type of problem or do not consider it important or relevant. That is why it is so essential that your Schnauzer attends medical consultations as often as necessary to maintain an annual checkup, which will help you avoid or control any possible pathology that could threaten the health and general well-being of your pet.

As well as caring for their coat, all pets are prone to several diseases where some may be inherited or breed-specific, as is the case with Schnauzer Comedogenic Syndrome and follicular dermatitis which affects their skin. Among other diseases you should be aware of are some heart, kidney, eye, and joint disorders such as pulmonary stenosis, hip dysplasia, retinal dysplasia, hyperadrenocorticism, keratoconjunctivitis sicca, kidney stones, etc. They may be a bit of a large group but this doesn’t mean that the other breeds don’t have to deal with this, they are just part of an average since it doesn’t ensure at all that your schnauzer will suffer each one of them as well as it doesn’t exempt all the others. They are just more likely to suffer from them than other breeds. To maintain better and optimal control over your pet’s health, it is best to look for a reputable breeder, as they tend to be honest and care about their litters. Besides giving you certificates where you can assure that your pet is a Schnauzer with pedigree, he will give you valuable information about his health, in case some close relative, like some other member of his litter, parents or even grandparents have come to suffer some illness. Of course, not everything is perfect, and no matter how careful you are, following your vet’s instructions, some things simply cannot be avoided, such as cancer.


The standard Schnauzer is one of the dog breeds that you cannot go wrong with in terms of the quality of pet you will get. But, you must remember that despite being a breed that may seem so complete, they are not made for every home, owner, or family. You must make sure that this type of breed is the ideal one for your home, without forcing any change that goes against its nature. To obtain the loyal, comedian, vivacious, playful, protective, alert, and affectionate dog you must be able to dedicate yourself and be able to commit yourself to maintain this prestigious breed. If it were easy to maintain it would not be among the best pets for the home. His bearing and elegant appearance will only be achieved with proper feeding, exercise, and care for the breed, and they deserve it.

I hope this guide about this wonderful breed has been helpful to you and can easily be the envy of the stable. If you have any doubts or think I have left something out please let me know in the comment section down below.

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