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No matter how you look at this furry pet, the Chartreux cat will amaze you in every way. Most cat lovers or new owners are delighted with the color of his coat being somewhat unusual added with a pair of stunning bright eyes that stand out as it has a dark color all over his body. Besides his marvelous looks, thanks to its personality it makes one of the best companions to have at home since they tend to get along with dogs and children as well and they are great hunters, especially of mice’ but something to keep in mind is that the Chartreux breed is considered a lap cat, which means that he will follow you around and even more so if you are his favorite “Hooman” companion but will not demand attention as many other lap cats, the Chartreux it’s a perfect companion due to its quiet and polite attitude but it will always cherish and appreciate any form of affection you can give them as it would any other pet. With his dog personality, you can be sure that he will get along with you and adapt to any environment as long as it is not a hostile one since they tend to drift away in such cases, but he is a smart cat so you’ll need to be careful with windows and doors to avoid any unpleasant incidents.


 Just as some breeds, their history remains slightly unclear according to the data recorded but it is said that the Chartreuxcat came from France, similar to the Birman breed, it is said that these cats were raised by Carthusian monksand it became known by people due to the vermin control, a trait that remains till this day even after been bred over the years to maintain this beautiful blue cat. After each World war, they were severely affected almost reaching extinction and it was thanks to cat fanciers and lovers that you people can find this unique cat breed although it remains an uncommon breed, Europe being part of its origins is less common than in the United States. As the french monk’s, they maintain an easy-going and fairly quiet attitude which could make them more appealing to anyone that’s looking for a pet, sadly enough, thanks to the attractive coat they were hunted for it a long time ago becoming part of the fur trade history. 

 Just as the breeding that took place to ensure the survival of this cat, when they got imported to places such as Britain, they crossed the Chartreux to create their breed standard, others used certain kittens that matched the desired anatomic and behavioral aspects being the strong-boned structure and heavy muscles with a small head. It is said that this breed was known during the 18th century but something that’s for certain is their arrival to the United States in the 1970s and it became recognized by the Cat Fancier Associations in 1987.


 As I’ve mentioned before, they are a medium-sized cat who’s strong and big-bodied with overly sized paws, and long and slim boned legs to go with it, but as “scary” as they might seem their personality makes them more than an adorable pet to have, keep in mind that they are prone to obesity so you need to stay alert on this manner to ensure a healthy life. The male Chartreux tends to be bigger, larger and heavier than the female but there are some cases where the female Chartreux meets the breed standard having a length of around 15 to 18 inches, as for the weight the female goes about 6 to 9 pounds while the male is between 10 to even 16 pounds in some cases. The eye color on this breed is one of the things that makes it stand out the most and it comes in orange, copper, and gold that goes with his beautiful woolly blue-gray fur, it can be thick and a dense undercoat but this is because it works as a protection from winter for example and is also water-repellent so when bathing time comes this might make it harder for you. Besides the amount of attention they’ll need, you’ll have to brush them frequently to avoid any knots on his hair despite being short, some say that you must brush or comb his hair daily, others may tell you to do it twice a week, to be sure of it it’s better if you consult this with your veterinarian so he can also recommend you the best food to ensure that your cat can have a smooth and bright hair, even more, when it comes shedding season as it would need more grooming just like with any other breed. 

 Despite being a big cat they keep a lifespan of approximately 15 years but this will depend on the care and dedication you can provide to your Chartreux cat. In addition to this, they tend to reach physical maturity at his third year more or less and this is an aspect that is different in this breed of cat compared with the great majority of what people are used to that when they turn one year old is that they usually reach physical maturity as such.


 Being the perfect companion might be the best choice for you to purchase a Chartreux cat, but they can be a menace due to their intelligence and peaceful personality. They will watch everything you do while remaining quiet, for a fast learning breed this might become a nuisance when you find some doors or windows opened and your cat will be expecting you on a different place where you left him, they can even turn on the Tv or radio, so be prepared for this type of situations. You can go to work or do some shopping without any problems in such but always be extra sure that there is no risk of your cat escaping from the house or leaving any objects behind that could be dangerous to him. The Chartreux cat isn’t a vocal pet but he will let you know whenever he wants something in some way. This is something that you must get used to as well since he will decide whether or not he’ll join to play or to receive a visit or just being part of any activity that you are doing, they aren’t needy but neither are shy.

 If you have kids in the house there shouldn’t be an issue with this breed since they have the patience needed to tolerate any young kid abuse or treatment towards them, but keep in mind that this won’t apply to every pet and it is better if you teach your kid (s) how to deal with your cat or any other pet since the Chartreux would be more than happy and pleased to share his time alongside you and any other pet. There may not be that many people that are a Chartreux breeder (kick reminder; they are a rare breed even nowadays) but you should try to find a reputable breeder so it can help you with some information about the parents of your new Chartreux kitten ensuring you will get a cat that covers the breedstandard with his easy-going personality, and also the health records to prevent most hereditary diseases. Besides keeping good communication with your breeder of choice, you must do the same with a veterinarian and use this last person as the main source of information to everything that won’t concern his birthplace since he knows everything about the health of your cat, ever since they are a kitten to the adult Chartreux.

 Another part of the Chartreux cat that makes him such a great addition to your family is that they have relatively few health issues but this doesn’t mean by any reason they won’t become ill so easily, they are still prone to many diseases but at a smaller proportion compared to other breeds. This being said, there are still some health problems that you must keep an eye on.

 Some are related to the kidney such as struvite crystals, while they affect the bladder they can easily cause kidney failure, the same can happen with the periodontal disease when the owner overlooks the hygiene of his pet’s teeth causing even some systemic problems, but something you must check regularly is for the polycystic kidney disease that can be a life-threatening complication. Other health issues are the locomotor system-related such as the luxating patella or hip dysplasia. Although some diseases cannot be avoided or prevented, by complying with regular check-ups with the vet both of you can work to detect these or any other complications that may threaten the life of your Chartreux starting from something as basic as a proper diet and nutrition. 

 As a kitten, your Chartreux will require different components on his cat food than an adult one, so it is important to determine which one would suit best to your new kitten since there might present many complications, some food is genetically altered to either prevent or aid on the treatment of a given disease like kidney failure or the struvite crystals that I’ve mentioned before as this crystals can be due to a cat food of bad quality. Not only this, when your cat is provided with the best quality food you can find your Chartreux would become the strong and big cat it should be, but they aren’t so active and you need to keep an eye on his weigh. The vet will let you know as soon as he notices your cat is reaching the weight limit or if it has already passed it. An overweight cat is an exposed pet to so many diseases that can become fulminating.


 The Chartreux cat breed is known for being exceptional hunters, intellectual, quiet, that gets along with children and other pets and won’t demand much attention, for example, as the Persian cat, and despite having a big body they still are one of the best domestic cat breeds you can find. It will follow around but it won’t look to be on you at all times. While being a big cat, as an adult Chartreux they aren’t so active so you need to help them on this manner, maybe it won’t go out for a walk with you but with some playtime during the day could be enough as well as adding some challenging games or toys to cover most of his needs. As a self-sufficient cat, it won’t require much of your presence but remember to keep a clean litter box since you wouldn’t like to use a dirty toilet I presume, and you could get another cat or even a dog so that both can each others company, also remember to look for a purebred Chartreux in case that this manner is important to you if planning on breeding this cat or for a beauty contest, either way, is something that I highly suggest when looking for your feline friend. Other unique breeds that I could suggest you look are the Russian Blue or the British Shorthair cat.

If you think that I’ve missed anything please let me know in the comment section down below. Hope you’ve liked this post and feel satisfied with your research.

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