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The Eclectus Parrot breed is undoubtedly a unique bird in its class although it is rare and somewhat difficult to obtain. They have a very peculiar plumage that at sight appears to be like a fur as well as having a lively coloration that distinguishes the male and female Eclectus of the most commonly seen breed such as the Solomon Island Eclectus. They are very sociable, vocal, and active birds so you must provide adequate time and space for them to live with you and feel comfortable being under your care, being a medium sized bird you will need a large room or space to have an aviary in case you have both the monetary capability and an area to use it for this purpose. Being a bird that causes so much visual impact it is best that you keep the necessary rules and regulations regarding the care of this beautiful bird so that you can show it off with pride to your acquaintances or fans, a sad or frustrated bird reacts badly and can develop feather plucking which would make it lose its plumage which is one of the most striking things in this breed of parrots. 


This colorful bird comes from Indonesia New Guinea, from the Solomon Islands, where the most seen and searched species carries the name of that island, the Solomon Island Eclectus parrots (Eclectus roratus solomonensis) living in tropical rainforests in nature but are also widely seen in captivity or stores.

Eclectus parrots come in a variety of subspecies, including the Grand Eclectus, the Vosmaeri, and the Red sided as the most popular ones alongside the Solomon.


Intelligent, educated, and of very calm temperament. They are good additions to the family as pets and tend to get along well with children, of course, they don’t have as much patience with loud sounds or sudden, momentary movements. It will always be better to inform and educate the people who will interact with your Eclectus parrot since people tend to and should understand it more easily than your bird, which no matter how much it may be your pet can behave better than certain humans, but in the end, this issue regarding people’s education is more directed towards the little ones of the house who tend to be the ones who cause so much fuss or are prone to cause this type of attitude that will end up bothering your bird.

This medium sized bird is unmistakable thanks to its peculiar plumage that until not long ago, it was believed that there was no difference between the color and sex of this very striking and beautiful bird, so they had trouble placing birds of the same color together with the intention of breeding and did not get results this way until they determined that they are a bird with dimorphism where the male Eclectus parrot is the one with green plumage and the female a red one. Of course, these are not the only differences between them, the male has a green and red plumage between his wings and an orange beak, while the female has a black beak and a violet coloration on her belly. In addition to this, the female Eclectus parrot is usually more territorial so she tends to dominate the male when pairs of this species of parrots gather as well as they have an instinct to nest so they will look for a place in the cage or house that they feel comfortable and safe to make one, even more so during the breeding season. There are some breeders that say that the male is usually easier to handle, train and are nicer than the female, but the latter unlike the male Eclectus is usually a little more independent and manages stress better, It is usually recommended that you get a couple to keep each other company for the time you will not be sharing with them but it is very important that you take this aspect into consideration because this species demands time and dedication so if you do not have an appropriate time to go according to their needs it is best to find a species that fits more to your lifestyle, Even though the Eclectus parrot species can adapt very well to the environment of your home, the routine and the presence of its owner is something they value very much and need, as well as enough space to be able to recreate and fly freely, but there are ways in which you could solve this problem even if you have little space at home, it all depends on the devotion and how willing you are to fulfill all these requirements as a pet Eclectus parrot owner.

Despite being known for being very vocal and excellent speakers who, in addition to their intelligence, can develop a somewhat extensive vocabulary, but do not tend to become excessively noisy, this will depend, of course, on living with the rest of the family and the general environment of the home, since they can adopt or take on certain habits that they see or abound in the house. Even though they are educated birds, if you don’t raise and maintain good management of the pet in general, taking care of the environment where it lives, even though it is part of its species or personality, it can easily change. A person or especially a child can behave mischievously, knowing that they can resort to this because they have learned it from another person in the house or have adopted this type of attitude by leaving it confined without toys or not providing an adequate daily time to satisfy its needs. It is important to maintain a good relationship with your pet bird from the beginning since the average lifespan of the Eclectus parrot is 30 to 50 years, reaching maturity between one and a half to four years in general, since according to the literature they reach adult weight at 7 weeks of age and size at 2 years on average, but this will depend on the Eclectus subspecies, being a commitment and dedication of several years so it is better to start maintaining order and create a good bond from the beginning between the pet and its owner or guardian They are very charming birds, captivating thanks to their beautiful plumage and their personality is a touch that makes them stand out from other parrot species making them one of the most popular species, reaching 17 to 20 inches and weighing between 13 to 19 pounds when they reach adulthood which is why they are categorized as a medium sized bird species.


As I mentioned earlier, the Eclectus parrot needs enough space to both to recreate and spend time with you or the rest of the family, as long as it is in a safe environment for everyone’s welfare. Try to have as much space as possible for its disposition since this breed of parrot is prone to become depressed due to confinement and more so if it is in a very small space, so it will depend on you as the owner to provide it with what it needs so that even in your absence it will have a way to distract itself using toys that it can bite and destroy, but you must make sure that they are safe for your parrot and not use anything that could end up being harmful to them. If you have any doubts about this topic, an avian vet will be your best ally and option to avoid any problem with your Eclectus bird, as well as with the rest of its accessories or utensils so they are the most appropriate for your new and beautiful bird as well as the design and material of the cage or aviary.

They have a longer intestinal tract than other species, so some aviculturists consider that this bird’s diet should be high in fiber and not so concentrated in vitamins and minerals, as well as reducing as much as possible the fat in the food to avoid some health complications that usually occur if they do not have the proper care. In their natural environment, they usually eat fruit mainly among them being the Papaya, but they also eat seeds, wild figs, leaf sprouts, or flowers, so the fruit can be a good option to complement the feeding of your Eclectus parrot besides using a concentrated food (pellets) as a main meal since it will cover a great part of their needs and there are presentations of these foods that could well help you keep your bird interested in their food by resembling certain things they might find in their wildlife or play with it a little, always taking care that they do not have any artificial component or compound, keep using the most natural and recommended to ensure a complete and well-balanced diet. (80% of fruits and vegetables in the Eclectus diet).

Thanks to their intelligence and personality, they are a kind of parrot that does not usually give problems when training and more so when you want them to learn to say certain words by taking advantage of their ability and skill in vocalizing as it happens with other species such as the Amazon Parrot and the African Grey Parrot that are equally known for this extroverted and intellectual quality, but besides learning and acquiring an extensive vocabulary they can make certain sounds that can entertain and amuse the family, are not usually a scandalous bird although they can make a few sounds that can be annoying and that’s when you have to be careful if you have neighbors who may be sensitive because it is always best to keep this kind of thing under control and you will get it by acting at an early age to educate it the way you want as well as teach it what you want it to do. 


As I have already mentioned throughout the article, this is something primordial that you should establish before searching for a parrot Eclectus, the best thing will always be that you search and have everything necessary at hand so that you can provide the quality of life that all pets deserve. Exercise is something that will help more than you think in the development and the day to day of your Eclectus parrot, stimulating its immune system and through games training and maintaining the mental part so that you have a pet that stands out over any other. The aviary is the best option for this bird because it allows them to have enough space to fly and recreate where they can be safe at the same time, you must get utensils such as perches that allow them to climb and others where they can get to explore because birds themselves are usually very curious pets. Here also come into play their toys that you should always keep a great variety and reserve as they will be your best ally during your absence to keep your birds entertained and happy, I speak and I mean your pet in the plural because the best thing is to keep them in pairs which will require more space and expense but with the benefit that they will have each other for company. 

About the maintenance and management of the cage, I recommend that you read my article on the care and management of pet birds so you can understand this aspect better but it is not a bad idea to look for guidance from someone with experience as a breeder or the avian veterinarian since they know more about it and are usually people who care and will work together with you so that your Eclectus parrot has a healthy and full life as long as it is by your side and with your family. Every detail matters in the way and the material you get and how you distribute it in the cage, everything has its reason and motives for certain things, such as keeping the bowls of water and food away from the perches to avoid contamination as well as keeping two sets of each bowl to keep them as clean as possible, while cleaning one the other you leave them inside the cage since, in the same way, you must maintain good hygiene of the cage for the welfare of everyone in the house. The location of the cage is very important because the birds are usually somewhat sensitive and although you have the ideal space for them if it turns out that there are one or more aspects that can damage it then you will lose much of this work. It may be tedious but it is a task that you will have to propose to fulfill if you want to enter this avian world and more with a bird as charming, kind, and beautiful as the Eclectus parrot. 


One of the things you should be aware of is the nutritional content of the food you are giving your Eclectus parrot since some of its health complications are suspected to be due to mineral or vitamin deficiencies, you must keep a constant check-up with your vet, who will indicate the best way to keep your bird as healthy and happy as possible, as well as examine if there are any changes that he may notice that you have overlooked or may help you with any questions you have regarding this issue. As they are very sociable pets, they are prone to pluck their feathers, this would be a sign and a good thing if it is not too late to take your bird to the vet for a check-up so that the cause of their attitude or general discomfort can be determined. In addition to this, they may suffer from avian polyomavirus, constricted toe syndrome, and psittacine beak and feather disease (PBFD).

A “mutt” Eclectus parrot as result crosses between the different subspecies of this parrot breed, which is why it is so important that you always look for a reputable breeder since they always keep records of their animals with certification. This is something that may seem like something minor or harmless when it harms the breed enormously since it loses the purity of its genes when mixed with other species as it happens with other animals where people abuse them and seek to take advantage of both the animals sought and the people who think they will have a pure-bred animal when it is a half-breed or something very similar to what they are looking for. 

I hope you liked this article about this magnificent and captivating bird, in case you missed it please let me know in the comment section down below.

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