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Getting a Welsh Corgi is one of the best choices if you already have other pets from a separate breed, regardless of their species, they are great even with cats, as they are very well known for being a herding breed, adding their intelligence, endurance, and energetic personality helps them adapt with ease to most environments and give you a quite a relief as for the training goes with your Corgi pup. But this also comes with its needs, even for a small-sized dog, the Welsh Corgi need to stay well exercised and entertained since they tend to get bored if you can’t manage to stimulate their minds, which would prone them to digging, chewing and over barking. Even when they’ve been with humans for quite a while they become more popular after the Queen of England received a Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppy as a gift. If you think you are up for the task of keeping up with a semi-hyper dog breed, keep reading so you’ll learn what you need to know before owning Corgi puppies.


             The Corgi breed might be a small dog but in their minds, they are just like any medium-sized dog that’s used for work since according to the data they were used by Vikings in Wales in the Pembrokeshire area. A Welsh Corgi short legs won’t stop him for some work either its agility since its where they thrive thanks to their energetic personality. They were most commonly saw with farmers due to their innate skills to herd cattle that they love to show off. There’s a chance that Pembroke Welsh Corgi dogs is the most known of its kind even when the Cardigan is the oldest and its progenitor. These two Corgi breeds where made by bred crossing but as mentioned before the Pembroke Corgi comes from the Cardigan Welsh Corgi. It is said that part of their ancestors where the Swedish Vallhund, Flemish weaver’s, Samoyed or Siberian Husky, and even Pomeranians, but it remains unclear nowadays. You might find a different version of their appearance on history on fairy tale story but as fascinating as it may be, this boring version is the real one.


The Welsh Corgi have an average lifespan of 11 to 13 years and both types have some things in common. The Cardigan Welsh Corgi tends to be bigger in height and length but it’s a minor difference, and apart from that females have the same size as males but a more elegant body shape, unlike most breeds where males are bigger as an adult dog, reaching in between 10 to 12 inches and weighing around 24 to 28 lbs. As for their hair, they have a double coat that makes it waterproof and helps at low temperatures but requires medium management as they tend to shed, even more so in shedding season so you should brush them about 2 times a week or every 2 days. Regarding the color of the coat, there’s some difference as well but they are almost the same for both as they come in red, sable, fawn, black, and tan, with or without white markings. Another difference is their tails, where the Cardigan Corgi tail is longer and fancy-looking unlike the Pembroke Welsh Corgi that’s shorter and in a nub shape, but there are some Pembroke that have long tails so it might come down to preference and as well as for the amount of money you have since the Cardigan Welsh Corgi puppy have a higher cost over the Pembroke or maybe you could find yourself a Corgi mix if you don’t care about he not beign a purebred dog.

             Even when they have a small body, the Corgi dog have amazing endurance and love to work with and for their owners so this better doesn’t deceive you. In addition to this, they have a very muscular body with short but strong bones that go with it and help them do their work in a cute but efficient fashion way. By keeping them active (as if they would need a hand on this manner) will help them maintain a healthy and better life and relationship alongside you, even if you don’t have them for some heavy-duty they are an excellent breed for agility competitions. Don’t let their muscle mass leads you to overlook his weight as this could bring problems on his back since is a prone breed for his anatomy being a small but long dog.


             Corgis have a bad reputation of being a breed that barks a lot, as with any other features this isn’t the case for each one, it all comes down to series of events that can make this intellectual dog behave this way. While they are the perfect puppy as a family pet, they can be a little unstable around strangers, however, others may get a new best friend on each walk or meeting. When you adopt a Corgi puppy make sure it’s been socializing with other dogs and people to avoid any bad experience at home and this will also ensure you a better time when training or just getting along with him and this is something that you can start at a young age as they remain with their litter but you must get this type of information from the Corgi breeder of your preference. 

             One important thing is that you dedicate time to keep them in shape, which means nearly 2 hours per day of exercise, you could very well mix this up with playtime, walks to a dog park or training. Sure, owning a huge house with a big backyard helps but you still need to spend the time it needs with you so it can be the happy dog and good life they deserve, same goes if you live in an apartment, you just need to make a schedule for walks and playtime. Make sure to get them toys to keep them entertained so they don’t get bored in your absence. Also, by acquiring them at a young age will allow your new pet to get used to the rules you want him to follow that surely will get with ease with some time and patience, since they may get a bit stubborn if they are bored. One thing to keep in mind is that the training goes for the kids of the family as well so they get along with your Corgi puppy; since you could “use” them to keep such an energic dog active giving you some time to rest. Keep in mind that they can attempt to “herd” kids or any other family member as it is part of their herding instinct, they might even try this with its toys, but it will help if you own other pets, even with cats that may be older than your Corgi he’ll bond with them as long as they are open to your new pet as well. Be sure to be kind to your Corgi while training him, they sometimes need a firm but kind hands, always remember to use positive reinforcement, and be smart when using treats to aid his training sessions since they are food-driven.

             Before you take them out for a walk or to the park make sure to keep in touch with his veterinary to know when he recommends you to, this way you will avoid some diseases that puppies are prone to, also you will help with the health of other pets. When doing so, be sure to use a leash since you don’t know how it will behave, don’t be overconfident because it’s a breed that gets along with other pets, you must be sure before you let him go on the street as you will avoid any unnecessary fights with other pets or owners or accidents. After a few times when you are extra sure, and with the aid of a professional if needed, you could lend him some freedom but with his proper restrictions.


             As I’ve mentioned before, they are an intelligent dog breed which helps them learn new things faster and easier, they have a good memory but sometimes they tend to be slow learners or some things may be hard for him to catch up but with consistency and patience he will get it down. Don’t let your Corgi manipulate you in any way or he will make up the idea that he is in charge instead of you. Just like I said at the beginning if you aren’t able to afford the time they need as puppies it’s better if you try for another breed since this could confuse your new dog for what you want him to do. Being so young they don’t control their bowels so they require trips to the potty every 2 hours or so, meaning that if you leave for work, he would be alone for a minimum of 4 hours you will find quite a mess at home, even worst if you leave it on a kennel if you plan to use it as crate training. Potty training it’s a delicate period but is needed so the house remains as clean as possible for the sake of everyone. You are up to kite a challenge since they tend to lower their energetic personality till they reach the age of 3 approximately, it’s not like they are excessively active and would be on to you at all times, but as I’ve said before, it all comes down to how much you are willing to give them in time and things to entertain themselves. 

             As part of its training, you could make your Corgi let you know whenever he needs to get outside, either by barking or leaving a bell near the door unless both of you get used to working on a schedule, it all comes to preference and the lifestyle you are having. This could also work with other pets you may have since it could be an option if you can’t spend much time with your Corgi but it won’t solve you the problem as a whole since you still need to spend time with them and there’s the early training that I already spoke of. If you want to take your Corgi to contest he will love the time you’ll spend while training him for it since it would mean that you will mix two things they love to do, stick to their owners as much as they can, and running around. If you plan on having one for work, the herding part it’s like a chip that’s preinstalled on them but any help you can give him comes in handy. Don’t feel ashamed of asking for help or information for this type of activities or the training itself, it’s better to avoid any future problems or that you may blame your pet for it.


Just like with any other pet, ensuring a perfectly balanced and nutritive diet will get you a healthy dog, but you must provide the right amount of food per day and don’t let him abuse of the treats or forget about them since getting your Corgi over the weight that’s recommended will bring more problems than you may think as they are already prone to both joint and bone-related issues. Your vet will be your best source of information as well as your ally for this type of situation, not only for the food but for its health as a whole. Remember that at a young age you have to give them puppy food till around the first year of age, if your vet considered it so, after this he will give you several options that will cover your Corgis needs as well as ensuring he will grow to have everything his body needs.

 Keep an eye on his teeth to avoid any periodontal disease since this could be a traumatic experience for any pet and an unnecessary waste of money since you could use less than half the price of the procedure with toys that can help you clean your dog’s teeth or you could also brush his teeth. Before doing this or any other activity related to cleaning make sure to speak with his doctor to avoid any harm for your pet as this could turn out to be an emergency or a complication, don’t feel ashamed by asking something natural and you should remember that accidents happen even for experienced people so you should double-check most of the things you try on your new Corgi puppy. By maintaining regular checkups you’ll ensure that your Welsh Corgi grows as healthy as possible since they a breed that’s predispose to hip dysplasia, canine degenerative myelopathy and progressive retinal atrophy. Such complications may be avoidable or detected at an early stage to prevent it becoming an incurable disease or that your Corgi suffers from this painful joint diseases.

If you plan on having several Corgi puppies you should contact a reputable breeder as you can avoid some of the diseases that I’ve mentioned before as they tend to keep a record of all of their litters. This way you could be warn if your new Welsh Corgi is prone to one of these than others.

So, wrapping up everything I’ve just said, Welsh Corgis are more than an amazing dog breed that you would love to have, thanks to their temperament they get along with any other family members as long as they’ve had a proper training as puppies. As a puppy they are very intelligent so the training can be an easy task but quite a challenge as they grow since they can become bored if not stimulated. You can’t go wrong with this breed unless you can’t give it the time they need, either you get a Pembroke Welsh Corgi or a Cardigan, you are up to a good time.

If you think I’ve missed anything please let me know in the comment section down below. Hope you’d like this article and best of luck with this small dog with the heart and mind of a giant.

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