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The Egyptian Mau cat is one of the domesticated cats that despite its attractive and impressive appearance, it is not as popular as other breeds. To the surprise of many people, some think that it comes from the several cat illustrations of the proper Egyptians, which led people to place in its name part of the history of this magnificent cat. Therefore, this is a cat that has very good qualities and easy care but it is not usually seen as a family pet since they usually have problems to socialize and adapt to a new person or pet. So, it is better to adopt this cat in case you don’t have any other pet or you acquire your Egyptian Mau kitten together with another young pet. This breed has a body and coat that can be admired as one of the best, which can be obtained as a pet. As well as being somewhat independent, they tend to show affection for their favorite people in a very peculiar way, adopting an attitude as if they were a canine. Furthermore, this domesticated cat is quite intelligent, so you Egyptian Mau kitten should not give you any problem during their stay by your side. Having a cat that is not common, but has qualities that make them so loved by their fanciers, you will most likely be one of them after acquiring your first Mau kitten.


Without any doubt, it is one of the oldest domestic cat breeds and some relate it as a species with similar spots, the African Wild Cat while others usually confuse it with other breeds like the Bengal cat. But, the Maus is smaller, besides this, they are usually in a dispute or competition with a breed that also seems to be a descendant of an Egyptian cat, like the Abyssinian. The Egyptians are very well known for many things. They have come to do throughout history, among many things it is their passion and adoration for cats since they appear in so many murals or books. As one of their gods being a spotted cat so archaeologists have come to describe their findings in Egyptian tombs, from where the word Mau in Egyptian means cat or sun. According to the data, by the year 1950, a woman returns to Italy from Egypt with a spotted cat that she bred with an ambassador’s cat, where the breeding of the result of this crossing was taken to the United States, making this breed known as Egyptian Mau. After this, due to a breeding program in that country, she obtained a cat that resembled the Egyptian cat shown in its ancient records, and it is a cat we know today, becoming recognized at the end of the 50s in the United States, and Europe in the 90s. 

It is thought that the marks on the face of the Egyptian Mau reflect a symbol that was equally sacred to the Egyptians. Indeed, some people think they placed it as the mark or signature of this cat breed in addition to being a symbol of the sun, because of the way they reflect it in their paintings.


Although the Maus is a long cat at an adult age they are considered to be a medium-sized cat, the male being longer than the female, which is usually common among animals in general although there will always be exceptions. They have an athletic body and strong muscles, and thanks to their active personality they tend to take care of their weight by keeping themselves moving and controlling their meals. However, you should not leave everything to your cat since being overweight brings many problems for their health and wellbeing. The Egyptian Mau kitten will probably try to climb up your leg as other cats of other breeds would do, so a pair of pants or a jumpsuit can be your best ally in these cases, as these kittens love to do this. Try to identify these places of his preference that he will use to rest to prevent any accident with any object that could be endangered. Although cats tend to move very gracefully and delicately they can get a bit clumsy from time to time. Moreover, you can buy cat toys to distract them and relax them too.

Its head is triangular in shape and its eyes, which are usually greenish, are almond-shaped, which characterizes this well-mannered feline. Including a regular body in conjunction with its coat pattern which is mostly spotted. Except on the face, limbs, and tail where it changes by having strips/bands instead of spots. The coat is soft, silky, and short. Also, it comes in a few presentations; where they present colors between silver, bronze, and smoke, in addition to the pattern in its color being spotted coat or smoked. Most of the Maus have a loose skin fold that is usually from their abdomen to their knees. On average, they take about two years to mature physically, reaching about 8 to 14 pounds in weight and their lifespan goes around 15 years more or less. It is crucial to know the better the attention and cares you provide him, the longer he will remain by your side. 


Loyal and devoted to their favorite people, where they will show love only to them in a similar way as a dog would. For instance, when they are receiving you at the door every time you arrive or looking for a toy to start the playtime. This Mau cat breed loves to be in high places where they can have a better view of everything around them, which gives them the feeling of dominating or being in control of their environment. Thanks to their strong and developed muscles they are very robust, agile, and active cats. Their calm temperament makes them easy to take care of and handle. But, you must be careful with their climbing personality, as if you don’t lend them accessories so they could carry out this type of activity. Certainly, they will easily adapt some furniture in the house to replace a perch or a cat tree. Further, It is a beautiful cat that despite his social needs, can become independent and be in charge of maintaining an optimal and ideal physical state. As long as it is possible to offer him a suitable space, which allows him to carry out this type of activity within what will be his home. Take advantage of this cat’s ability to adapt so that your new Egyptian Mau kitten adapts better and faster to your lifestyle and that of others in the house. Try not to rush or force encounters with new members or friends as this could end up in a disaster. Allow your Mau to be the one who dictates the rhythm of these events so that everything is more comfortable for him, as many other things, are aspects that may well take time but are things you should learn and prevent when adopting a kitten of this domestic breed.

They are smart cats, so, the training will be a relatively simple task. Dealing with children is not something that they are given much but neither is that they avoid them. Although with dogs the best thing is that you don’t put them together, or mix them up to avoid problems since the Mau don’t usually get along with them. Except, there is still the possibility that from an early age they can learn to live with a canine companion and vice versa.

Before making any change, or anything related to this, it is suggested to consult your veterinarian, so that, there is no problem in the future. Plus, you can be sure that it will not harm in any way to your Egyptian Mau kitten, which will let you know when something displeases him as some owners have come to say that they are very vocal, mostly close to their mealtime.


Offering kittens some hair care it is always good. From minimal to little demand for the care of their coat which with a weekly brushing should be enough to keep it in good condition and maintain its appearance so attractive. Their very active with a playful personality that helps them to burn the extra calories they have but in the same way. You must provide a balanced food and diet that covers all their nutritional requirements and using daily portions recommended by a veterinarian. In the same way, will indicate to you which is the best food to use with your new feline companion, and during which stage to use each one. Certainly, there is a reason why there are several presentations of commercial pet foods, and it is due to their requirements in the same method as a human being. Elderly or geriatric people cannot have the same food as a child, you must make sure you have kitten food at home to prevent problems during the growth and development of your Egyptian Mau kittens.

Being such an active cat, the Maus can suffer certain injuries or orthopedic problems in case there is an accident or malnutrition, although these injuries should not appear since he usually keeps himself in good shape. It is something that you should also help him in the way It is mentioned before, providing a space and necessary accessories so that they can perform this task either on their own or looking to get you involved in it. Among some diseases that you should be aware of, regarding their care is periodontal disease or related to his mouth. Since from the food, (as well as with humans) residues or even bacteria can be isolated in certain places that can then harm your pet if left unattended. Besides, other that can be related to its feeding, or by genetic predisposition, which is a disease of the urinary tract known as Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease (FLUTD) or cystitis. Although, it can be originated by an infection or by stress. Usually is more common the presence of crystals in the bladder, where the most prevalent cause is due to the cat food. This does not mean it is of bad quality, but that it already comes being a problem of the cat itself when being something metabolic.

For this and many other reasons, you must take your pet to the vet for its check-ups every time the doctor tells you that it is necessary, or every time you notice something out from the ordinary. Some examples can be, loss of appetite, change in behavior, difficulty in evacuating, etc., Any detail is significant and can also help you detect any pathology at an early stage. However, either issue can be solved without causing a risk, such as some heart or respiratory conditions, such as feline asthma, or those of the gastrointestinal tract itself. By spending time with your pet, you can learn its body language and habits, which will help you find these small changes that could save your Egyptian companions’ life.

I hope this article about this rare breed has been useful for you, as it can be an ideal companion for certain people. Although they are tedious to socialize with, they can become a bit of a clown and playful once they become confident with you. 

In case you have any doubts or if you think I have missed something please let me know in the comment section down below.

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