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Parrotlets are a small bird that belongs to the Parrot breed and have a great resemblance to the Parakeet/Budgie. However, these birds are a little smaller, and yet maintain a distinct personality resembling that of a larger bird, like the Amazon Parrot a species that is considered a cousin of the Parrotlet. According to some people, sharing the same robust body style and blunt tail, or by the personality that it also shares with the Macaw due to his intellect and vocal skills. But these particular birds are different from these bird species. In addition to being quieter, to a great extent it is for the same reason as the previous one, as they are smaller, which makes them very practical for their owners or guardians. They also save the space they would have with a larger pet bird, will have a bird with a smoother attitude and that is considered quiet when compared to the great majority of the most sought after and recognized parrot breeds. So, it is a great option. And, without a doubt a very good acquisition for any bird owner who lives in an apartment, or prefers a pet that makes more pleasant sounds than annoying noises.


When it comes to this beautiful little bird, we must know its past. This pet parrot comes from Mexico, Central and South America. Among the most known species of these pet birds is the Pacific Parrotlet (Forpus coelestis) In conjunction with the other species, they have a strong preference for dry forest regions and warm tropical regions. Although they can be seen in subtropical climates as well as in dense forestlands, which is why they predominate in this type of area worldwide. 

The Green rumped Parrotlet (Forpus passerinus) is the smallest of the species. According to statistics, is the next most popular after the Pacific. This Parrotlet species is considered the best option for those people who are going to obtain a bird of this species. Or, in general a bird for the first time. Being tiny parrots species, the best options for those who are being introduced to this feathered world. With such wonderful beings with unique qualities that differentiate them from each other, since they are usually more gentle and kinder than the Pacific. However, they take longer to get used to their new habitat or environment. Although, as It is mentioned before, they have a certain similarity to each other, Among the parrot species, their known intelligence does not compare to the intellect of an African Grey, and although they are a demand for time and attention, they do not compare to the level of a Cockatoo.


These birds have the same personality as a Parakeet, being a feathery companion with a small body but with the personality and mentality of a giant. They can measure from 3 to 5.5 inches long and can weigh up to 1 ounce at most. Despite being a small bird, they have a lower average life span than other parrot species, reaching between 10 and 20 years of life that you will have in your home this wonderful feathered friend. Female parrotlet differ from males, as they have shades of blue in various parts of the body. While females only share 1 of these areas of the body, being an area behind the eye. In addition to this, the male has a shade of blue on the back, and under his wings near the edge, which will help differentiate between them if you want to acquire a specific one. The most common recommendation is to acquire them in pairs, so that they can keep each other company and are entertained. Further, they can create such a special bond between their partner that they may even ignore you, even though you are their owner. These are things that you can seek help from a professional but everything, in the end, will depend on your lifestyle and what you expect from a pet bird. There is a great variety of species of Parrotlets but among the best known are the two that have already been described (Pacific and Green rumped), there is the Spectacled Parrotlet, and the Mexican Parrotlet, which between them have practically the same variety, and mix of colors. Except for some that are more characteristic like a shade of black in the Spectacled, and the Mexican has a yellow tone on his feathers, but all in all, they are mostly the same.

This pet parrotlet is known for several reasons, and has been gaining quite a bit of popularity thanks to their qualities that make them a pleasant and relatively easy-going companion. One of the things they are known for is their level of activity, which like other parrot species of a similar size. They are usually very active birds, both vocally and physically. But fortunately for you, their vocal qualities are not something that can be taken as a scandal if handled prudently, and appropriately. As not only they can become very annoying as far as the noise that they can get to emit. But also they can adopt an aggressive attitude against people or self-destructive when expressing this way of their unconformity or unhappiness, including feather plucking. Regardless of being something common between different species of pet birds, it is not an attitude that you should take as something normal. It is usually indicative that something happens to your Parrotlet, so you should take it for a check-up, and you can attack the problem from its source. Certainly, the responsibility of having a pet can be overwhelming for some people. However, with a little bit of willingness everything is possible. Finally, it is what will ensure you have at home, the very special bird that everyone talks about that a Parrotlet can become when handled and cared for properly.

This is not to scare you, as I said at the beginning, Parrotlets are considered a good acquisition for those who are starting with this type of pets. Before anything else, you should learn about this species before acquiring it to satisfy their needs, and avoid one of the scenarios. It is described that there really shouldn’t be any need for them to get to such an extreme. Also, don’t feel bad if it happens, the important thing is that you can solve the problem that you may have. Speaking of problems, many people tend to associate any pet bird with noises, scandal, with the exception of this species of parrot, even though they can be very vocal. As their sounds have been described by other parrotlet owner as pleasant little chirps, and they can even learn certain words. Furthermore, they do not acquire such an extensive vocabulary even though they can mimic without problems. So this is something you can let a neighbor know, that you and the rest of your family can be calm. While, they may be more active in the morning or at sunset. But again, it will be a song or sound that will help keep the atmosphere in the house calm. In case you have more than one Parrotlet at home, you should not have a problem as long as you can provide them with adequate and justified space. As an aviary even if they are small birds. Another thing is not to mix them with other species, because they can have problems even if they do not have an aggressive nature. Moreover, you must be aware that by having so many birds of the same species they may well get to breed. The young are usually somewhat delicate during their first stages of life as they are deaf and blind at birth, so they depend completely on their parents. If this is the case you must ensure that everything is kept under control.

Don’t let their size fool you, as they have a bigger bird mentality they are also very intelligent. What will help when you are training them, either to learn some new word or song, as well as some trick you want them to learn, this will help them to entertain the rest of the family or each other if you have more than one Parrotlet. Having a calm personality helps them to be very sociable and to form very close and strong bonds with their partner and their owners. Their relative hyperactivity can be worked on together with their sociability. By allowing some time out of the parrotlet cage, they can be with you, and the rest of the family sharing and entertaining everyone with their sweetness and agility. This time is something quite vital and one that you must establish daily so you can provide the quality and lifestyle that they will require from you as a bird owner. Furthermore, they will let you know when they are not satisfied at all with a bite of their small but strong beak while it is in your hand. For this reason, it is better to avoid inexperienced people manipulating one of your Parrotlets. As they can alter, or scare them to the point that they can take a defensive attitude, especially with children, or young people who tend to make certain involuntary movements that can alter your pet bird. This is not to say that this is something that you will deny your Parrotlet or another person to interact. You can surely educate them both to share and be part of some exercise, or game that will help stimulate their mind. This is something that you should take into consideration, so that they do not become frustrated even though you share considerable time with them. Remember that it is not so much the time you get to spend with them,but also the quality of the time you can give them. Everything you can or cannot do during this time that all social pets appreciate more than anything else.


Something that may sound a little curious, and out of the ordinary is that in the food you must ensure that it contains extra fat, due to its very active nature will need enough nutrients, and energy sources to meet all their needs. So, you must be careful when choosing the food for your Parrotlet, although among all the birds are usually similar. Fresh foods such as fruits, vegetables, seeds, and concentrated food as the main dish, but it is best to look for what the doctor tells you or what you can get that is similar to avoid any problem in the future with your feathered pet. They have the peculiarity of peeling their food so that grit is not necessary and can well be harmful to your Parrotlet since there are cases where they have described that it has come to cause death. For this reason, this type of information must be acquired from a doctor, who will indicate all the options that you can have at hand in the market to ensure your bird a complete and well-balanced diet with everything it needs for its life. Along with a good diet, you must ensure that your water is kept clean and fresh every day, changing the containers daily and cleaning them along with the food to keep it appetizing for your bird, since no one would like to eat from a place that looks dirty or where there is old food.

Something else to keep in mind regarding their food and water containers, is the placement of them inside the parrotlet’s cage. You must try to place them somewhere that is far from any perch or place that your bird can stand on them to avoid contamination. Following the idea of cleaning, the cage should be made of a material that is easy for you to do this task and that can resist any possible damage that your Parrotlet may do to it. The most recommendable thing is that you acquire a cage that you can remove what would be the bed, or where all their evacuations fall, remains of food, feathers, etc. So you do not disturb your birds too much while you do this task, and the product you use is not harmful to them either. As some birds are usually very sensitive, and leave them exposed for so long to something that is of some risk can greatly affect your bird in terms of health. As for their behavior, the position of the cage itself is something you should evaluate before making. Everything you do with your bird is better than you get to consult to avoid any problems in the future. The size of the cage is something you should not rely on given the size of the Parrotlet, they still need space to be able to move around easily daily and have the freedom to do so. Some people usually put accessories inside the cage but they must be in such a way that they do not disturb your tiny bird in its routine activities. Plus, they may be minor or small details but they will affect your feathered pet without you realizing or understanding the reason or change he may be having in response.

In case you have any doubts about this aspect, you are invited to read another article about the care and management of pet birds, so you can learn more about it.

As far as their health is concerned, Parrotlets are not known to have a predisposition to certain diseases, so they are considered a very healthy bird. Nonetheless, something you should be very aware of is that they are prone to be stepped on or harmed. As this is a miniature parrot, it may go unnoticed, and this type of accident may occur. So, everyone in the house should be aware of when they are left out of the cage, and also avoid entering places that may become lost or stuck and difficult to remove or assist. Among some pathologies they can suffer, you should be aware of the symptoms or changes in attitude that will help you detect at an early stage. You will not harm your pet so much, such as; scaly skin, change in their vocalization, sores on their feet, or changes concerning its beak, either in size, color or if there is any alteration in their nostrils.


This wonderful pet, despite being a small parrot, has a variety of qualities that they offer to their owners that make them one of the best options for adoption. Their stature lends itself to small spaces where they can’t have large or big pets. They are not known for being scandalous birds, so you can be calm in that aspect by avoiding problems with the neighbors, or that the family environment turns into a concert with an unpleasant sound. They are intelligent, and very active, so they will entertain the family with their sweet songs and playful attitude. Something that usually doesn’t go with their height is their appetite, where several owners have said that they eat more than what should be proportional to their size. You must remember to provide them with that extra calorie intake along with the rest of their nutritional requirements. Your vet should be your only source of this type of information to ensure that your Parrotlet can have the full and healthy life they so deserve. Despite having up to 20 years in an average life, if you take care of them properly they can stay with you for a long time, and I assure you that it is something you will not regret.

I hope this article about this species of parrot has been useful to you, and helps you in your search for a new feathered partner. In case you feel I have left something out or have any doubts let me know in the comment section down below.

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