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The sacred cat of Burma was at the brink of extinction many years ago, but luckily for us, it purred it’s way back to everyone’s hearts and homes thanks to their devoted love and companionship that makes this amazing breed stand out from the rest besides having quite a big size. It could be his beautiful color, the easy-going coat, or the constant attention they provide, being such a great pet they thrive among other family members and especially other pets in the household. Since they may suffer from separation anxiety it is recommended to own more pets or ensure your Birman cat will never be left alone. 


 Although there are many theories as from the origins of the Burman cat breed, you’ll find some articles where they are referred to a Temple cat or Sacred cat, and this is due to an ancient belief that a cat of this breed was the pet of a priest that sadly it was killed by some smugglers but the Burman cat remained by his side even after his death. It is said that the catdied the following days and that before his time he changed the color of his fur and eyes as well. According to some data, this happened in the early 1900s and it wasn’t until the 1960s where it became more popular and imported around the world arriving at the United States close to the 70s, being Britain on the of the few if not the only country that recognizes this cat by his traditional name of the Sacred Cat of Burma. It was during the end of World War II that it almost came to complete extinction but thanks to the effort of mankind we can still share some memories with this loving creature in the shape of a cat. They got this personality after becoming one of the most bred breeds since they needed it to be wanted to ensure its survival throughout this horrific time in history, using only those that had the personality and behavior that most cat owners or pet owners as a whole look for, a lovable, family-friendly companion that requires little grooming, something that could become more appealing for both, new cat owners as well as experienced ones.


 The Birman cat can grow to be a large cat, usually, the male gets bigger than the female but this could very well vary just as the personality of your Sacred Cat. Both males and females can weigh over 12 pounds and in conjunction with their long and smooth hair, you could mistake him as an overly large and weighted cat, even more, when they possess strong bone structure to go with their size. At a young age, the Birman kitten remains with as a white cat that gradually change as they grow taking the pointed and dark colors that they are also so well known for, till they reach an adult age near their second year at most but funny enough, their white paws will remain white his entire lives, thus why people may refer to this trait of the Birman as “gloves” since you can notice the contrast with the rest of his majestic body. The Birman catwill get the same two patterns options you can find it, which is pointed and mitted, with a wider variety of colors that follows; Cream, Lilac, Chocolate, Seal, and blue. There could be more colors presentations but these are the most commonly known for this cat’s fur. Something that also gets the attention of some cat lovers is the fact that from the beginning they have their deep blue eyes color in comparison to some other breeds where this feature also changes over time.


 Funny enough, despite being a large cat, the Birman breed prefers to stay at a ground level avoiding shelves or anything high enough that requires jumping. They are well known for being an overly attached pet and this is something that you must keep in mind at all times, not because they would follow you everywhere you go around the house, as long as they desire it which is mostly all of the time because they are prone to suffer from separation anxiety if left alone for long periods leading to some behavioral issues. Despite being a bad trait from this pet, they will remain the class that characterizes this cat and will seek your attention gently and kindly, at least most of them since there’s always a black sheep in the herd but they aren’t loud cats thanks to their low voice. Also, they are an intelligent breed that could very well learn some commands and tricks and this would be something I highly encourage you to do with your Birman cat since this would help him stay active as it is needed on this cat to ensure a healthy quality lifestyle. They are excellent with other cats and you don’t have to worry if you own dogs since they tend to do better with dogs rather than people, but they still make one of the best family pets out there. Speaking of such a kind and fluffy cat who wouldn’t like to hold them or hug them. 

 This is something that Birman cats love and would happily accept this kind of affection and even more attention but you should always do it correctly. Knowing your pet’s body language will aid you in avoiding some unnecessary bites and scratches since cats will always be cats, they will seek your attention when they want it and for as long as it pleases them, so the moment they try to set lose from your loving arms, please let them go, otherwise, it could end up on an accident that could scar your cat forever making him scared of being picked up by anyone. You could also harm them if you try to hold them on your arms to avoid him from falling off, but you might be pressing an area of his body that you shouldn’t thus why isn’t such a great idea to leave kids unattended around your Birman cat or at least educate and teach them how to hold your cat. They are considered to be a lap cat but everything has its limits and you must respect your cat’s.

 There are some traits that most of the people commonly mistaken this breed with others that share some similarities such as the Siamese cat and the Ragdoll cat, and each one has its features that define them and could adapt more to your lifestyle as I always encourage you to find the pet that suits you best according to their requirements.


 Every pet has its inherited diseases or those that they are prone to suffering even if they are purebred cats, by this I’m not saying that your Birman cat will suffer every single disease that’s described on this breed, this only means that the probability of them to acquire one of these is higher than others, but some of them are avoidable when given the best and proper management and care you can afford and provide to them. Some of these are food-related complications that could be avoidable by following easy guidelines that a veterinarian or a reputable breeder will provide you, in addition to maintaining frequent visits to the veterinarian to ensure that everything is under control regarding your pet having a proper deworming in conjunction with their immunization plan, also going through a healthy and balanced diet that is consistent with the status of your pet.

 Dental disease is one of the most commonly seen due to poor hygiene aid from their owners. Birman cats tend to have a clean denture but you must brush his teeth often as well as their hair to avoid forming any skin complications. Unlike most cat breeds with long hair, they won’t shed that much leading to fewer problems when it comes to their coat. Furthermore, you must keep an eye on his weight since many people tend to overlook this manner not knowing every fatal disease overweight pets can acquire such as hepatic lipidosis from even a minimum of two days without eating, Diabetes, articulation issues by simply letting your cat gaining some weight that isn’t healthy for him. That’s not takin into consideration other diseases that most cat breeds are prone to like the feline hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, or a kidney disease that can be related to the periodontal disease, in the end, those “minor details” that some take as normal or think that won’t become a problem in the future can be the one thing that shortens the life of your Birman cat.

 This is why keeping a good relationship and regular checkups at the vet could prevent most of these diseases and at worst providing the proper treatment at an early and manageable stage. The best way to keep your Birman cat as healthy and happy as he can be alongside you is by providing the best cat food and keeping him active. Having all of the requirements they need as they grow and maintaining a playful attitude you can rest assured that your cat is having the time of his life with you. 

After everything this mitted cat had been through, Birman cats are still a beautiful breed. If you are seeking a kind, loving , and affectionate pet you can’t possibly go wrong specially when the Birman’s coat will come in handy if you are worried about some allergic family member due to it’s hair loss. Surely any genetic predisposition related to any affected catsshould be a concern for every new and experienced owner and getting a Birman breeder might not be enough to avoid them since it’s always recommended to look for a reputable breeder even if it’s harder or expensive to find but it would be worth yout effort.

I hope you’ll find this article useful and helped you find the best pet that suits your lifestyle and your household. If you thing I’ve missed anything please let me know in the comment section down below.

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