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The Samoyed dog breed will be one of the finest additions you can make into your family, there’s a reason why these dogs have been alongside man after so many years with enough reasons. A Samoyed puppy is easy to keep as it is said that they don’t eat big amounts of food for a dog of their size according to some owners, nevertheless they are amazing with small kids as they thrive as companions being loyal, caring, and smart dogs. Something that you must keep in mind is that these dogs come from a nordic environment meaning that they are made for places with low temperatures, they make a terrific working dog as herders if you are also interested on this feature but please, don’t take one of these “Snow white” dogs to a dry, warm, or hot country, unless you can assure and invest in a good air-conditioning. Furthermore, to maintain such sparkly long hair there’s a high grooming requirement to cover, especially when molting, and they might suffer from separation anxiety if they get left alone for long periods or they might develop mischief behavior if you don’t meet the social and exercise requirements. Keep reading and you’ll learn what’s like to own Samoyed puppies.


   The Samoyed dog breed goes way back as one of the most ancient breeds that have been alongside mankind as an all-purpose dog. Their herding and guardian skills made them perfect as a herding dog and a watch dog, chosen by the nomadic tribes in Siberia to herd reindeer and watch them since they used them as a source of food, also they kept predators away to ensure their safety, and because of the cold, they usually slept with the children inside the tents to help them throughout the long and cold nights. Aside from this, they were also used to pull a draft or as a sled dog thanks to their body structure that made them a robust medium-sized dog being part of some exploration or as rescue dogs afterward for their tracking nature. Nowadays they are mostly seen as pets occupying the house and hearts of many people thanks to their caring and devoted personality towards their owners, there’s a reason why they’ve been around for so long, becoming even more popular after the Second World War. Before, it was said that they had a greater variety in terms of the color of their coat, but the one that remained the most and predominated for attracting more attention was the white coat. 

   It wasn’t till the 1800s that they started to spread around the rest of the world arriving first at England as part of a gift from the Czar of Russia to Queen Alexandra that got attached so much to them that became a Samoyed dog breeder herself meaning that most likely the ones that are spread around the globe can be tracked down to those under her care. It wasn’t until the 1900s that they arrived in the United States. Throughout time people used them as part of the exploration teams that went to the South Pole. 


   A Samoyed puppy will melt your heart thanks to the sparkling white color of their coat and the fluffy appearance it gives them makes it hard to ignore, even at an adult stage and with their robust and strong bodies they look almost as adorable, I bet you’ll wish they never grow up and remain as a Samoyed pup. They are considered a medium-sized dog breed reaching about 22 inches in height for the male Samoyed and 20 inches for the female, as for the weight you can expect something around 50 to 65 pounds and 35 to 50 respectively. The face is practically the only part of his body where it has a black color on the skin around their eyes, libs, and the entire nose, the hair as said before had a wider presentation in colors but now you can find mostly withe and biscuit, cream, or all biscuit. Thanks to their nordic origin they have a full undercoat alongside the long and thick hair to endure those low temperatures, so needless to say, they aren’t made for high temperatures and they might suffer for these reasons similar to other nordic breeds that are part of the arctic sled dogs. The tail is another feature of the Samoyed breed as it is fluffy, curly, and that drops to one side at the end.

   By having such long hair they get high grooming requirements, meaning that you are going to have to brush him weekly if not often, and always maintain a proper and good quality food that covers every nutritional need, helping in the maintenance of the coat of this beautiful white dog that they are so known for. In case the food, for any given reason, isn’t sufficient to keep the hair in a good shape you can mix it up with some vitamins or probably is time to change his food, just remember to consult this with your veterinarian of trust to avoid any trouble in the future. Before you get mad at your new dog, keep in mind that you chose this magnificent breed so you need to deal with everything, all of the good but also the bad treats, and one of their downsides is the amount of loose hair in the household, especially when the shedding season comes. They have an average lifespan of 12 years, so even when you’ll get a decade of dog hair all over your house, once you let these incredible dogs into your heart it is hard to let them go.


   The Samoyed dog breed thrives at being companions, they get along with everyone and they work slightly as a guardian, they’ll bark at anyone that gets near just to receive them afterward with all the love they can give even to a stranger. Leaving the hair issue aside, they are easy to handle and maintain, by being so friendly even with strangers you can be sure that they will get along with other pets as well as with other people and children, but equally, it is best not to leave them unsupervised near the smallest of the house to avoid any accident, as your baby stumbles with your puppy Samoyed or when reaching the adult stage your dog can get to hit him with his tail as it would be at the height of the face of children in the house. Being a breed that’s been used for work, they will be happy to help around the house in any way they can, this also means that you need to cover the daily exercise they demand to ensure a good body structure and to avoid any behavioral problem. This goes hand by hand with the training that should start at a young age because it is easier to train a Samoyed puppy rather than an adult dog that’s been taught something entirely different and it will take more time and effort. They are a smart breed but if bored it can take a mischievous behavior, any pet will become what the dog owner teaches them to be even when they are known for behaving a particular way but you’ll get something entirely different if you leave specific aspects unattended.

   No matter how hard it may seem you must preserve a firm, not hard hand whenever you are training your Samoyed puppy, nothing good will come if you are mean to them. Any pet is like a child, no one is born with wisdom and the knowledge of everything so you need to take everything step by step, besides, there’s no need to be mean to anyone to earn their respect and you can be sure that your dog will have everything he needs thanks to the luxuries you have inside your heart and not those you can buy or provide. Take advantage of the playtime to train him or applying some mental games and always remember to make him understand every time he accomplishes something you want him to do, whether it’s by training him or reinforcing something he’s already learned or just when he’s a good boy, you can be sure it’s something he’ll thank you for all his life by being one of the best companions any Samoyed owner can get. Cover as much as you can with the training or at least the essential parts so you can take your gorgeous white fluffy companion to any activity you are interested in.

As I’ve said before, they need their space allowing some sense of independence and of course, workout to drain his energy daily, but despite all of this they won’t do so well while you are gone so you need to find a way to keep your Samoyed dog well entertained in your absence being a toy or someone else that they can follow around and watch out for due to their herding nature. Some folks believe that they are descendants of the wolf so there’s a high possibility they’ll howl when left alone so keep this in mind if you have neighbors. In case that you live in an apartment, you have to make time to take him outside at least two times a day as there are many types of activities you could do with them like bikejoring where one dog or you can even get a team pulling a bike through a towline, this activity is very similar to pulling a sled so it would be part of training for this type of activity as they usually start with similar exercises and is something that without doubt your Samoyed will love. Another one canicross or CaniX is again, an activity that resembles pulling a sled but this time your Samoyed will be tied to you and not to a sled or something alike, to go at a lighter pace but just as it can be adapted to you, are simply options that you will have at your disposal to enjoy the company of your beautiful and fluffy partner while both make an activity that besides it’s healthy, it will help you share a time that will be more than precious to your pet. Also can try for mushing or skijoring, these activities are very similar between them and those described above, do not have to be strictly in the snow to do them, you can always adapt them in a certain way that is more comfortable for both your pet and for yourself, among these the first is seen as a sport as well as a job to transport objects or even people, the second if it is more like a sport as the dogs are pulling you while you go skiing. The sky’s the limit when it comes to these types of sportlike activities, but If you are a person who doesn’t like these types of things then you should just get another pet that’s suited to your lifestyle since the Samoyed dog breed is known for being social and active.

   For this and other reasons it is essential that you start training your Samoyed puppy so that he is not just an educated pet but also that he has his manners, since when he goes out to do any type of activity, being a dog capable of pulling sleds or heavy carts, he can very easily clean the asphalt with the person who takes him out to walk if he sees something that calls his attention or simply because he wants to run and does not understand that he must go at a moderate speed and always under your control, not so much for your sake and his, but for the rest of the people and their pets that will not be responsible or have anything to do with what happens inside your home and between you and your pet, it is a relationship and a job that will depend on you, but it is not something you should do alone nor do you have to do it, besides the support of everyone else in the house you can and should count on the support of a professional, in case you don’t know a trainer you can ask a veterinarian if he could help you contact one to at least start with the basics and later on you can implement what is necessary to do some of these sports or for a job. You can start with the box training, but you will need to acquire several since during its first months it will be growing relatively quickly and you must adapt it according to its height for this training to take effect. Always remember to maintain a positive reinforcement in any training that you apply so that your Samoyed does not develop any fear towards you and you can enjoy what it means to have a family of four legs in your home.


The nutrition of your pet is something as essential as in the human, even more so when the Samoyed can grow in size but come to mature mentally somewhat late maintaining an attitude or thinking of a puppy or small child so it will be very active, playful and loving, so in their food should carry all the necessary nutrients to meet their requirements in the diet. Depending on his stage and even some possible diseases or complications, your vet can tell you which will be the best food to use, even more, when it is something that can even affect the coat, in case you give him a low or bad quality one you will see it reflected in a dull and opaque coat. Puppy meals usually cover in a very effective way the energetic part for how active they will be, it is worth mentioning that despite being a medium breed they are not usually gluttoning like others and you may use a smaller portion of food which would help you save some money on this manner. Likewise, as mentioned, your vet will indicate the moment when you should change their diet for when they pass from one stage to another throughout their lives, since their requirements will change as they grow, just like human beings. In case you can’t buy dog food or you don’t trust it for some reason, you can always prepare your dog’s food yourself, but you must make sure you use ingredients that are not harmful to him, since there are certain things your pets can’t eat, no matter how much flavor they may get from the food. This is why you should make it a habit to visit the doctor regularly for check-ups and make sure everything is under control, thus avoiding the development of a disease that in the long run can be lethal for your pet but by detecting it at an early stage it can make a big difference.

  In general, Samoyeds are considered to be a fairly healthy breed but either way, you can and must expect that to a certain point there would be some health issues. Initially, what you should establish with your vet is a health program to carry out the vaccination and deworming plan, later on, you will determine how often you should have check-ups to keep everything in order. Like any other pet, they are exposed to hereditary diseases so at the time of adoption you must look for a reputable breeder who keeps his papers up to date and can give you reliable information about the history of the rest of your puppy’s family as this will make the difference in his health plan and also ensure you’ll get a purebred Samoyed. One of many diseases is the hereditary Samoyed Glomerulopathy, a disease that is usually more severe in a male dog than in females. Other diseases you should be aware of are Diabetes mellitus, progressive retinal atrophy, pulmonary stenosis, hip dysplasia, among others.


  So there you have it, by adopting a new Samoyed puppy you’ll get a decade of activity and action in your house in addition to earning a loyal but caring companion that will get along with anyone in the household, even with small animals when you take them to a park or if by chance anyone dares to cross your backyard, meaning there’s a high chance that he becomes the friend of an unwanted guest instead of scaring him off, but you can’t blame them as it is part of their nature. The same can happen with the little ones of the house that your dog Samoyed takes that attitude of shepherding that they take in their genes and they are guiding them besides protecting. Despite they are seen as a working breed, they differ from some as the Akita or the Saint Bernard’s duty or roll with mankind. In case you are looking to breed, it will be more than a blessing and happiness to have so many Samoyed puppies in one place, so much love and tenderness inside a house that will be very hard to match.

I hope you’ve found useful this little article about this amazing breed and I wish you the best of luck with these White fluffy puppies. If you think I’ve missed anything please let me know in the comment section down below. 

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