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If you are looking for a cat that is loving, intelligent, independent, active, healthy, and faithful, the American Shorthair cat is your perfect choice. This cat breed is very popular in the American continent and very loved by people. It’s a cat that adapts well to any kind of environment whether it’s a family or a single person, they get along well with children and other pets, they like to be active and don’t require much attention. He is a cat that likes to be free so we recommend that if you are looking to keep this cat it is better to have it in a house that has access to outdoors.

   The American Shorthair cat has its origin in Europe about 400 years ago, is a mixture between the British Shorthair cat or also known as Domestic Shorthair with a common cat, they were brought to America at the colonization time because this cat had a very important role to maintain, due to its great hunting instinct avoiding rodents and pest control in ships. Having these characteristics it was a very requested cat in the new world to cooperate in works of stables and prairies, tasks that they fulfilled to perfection. With the time this cat by its instinct and by the purpose that was brought to America has developed resistance for many diseases, so this cat breed is known to be one of the strongest and healthy breeds.


   This feline at the beginning of the 19th century, the bloodline of this cat had become quite diluted due to the importation of cat breeds into the United States. Therefore, in 1904 a group of breeders began a selective breeding program to identify it from other domestic cats. In 1966 it was named the American Shorthair Cat, a name it still bears today. He has a life expectancy of 15 and 20 years. They are characterized by being elegant and healthy, the most characteristic or striking feature of this large cat is its fur, is short and thick, and have a variety of colors and patterns, but the main or most striking of this breed of cat is a silver tabby with black. For being a cat with a great hunting instinct their bodies are well developed, they have a muscular body, of medium to big size and they can get to weigh between 8 and 12 pounds, so they are of heavy bones, big head, somewhat rounded ears, soft cheeks but with strong jaw and eyes of shining golden tones, but they can vary some with blue or green eyes depending on the tones of their fur. Its tail is somewhat thick at the base and of medium length, as the years go by it becomes narrower. Its legs are wide and strong.

   The American Shorthair is a very sociable cat so you can enjoy a very nice company. He’s good-natured and quiet. He’s a loving cat that will stick to any member of the family. Although this cat likes to play a lot, he doesn’t need attention in schedule or to be attentive all the time, he is a very independent and healthy cat. When he is interested in playing or is in a good mood he will bring the toy to the owner or play alone, so he would also be a good companion for single people. He also gets along well with other pets.

   This breed of cat is very active and restless because it has a great hunting instinct, so it is recommended that it lives in large spaces and has access to the outside as a courtyard or garden and has the availability to go out whenever it wants. It isn’t a cat suitable for a small apartment or flat.


   As I mentioned before the American Shorthaired cat needs to exercise constantly and preferably outside, in case you don’t have it you have to prepare a lot of games inside the house that simulate hunting, scratching, or that incite it to move a lot. As it is a very active cat it needs to be distracted most of the time.

   Their fur is easy to maintain, as it has short hair, the American shorthair doesn’t require special cares, only when it is the change of season and begins the increase of fur you can pass the brush once a week and It’s recommended using a stainless steel comb or a rubber brush, of the rest the domestic cat will take care of their own and they don’t usually need help.

   The American Shorthair cat is very healthy and can easily surpass 20 years of life, it’s a strong, resistant, and long-lived breed. But to maintain this good health you have to make sure that the cat is always up to date with its vaccines and has its annual check-up or if you see that your cat is showing any symptoms of discomfort or you see that something is happening to it that is not common, go directly to a veterinarian so that it can be checked and discard any diseases that can be common in cats such as hepatic lipidosis, lower urinary tract disease, ear infection, a dental disease that could lead to a respiratory, heart, kidney disease, and many others.

   A very important note, many lovers of the American shorthaired cat told that this breed is usually susceptible to have hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM) is a disease that causes the enlargement of the heart, it’s an Inherited disease of many cat breeds so you should never miss appointments with your vet, and make sure they always check their heart. If your cat has this heart disease, your veterinarian will be able to advise you on how to make its life easier by following a suitable diet and right medication.


   The best food you can give to the American Shorthair cat is a diet that consists of a lot of healthy protein and few carbohydrates. This way they get everything they need to stay healthy, without the risk of affecting their organs, avoiding overweight, diabetes or hip dysplasia, and more in these kinds of cats because it tends to gain weight if they have a relaxed life or after being neutered. You should make sure the food you feed your cat contains plenty of healthy meat and is made of good quality and the best way that you can make sure it’s verifying if it’s the first of all ingredients, which are sorted by quantity. Vegetable products should be in very small quantities and ideally free of sugar.

   As we know cats are carnivorous, so any kind of meat its always the best option. Raw food and home-cooked meals are good alternatives, although more work. The advantage is that you will know exactly what is in the food and what is not and more if you have a diabetic cat. To make sure your short-haired American cat gets everything it needs, you need to be well informed about how to feed cats.

   The best medicine against overweight pets is regular play with the human. Offer your cat toy canes, balls, and mice and try to encourage it to move. If you have room for a large scratching post, your kitten can exercise on it. Smart games are also popular with these curious cats.


   The American shorthair is a fundamental part of American cat breeding, but European shorthair lovers sometimes have a little more trouble finding a breeder.

If you decided to buy an American Shorthair cat, like any other pet’s breed, you have to make sure that it comes from a professional cattery. First of all, because this way you can be sure that this pedigreed cat has been raised in the best possible conditions, that their work is professional and meets all the required criteria. A responsible breeder makes sure that the mother can recover after each birth. This reduces the number of litters per year and the earnings from breeding, but the health and balance of the cat are important to him. Also employing a reputable breeder you can make sure that the kittens have had a good development and prevent any diseases related to genetic predisposition, that has been fed with quality food, completely vaccinated, dewormed and don’t hand over the kittens before 12 weeks, because in this phase of 3 months is vitally important for them to make sure that they have a healthy and balanced growth, allowing the American Shorthair to become an easy and complication-free cat.

   The breeder of your choice must also be a member of a cat breeding association, only a central association can rectify the pedigree of your American Shorthair cat to be official. Cat breed clubs have a reason to exist: they check the kitten’s breeding conditions, the membership of the parents’ breed, and make sure that is a purebred cat. As an alternative, you can find many cats of this breed in animal shelters that are happy to find a new home.

   After reading all this, do you consider that the Shorthair American cat is the one you were looking for? If you can give them everything they need with a happy life and planning to be a pet parent and add a new member to your family, then this is your perfect cat. If you think I’ve missed anything please let me know in the comment section down below. 

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