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The moment you decided to get a Burmese cat, let me tell you, it was a tremendous choice. They are cats that are known to be affectionate, unique, to have good relationships with people, playful, and best of all they don’t require much care. They are a very expressive breed, they seek to let you know by any means what they want, even if it’s meowing in many ways, they simply want your attention.


This cat breed tends to be confused with Siamese cats but in reality, they are a separate breed, they have specific features of how to identify them and know which one is which. Nowadays this breed is divided into the British Burmese cat and the American Burmese cat, they have differences in how to recognize them clearly and neither of these countries recognizes the breed of the other.

The history of this cat is something very peculiar, it is said that this cat has been present from a few centuries ago in Southeast Asia. Its name comes from the country Burma, at the moment Myanmar, this cat is known to have been bred in Buddhist monasteries and forms part within the races of cats that are of the temple. The Burmese cat that we know today, comes from the breeding of the American Burmese. According to the history in 1930 a doctor of the American navy who came from Burma, brought with him a Burmese cat called Wong Mau, reason because he was delighted by this magnificent breed. Once in the United States, he decided to demonstrate that this cat breed didn’t belong to the Siamese ancestors, together with his companions who shared the same idea and began to make crosses between a Burmese and a Siamese, until demonstrating through selective breeding of the kittens that the Burmese are a cat of their own breed. This breed of cats began to be known more and to gain much fame, reason, why many breeders were born and brought as a consequence that the Burmese gene was lost because they made many crosses with the Siamese cats. The real breeders, lovers of the Burmese, dedicated themselves to save this purebred cat and it was until 1953 when it was officially recognized by the Cat Fanciers’ Association, assuring that it would not happen again.

As it was very loved in the United States, this cat was also taken to Europe and in the 50’s it was also recognized the birth of the British Burmese cat breeding, which comes from or is related to the American Burmese cat but with different crosses, having as a result that these two have different features, especially in the European one in which its body is thinner. Burmese cats also participated in the development of other breeds, especially the Tonkinese and the Burmilla. And In 1979, The International Cat Association officially recognized the Burmese as a distinct breed.


Normally people confuse this breed of cat with a Siamese cat, but we will go into detail about how the Burmese cat is. Known for being a strong cat with a muscular body, of medium size, its weight varies according to the sex, the female can reach 8-12 pounds and the male 12 pounds. His chest is wide, face a little wider, and muzzle short, his features are characterized by being rounded as his face, eyes, ears. Its tail is straight, long, and with a rounded end as well. They have an approximate life expectancy between 9 and 13 years, although there are cases where they live longer. His coat is originally known to be Sable rich, dark brown, but is also known to have other shades of coat like the Champagne/lilac is similar to a warm beige, Platinum to be a palette gray and Blue medium gray with fawn undertones. Its eyes are golden or yellow, but some can have blue eyes.

They are known to be extremely playful, loving, intelligent, somewhat temperamental, and curious. They are always going to need your attention, they are cats that are recommended to live in families since they tend to be very attached to people, they like to create bonds and call much attention, for that reason it is not recommendable to live with single people because they don’t know how to handle the loneliness very well, so take into account if you are going to be long hours outside your home. Every day he will need his dose of caresses and games, and if he needs something he will let you know anyway because they tend to be very vocal, so be prepared to listen to his meows. The Burmese cat is also known to be very sociable and trusting with people even if they are strangers, they can get along with anyone, but at the same time, you should be very careful because for that same reason third parties can take advantage and hurt them. As they are not very territorial they get along very well with other pets even if they are dogs. 

Despite being a very familiar cat, we recommend you and if it’s in your reach to bring him another feline companion, there is nothing better to share with another cat and preferable to be the same breed, both can live and play with each other, they stay active and the best thing is that these kittens would never be alone. As these cats are very active and need to spend their energy, you can prepare or buy them many toys that will distract them and if there is access to the outside, make sure its a safe garden or a terrace with cat netting to avoid any inconvenience


If you are a cat lover and you are looking for a Burmese kitten, always keep in mind to get it from a reputable breeder, who will make sure it has its certificate and all the permissions to be a Burmese breeder. This may be expensive, but it will ensure that your cat is born and raised in the best possible condition and has followed all the guidelines for growth.

One thing you should be aware of is that there have also been cases in the United States where Burmese American cats have been born with head or facial defects and brain damage that can be life-threatening, so if your breeder is honest, he or she will let you know in advance if your cat is likely to have a deformity and if you decide to keep it, you can take all the necessary precautions. You may also have the option to search for this cat with protectionists or shelters and give them a second chance.

The care of this pet is really simple and without stress, you can simply help him to brush his coat once a week to remove the dead fur and prevent it from forming hairballs, bathe him whenever you think it’s his turn, also remember to check and keep his teeth and ears clean from time to time. Visit your vet annually for check-ups and to rule out diseases, as well as to keep him up to date with his vaccinations and deworming. Keep him active either with toys or have access to a safe garden and do his daily exercises to avoid obesity.

As for their health issues, these felines are generally healthy but tend to have hereditary diseases due to the low genetic variability in their breed. One of the most common problematic diseases in Burmese is diabetes mellitus. Although it is a very delicate disease and has no definitive cure, it can be treated and controlled with insulin injections and a good diet, your vet will recommend the best treatment. One of the diseases that are often unknowingly inherited from some of the bloodlines of the Burmese is a deficiency of potassium in the blood (hypokalemia), causing muscle weakness due to low potassium levels. Like any cat, they can also have common diseases such as dental disease, kidney disease, arthritis in their extremities, among others.

Burmese alimentation like all cats are mostly carnivorous, so you have to focus on giving them their good amount of protein and low carbohydrates. Also, their diet depends on the age, weight, and lifestyle of your Burmese, everything can vary according to their health, you have to make sure mainly to give them a portion of high-quality food, that fulfills all the corresponding nutrients because it will depend on how they develop from kittens to older age, and more in these cats that have a high life expectancy. You can always ask your vet for information on how much you can feed them and what type of kitten food and the time to change it up for an adult cat food is right to avoid future illnesses. 

After reading all this I hope you make a good decision and decide to have a cat of the Burmese breed. They have a high life expectancy, easy to take care of, perfect for all kinds of families, loving, loyal, and intelligent, they will never disappoint you. If you have any questions or if you think I’ve missed anything please let me know on the comment section down below.

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